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Wait, What Time is it?

Earn the maximum Consecutive Match Bonus in Versus multiplayer (Standard or Casual).

Wait, What Time is it?0
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20 Sep 2011 01 Feb 2012
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The Consecutive Match Bonus is a XP bonus gained for playing matches in a row during one boot of the game. The matches don't have to be in the same lobby, so you can leave a multiplayer match and play campaign and return to multiplayer and the match bonus will stay at what it was last. So, if you play and get a 600XP match bonus, then go play campaign and then switch back to multiplayer, the bonus will still be at 600XP. However, as soon as you go back to dashboard or start a different game, your bonus resets.

Please note that there might be a limit for the time between matches which, if you exceed it, will cause your consecutive bonus to reset. xhunterrrr has reported this, and I will try to verify it in order to get a general value of time. If someone else wants to do testing in addition to mine, that would also be appreciated. It does seem, at least initially, that leaving the game idle has an impact upon this counter, and not switching game modes. That is to say, you should be able to play campaign, horde, etc., without worrying about the bonus resetting, but not playing your console for an extended amount of time will likely reset the bonus.

All you have to do to earn this achievement is play until your bonus hits 1000XP, which will be shown on the post-game XP scoreboard. This takes 11 total games, with the first 100XP awarded after the second match. Once the eleventh game ends and the XP scoreboard appears, the achievement should unlock.

If you're playing private matches and get your match count up to 9 in a row, then play the 10th and 11th match in public, reports are that it will unlock then. The presumed cause is that the bonus just needs to hit 900XP and 1000XP in public matches. Anything before that can be in private matches. Although the consecutive match bonus won't display after a private match, it will still be counted. You can do quick 1v1, 1 round Warzone games against a bot or local player/friend, which don't take much longer than half a minute each, if even that. Credit to for the tip. (He posted it as comment on my solution, then deleted his comment and posted it as own his solution. Give him an up-vote if you feel he deserves it.)

There have also been reports that playing 10 private matches before a single public match will unlock the achievement, but this has not worked for me on multiple accounts, so I recommend sticking with the 9-2 method if you want to make sure you unlock this right away.
Sora401KI've played 10+ matches and my bonus is stuck at 200.
Posted by Sora401K on 21 Sep 11 at 01:05
hunterIVThis is not true. I was at 800. Took a break from versus (never went to dashboard or turned off the Xbox or started another game). Came back and started at 100 again.
Posted by hunterIV on 21 Sep 11 at 01:28
AldangaI can't say why it's stuck at 200, Sora401k. It might be glitchy. Gears of War games seem to be glitchy with lots of achievements.

xhunterrrr: There might be a time limit requirement between matches that I didn't catch in my limited testing. Hopefully we can figure out exactly what it is. I'll try to do some testing as I have time, but if any one else wants to, they're more than welcome to and I will add it to the solution.
Posted by Aldanga on 21 Sep 11 at 05:19
hunterIVThanks for the response. I would say my break in versus lasted about an hour. Will up vote because of your awesome response.
Posted by hunterIV on 21 Sep 11 at 05:51
MomieFrom what I've experienced, the counter resets when you join a game that's almost finished. Say you played 5 games in TDM and then switch to KOTH, if the game you join is in the last round, you won't get credit for the game and the counter will reset. But if you join in the first moments of the game then you should be fine.

So the best bet is to stick to the same game type for 11 games and you'll be sure to get it.

Anybody else can confirm this behavior?
Posted by Momie on 21 Sep 11 at 15:32
AldangaDarkxMaterials, I just tested it out and the match bonus does increase if you've played private matches before standard or casual. The XP isn't awarded in private lobbies, but once you move to online matches, you'll get the bonus as if those private matches were matchmaking games. If someone could test playing 10 private matches, then 10 ranked matches to see if the achievement unlocks, we could clear this up.

Momie, I haven't had that problem. I just tested this, came in at the end of a match, and still got the bonus. It wasn't reset. It might be yet another glitch you experienced.
Posted by Aldanga on 21 Sep 11 at 18:58
Calex dEUSFound this was getting reset on me after switching modes, then I got the 0gs one for big leagues and this started to stack correctly for me. Just throwing it out there in case it's effecting anyone else.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 22 Sep 11 at 17:59
AldangaSo it wasn't counting correctly between modes until you got Welcome to the Big Leagues? After that it worked between modes?
Posted by Aldanga on 22 Sep 11 at 18:47
PrattalmightyI'm not getting the bonus at all after private matches? Execution, 1 round, 1 mnute and bots filled
Posted by Prattalmighty on 25 Sep 11 at 18:56
AldangaIt won't display the bonus until you go into a matchmaking lobby, but it should count your previous matches.
Posted by Aldanga on 25 Sep 11 at 23:45
Prattalmightyah sorry, didn't read that part thorough, will give it a go
Posted by Prattalmighty on 26 Sep 11 at 01:32
AldangaI hadn't actually clarified that part until you asked, so no worries. It's all about making the guide better.
Posted by Aldanga on 26 Sep 11 at 01:42
KGK Lunchboxdo i have to win every match?
Posted by KGK Lunchbox on 26 Sep 11 at 06:31
AldangaNo. You just have to finish them.
Posted by Aldanga on 26 Sep 11 at 06:33
BShick07never unlocked. i keep getting 1000 xp tho for doing nothing. hmmmmmmm..........
Posted by BShick07 on 28 Sep 11 at 05:31
AldangaThe game is buggy with achievements, but we can try to narrow it down. Do you have Welcome to the Big Leagues?
Posted by Aldanga on 28 Sep 11 at 05:33
SlitheI played 5 ranked matches going for the 'versus sampler platter' chiev, then played campaign for 2 hours. I then went back and played 5 ranked matches of wingman and the chiev popped (as well as the sampler platter one). So you can have a reasonably long break in between matches and still get the chiev
Posted by Slithe on 28 Sep 11 at 09:43
AldangaAwesome. Thanks for the info.
Posted by Aldanga on 28 Sep 11 at 16:02
SinSTeRS DEVILi did 10 prv vs game agast bots then went on warzone online didnt get achievement does have 2 be quick match or ranked ???
Posted by SinSTeRS DEVIL on 06 Oct 11 at 16:06
AldangaI recommend doing 9 private games, not 10. Some have had success with 10 private games, then 1 in quick match/ranked, but I haven't. You can do either quick match or ranked.
Posted by Aldanga on 06 Oct 11 at 23:43
SinSTeRS DEVILok thankz i try again
Posted by SinSTeRS DEVIL on 08 Oct 11 at 05:19
Pedle ZelnipWorked great. I did:

- started the game from the dash
- did 9 private warzone matches (1 min rounds, 1 round) against a full room of casual bots. I won 8 matches, and lost 1.
- Immediately after the 9th match (before the score summary screen came up) I quit to the main menu.
- I then went to standard quick match warzone.
- Partway through the 1st match the host changed (got a "host has disconnected selecting new host", I thought this game had dedicated hosts now?)
- Finished that match, played the next one (lost both), and at the end of the next match the achievement popped.

Great tip, took just over a half hour.
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 10 Oct 11 at 17:46
SILVERsifDURFERExcellent guide, 10 private and 1 public match worked for me.
Posted by SILVERsifDURFER on 14 Oct 11 at 18:51
Solario3210 private, 1 public worked for me also.
Posted by Solario32 on 06 Nov 11 at 19:20
braKito10 private 1 public worked great! Thanks!
Posted by braKito on 04 Dec 11 at 16:22
AldangaNo. You don't need to win every match.
Posted by Aldanga on 29 Feb 12 at 00:58
umainbearmanNot really sure what the deal is with this achievement but I've played 20 straight public matches of the same game type and this thing still hasn't popped so I guess its just gliched without a fix.
Posted by umainbearman on 31 Mar 12 at 02:01
AldangaI would try going to the dashboard and then restarting the game and seeing if you can unlock it then. It's possible—heck, I'd even say it's likely—that the game just temporarily glitched on you and the achievement is not glitched for everyone. Until there are consistent stories that the achievement is not popping, it's better to assume that it's still unlockable.
Posted by Aldanga on 31 Mar 12 at 02:05
xSt0n3dxD3athxwill i have any problems playing on player hosted servers, i don't actually have the add-ons and that's all its allowing me to play
Posted by xSt0n3dxD3athx on 05 Apr 12 at 07:30
AldangaI haven't tried it myself as I got this achievement back at launch, but it should work just fine.
Posted by Aldanga on 05 Apr 12 at 14:39
umainbearmanTried again 3 different ways 7 private, 8 private, 9 private and then doing at least 4 or 5 public still nothing. Every time the consecutive match bonus is at 1000. guess this one will have to be undone because out side of horde the mp is pretty unbearable.
Posted by umainbearman on 29 Apr 12 at 15:47
B rizzle098played 9 or 10 private games and 2 online versus of team deathmatch, got a 1000 bonus and still didnt get the achievement. Has it glitched or shall i do it again?
Posted by B rizzle098 on 06 Jun 12 at 11:03
Blisle83ok so i played and won 9 split screen private warzone matches then played and won 2 standard matches and it poped for my second account but not mine.. any ideas..
Posted by Blisle83 on 04 Sep 12 at 06:01
Comrade JoecoolI played 9 private matches vs a casual bot.

On the tenth match I played Torque Bow Tag Standard It popped at that match end.
Posted by Comrade Joecool on 07 Sep 13 at 10:47
marknocturnalI played about 2 hours non stop of TDM and nothing. I got kicked out because my son fell out of a tree and I had to tend to him. But 2 hours should be enough time to play 10 matches, right?
Posted by marknocturnal on 11 Aug 15 at 21:49
SockGORE828I played about 5 matches...backed out to take a quick bathroom break and change my character...10 minutes tops. When I jumped back in the consecutive match bonus had started over. Pretty sure you have to do it in one straight shot.
Posted by SockGORE828 on 23 Jan 16 at 04:51
StK I9 private wingman matches won vs 1 casual bot, played 2 ctl matches with 9 bots (standard) and it popped. Thanks!
Posted by StK I on 16 Jul 16 at 22:35
SkarviTjust play and play
Posted by SkarviT on 20 Jan 20 at 13:51
CC141020How do I get this?
Posted by CC141020 on 12 Jun at 21:59