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Zombie Genocidest

Kill 53,595 Infected.

Zombie Genocidest0
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The SharkopathThe Sharkopath466,518
26 Jul 2009 26 Jul 2009
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Ok here's what I did. It appears to be the fastest way to get this achievement. I read what peeps above me wrote and i did a mix of all. I'll try to make it clear as possible. Here's the steps:
1.) Play expert on No Mercy Rooftop Finale

2.) Once game starts kill other survivors

3.) Pick up a pipe bomb (and maybe auto shotgun to kill close up)

4.) Go upstairs and throw the pipe bomb down the hall about half way.

5.) Go back to safe room and get the other pipe bomb and repeat step 4.

6.) Run back into the safe room and shut the door

7.) Wait until you see the smoker and hunter that spawn and kill them, but NOT the boomer.

8.) Sit back far enough away from the door so the boomer can't claw you, but can vomit on you.

9.) Face the bars on the door and rubber-band the Left trigger on your controller down so you continuously melee the bars of the door.

10.) Finally just chill. The boomer will vomit on you every 45 seconds or so and a horde of about 15 will show up. Basically by the time you melee the horde to death, the boomer will vomit again bringing more to you. And as long as you don't leave the room the smoker and hunter shouldn't reappear but they have on me before, so just kill them again and they shouldn't come back.

***Be sure to check it periodically because the boomer may move to a bad spot and unable to vomit you or something else may happen. I tried leaving it running all night and get the achievement that way but when I checked it in the mourning i was on the start menu and lost ALL my kills and was back at 10,000. Even though your character is swinging away the game thinks your not playing after so long of repetitive actions. So just move your player around every few hours or so and you wont run into that problem. Plus you may want to quit to main menu after you get a lot of kills so it saves where your at. I got it done from about 10,000 kills in around 16 hours of doing this method if you wondering. You get about a couple thousand every 30 min. If any questions message me and I'll try and help out. Hope this helps yall : )
CraziestSockJust to Let you know the boomer pukes ever 30 seconds and a wave of 27 come if you are on Expert
Posted by CraziestSock on 31 Jul 09 at 13:17
The SharkopathOk thanks for the exact count on that. I just went by what someone said before : )
Posted by The Sharkopath on 03 Aug 09 at 04:17
stylecouncillerHow come my kills arent stacking from playing through the campaign?
Posted by stylecounciller on 02 Oct 10 at 16:29
The SharkopathAre you completing the level? I believe quitting out or anything will clear what you got in the level if you don't finish it. I maybe wrong. I haven't played it in a long time. But I'll play it soon when the DLC drops.
Posted by The Sharkopath on 04 Oct 10 at 18:15
PDwizzleAs long as you don't quit using the dashboard, I wouldn't be able to say why you are not getting the correct kill count style.

This is the method I used. Worked great.
Posted by PDwizzle on 07 Jan 11 at 22:07
The Sharkopath^ Glad to hear to helped u! :)
Posted by The Sharkopath on 08 Jan 11 at 02:07
xxBigBoss87xxAfter playing this game since it came out on a fairly regular basis with friends, I was only at about 38,000 kills after going after every other achievement this game had. This trick helped out tons.
Posted by xxBigBoss87xx on 11 Mar 11 at 02:27
LV 1 Blue SlimeShouldn't you have said "I read what the peeps above me wrote and typed a solution saying exactly the same thing as the top solution"? Cause that's what you did.
Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 26 May 11 at 11:51
The SharkopathWell then I posted this no one had the exact solution as me. Just similar ones. Now there's a like three that r the same. So no I didn't steal the method from anyone.
Posted by The Sharkopath on 26 May 11 at 13:53