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Legendary War Mage

Complete the campaign on Nightmare mode

Legendary War Mage+0.3
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04 Oct 2011
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If you are going for this, you should be fairly experienced with the game. Please note these differences when playing Nightmare mode:

* There are no "breaks" where the game waits for you to hit Select before sending the next wave.
* In fact, there is no set up time - the waves will start as soon as you leave the trap selection screen. Because of this I'd often pick no traps to remind myself of the level layout then restart the mission picking the appropriate traps.
* Guardians never get back up if killed. If you use Archers you must protect them! Paladins are still beefcakes though and rarely die with the life regen upgrade (Steel Weaver).
* Most Orcs now have shields, armored Ogres show up on the first level. Levels have a lot more enemies than they did on War Mage difficulty.

I mainly stuck with the same strategies as my War Mage/5 Skull run, using upgraded Tar Traps below Clockwork Maces supported by Paladins. I now add Wall Blades into those kill zones though for extra damage to Ogres. Some levels really call for a few of the Mushrooms to help turn some Ogres against the hordes.

If you are in a bind you can hang out by your rift as it grants bonus health and mana regen and spam spells to kill off things that get by your traps. This is especially useful early in levels before you set up your kill zones.

Once again I can provide level specific tips if you are stuck and would like to hear how I got through a level.
Subliminal CutsHey man this sounds really good. Do you keep all of your items and upgrades from the war mage run?
Posted by Subliminal Cuts on 09 Oct 11 at 22:49
JORAXYes you do! I highly recommend getting 5 skulls on all war mage maps first so you can use those upgrades on your Nightmare run.
Posted by JORAX on 09 Oct 11 at 23:57
ECOTz McChickenJust wondering if you know whether headshots are still 1 hit kills on nightmare or not?
Posted by ECOTz McChicken on 12 Jan 12 at 19:54
JORAXThey are, but only if the orc is no longer carrying a shield. The shields can be knocked off with either a body or headshot (or spell, or first hit from a trap, etc). Headshots do less damage to Ogres than before (or perhaps they just have more health), but any hit still kills the little speedy buggers.
Posted by JORAX on 12 Jan 12 at 22:21
ECOTz McChickenThanks for all of the guides for this game, and for the speedy response! :D
Posted by ECOTz McChicken on 13 Jan 12 at 23:51