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Good Show in Egypt!

Complete all the Egypt Super Actions without fail (first try).

Good Show in Egypt!0
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27 Jul 2009 23 Sep 2011
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Although the achievement says first try, this just means you can't fail and start again. But there are two ways to work around that:
• Replay Mission - I'd suggest this, you can do this for your hard/treasure/time trials play-through, without really going out of your way.

• Save and Re-load if you fail. In which case you will want to save at:
The room with the 25 (Estimate) Red pillars. After completing this segment and placing both Scions into their slots, you get a checkpoint. This is the final checkpoint before the "Super Actions". You just need to walk through the door and the cutscene will start.
MxSvnty4Yea, if you fail during the first try, just load your previous save. The game will still recognize this next try as your first time.
Posted by MxSvnty4 on 23 Oct 09 at 20:56