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Slice a 10 fruit combo with the Calligraphy Brush, Parchment and Ink Shadow equipped.

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I didn't have a second person to play with, so I used Arcade Mode. Start getting combos (3 or more fruit at a time.) The more combos that you get, the more the banana power ups appear. I combined a Frenzy with a Freeze and swiped my arms collectively across the screen. You can work on this at the same time as the Dripping With Power (Slice 30 bananas in arcade mode) achievement.
Cringer85you can fool the camera for a second player by placing a chair with a sweatshirt on it and a pillow as head. just hold up the sleeve with your arm. It will think you are two persons.
Posted by Cringer85 on 29 Sep 11 at 23:17
BonxyI used the 2 player team and just got a jacket/coat on a hanger and just waved the arms next to me. It swiped the ready then i just chucked it on the floor.

Easy to get when you do it this way.
Posted by Bonxy on 22 Jan 12 at 20:27
Tanelorn82Frenzy and Freeze works fine to get it solo. I even got 11 fruit combo !
Posted by Tanelorn82 on 24 Jan 12 at 14:28
TheBlackxRangerHardest part was trying to trick the camera. lol.
Posted by TheBlackxRanger on 10 Feb 12 at 08:09
elKazaamcan this be buggie? i got a 10 hin but didnt get this cheevo. does anyobe knows something?
Posted by elKazaam on 23 Apr 12 at 16:50
elKazaamok, i getit. this is the best way to get it.thumps up.
Posted by elKazaam on 24 Apr 12 at 20:57
Tommy Gun CRGGot it in Arcade with a Frenzy and Freeze at the same time. Just wait for tons of fruit to come on screen, then make a huge sweeping slice. I think I actually got a 12 combo, but can't be sure! :O
Posted by Tommy Gun CRG on 04 Dec 12 at 01:58
RockingRabbitI just got it with 1 banana (frenzy). I just waited towards the end of the frenzy until there was enough fruit on the screen and made a swipe from right to left. I am sure it would work going in the opposite direction.
Posted by RockingRabbit on 27 Jan 13 at 21:39
spegelbilderGo to "In Mode Select" and select "Party Mode" "Team Arcade" and 2 player.
Let one person just stand there and the other one do big sweaping movements with his or hers arm.
Best to do with "Frenzy" as well.
We got 12 in one go =)
Posted by spegelbilder on 06 Mar 13 at 21:18
TruthTwoStill, nobody here has stated the requirements for the achievement or what the backgrounds have to be (if any) etc.
Posted by TruthTwo on 14 Dec 17 at 13:58
segagamer@TruthTwo that's because it's in the achievement description
Posted by segagamer on 03 Sep at 13:35