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Mr. Oddjob

Complete 5 Job Board Quests in one play-through

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05 Oct 2011
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This is a simple achievement that can be achieved fairly early on in the game. The first job board that you come across is in the main town of Wellsprings. The board itself is located directly across from the clothing store in the back part of the town.

All you will need to do is check the board every so often and do the missions that pop up on the list.

The missions range from simple fetch quests to keeping people alive by providing sniper fire from affar.
Technici9nIs it one play-through of the campaign or one play-through say i played 2 hours and did it ? I have done 4 on the board and there are no more quest to do so far, maybe i just have to wait longer. Just wondering. positive feed back would be appreciated.
Posted by Technici9n on 27 Dec 11 at 08:52
starofdavid11It's one play through of the campaign, there are about 10 different missions spread between two job boards the first is in wellsprings on disk one and the second in in subway town on disk two. And if no missions are showing up just continue with other missions and check back later
Posted by starofdavid11 on 27 Dec 11 at 22:13
bryan dot exeFor Mutant Menace (especially on nightmare difficulty), use wingsticks against any mutants that climb up to your sniper tower at the end of the mission. This will allow you to take them out quickly, and return to providing cover against the last few mutant attackers on the ground.
Posted by bryan dot exe on 02 Jun 12 at 20:21
Flyboy80498Also, the Clean the (insert name of sewer here) Sewer missions count toward this achievement.
Posted by Flyboy80498 on 14 Aug 12 at 21:08
CoolguystuffThere are 6 that appear on Wellsprings board with the last "The Exchange" only becoming available after the main story-line mission "Liberate Captain Marshall" and then another 3 that appear on Subway-Town's, which are the easiest of them all. You should complete all 6 before leaving Wellsprings, especially if you are going for the Obsessive Compulsive achievement. A good way to tell if there is a job is the job boards will flash red when you look at them or highlight them. If you went back to Hagar after getting the Bomb Car by chance and talked to Phallinx, next to the garage he will automatically give you his job board quest which will still count. I didn't get this one from the job board as I went back to talk to Hagar again
Posted by Coolguystuff on 02 Jan 13 at 12:11
NE0182can't believe how frustrading this tower mission is where you have to provide cover with the sniper. playing it to get the chivo on easy. what a bad job on balancing, not that i don't like a good challange but this stands out a lot for me as a pain. so if you're trying this, stay away and do the other jobs as you can still get the 5 jobs without it.
Posted by NE0182 on 20 Jun 13 at 23:04
starofdavid11sorry, the way this game works is once you get to a certain point in the story you are locked in to finishing the game, so if you want to get this achievement then you must meet the requirements before you reach this point, that does not come until very late in disk two (subwaytown). after you beat the game you can either reload a save or start a new playthrough from scratch, this requires you to do all 5 again. Hope this was helpful.
Posted by starofdavid11 on 25 Feb 14 at 18:52