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Kill at least one enemy with every weapon in the game during public play

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Lozzy DentonLozzy Denton95,904
27 Jul 2009 18 Apr 2011
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This can be collected over the course of all public multiplayer games. It is speculated that kills in co-op may also count toward this achievement (I don't own the game any longer, so if someone could confirm this it would be very useful).

Here is the list of weapons you will need to kill people with:

Pulse Rifle

Mark off the list as you go to make sure you don't miss any.

I found that the Flamethrower was the hardest weapon to find. I got it, finally, on the map 'Spire' after selecting the Small Team Game playlist. The RPG may also be hard to find, but that should be placed under the bridge in the centre of the map 'An Invasion'.

I made a video to go with this. It may make it easier to find the harder ones;
Tasty PastryThanks lozzy, list very helpful :)
Posted by Tasty Pastry on 12 Mar 10 at 00:42
UlteriorDesertYou should point out you can also get this in co-op
Posted by UlteriorDesert on 11 Aug 10 at 16:51
Lozzy DentonIt was quite a long time ago that I wrote this, but I am pretty certain that kills in co-op don't count.
Posted by Lozzy Denton on 11 Aug 10 at 20:07
UlteriorDesertDefinatly do, I have 3 people can vouch that it unlocked when we were in co-op tuesday evening, it might have been a glitch but you should at least remove the expect for co-op part. Still gonna positive vote
Posted by UlteriorDesert on 12 Aug 10 at 10:21
Lozzy DentonOkay, that's fair enough. I've made some adjustments.
Posted by Lozzy Denton on 12 Aug 10 at 12:39
MissFuchsiaFireI was under the impression that all the kills had to be done in one match. How surprised was I when I unlocked this after getting my first kill of the match? lol
Posted by MissFuchsiaFire on 09 Sep 10 at 06:53
Gwhere is the RPG located?
Posted by G#2309 on 17 Dec 10 at 23:17
troyoyTwo thumbs up. Whos the jerk that left the neg?
Posted by troyoy on 04 Apr 11 at 23:00
Wise CognizantRanked does not count?
Posted by Wise Cognizant on 17 Jan 12 at 22:21
TheMizztI've killed several times with each weapon on this list. It was in ranked matches, but still no achievement. Is there anyway of finding out what weapon you're missing kills with?
Posted by TheMizzt on 28 Nov 13 at 14:57
Taz B IRLdoes killing the dino's and bugs with weapons count???
Posted by Taz B IRL on 28 Nov 13 at 17:11
TheMizztI wouldn't think so
Posted by TheMizzt on 28 Nov 13 at 20:13
OfficiallyKirtRanked does count. I can confirm this as I got my achievement on a ranked large team game
Posted by OfficiallyKirt on 21 Jul 14 at 00:33
Games MasterI can confirm that co-op kills DO count. I'd gotten a kill with every weapon but the sticky gun when it unlocked, having previously killed the dillo with it for the achievement. That was the only time I've ever touched it.
Posted by Games Master on 10 Sep 14 at 17:54
xHappy Munkeyx^^^ i can confirm that the sticky gun is needed on a person, not a dinosaur as that was the last one i needed as well.
Posted by xHappy Munkeyx on 19 Jul 20 at 22:32