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Blood on the Sand

Reach level 50 in multiplayer and complete waves 1 - 50 on the Nowhere map in Horde

Blood on the Sand+0.1
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30 Jul 2009 07 Sep 2009
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i found the best place to do this horde is in the building which has a mortar/mulcher on the roof, there are only 3 entrances and 2 are windows so they are easy to defend also if you can get a shield to block the door you'll find it alot easier, always try to do on private with friends as you can do it on casual whereas online the difficulty will be set to normal
MstrofdashadowsOn public horde the difficulty is always on normal it does not increase but casual is still easier. everything else perfect advice.
Posted by Mstrofdashadows on 31 Jul 09 at 14:51
CR4GG3RSthanks for clearing that up i always thought public got harder
Posted by CR4GG3RS on 03 Aug 09 at 08:48
Mstrofdashadowsnp. in a sence your right every 10 waves the locust accuracy health and damage increases, but the difficulty will always be what was selected at the start.
Posted by Mstrofdashadows on 06 Aug 09 at 02:39
Pedle ZelnipI did this in a public match (so Normal difficulty), and with 3 other people (though 1 guy didn't play the entire match, just sat around).

We basically just hung out on the roof doing the odd ammo run. Put grenades and shields on the staircases whenever we could. Compared to other maps like Memorial this one's a piece of cake.

Now if I could only get to level 50.... :p
Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 26 Aug 09 at 07:16
CR4GG3RSyh the people i played with kept dying when we went on the roof so i found it easier to go underneath

i also need lvl 50 only 40 atm
Posted by CR4GG3RS on 26 Aug 09 at 20:09
CR4GG3RShey no problem man, glad i could help :)
Posted by CR4GG3RS on 30 Aug 09 at 16:34
The 7ravelerIn the entire ~150 waves I played to get to 50, I had a total of 4 guys come through the windows. Add that to my 51 in multiplayer, and BLEEP-BLOOP cheevo unlocked.
Posted by The 7raveler on 12 Sep 09 at 10:05

I thought Memorial was rather simple. I hope it's as easy as you say. :D
Posted by Removefromme on 19 Sep 09 at 07:10
CR4GG3RSi found memorial easy aswell with hammer of dawn respawn, just set up some shields and sit in the spawn
Posted by CR4GG3RS on 23 Sep 09 at 19:30
Darth Hawk CZJust a quick question. I'm not level 50 yet, so if i complete the horde now, will the achievement pop up when I reach lvl 50, or will I have to complete the horde again?
Posted by Darth Hawk CZ on 15 Dec 10 at 18:28
CR4GG3RSno you dont have to complete horde again, it will pop as you hit level 50
Posted by CR4GG3RS on 16 Dec 10 at 09:22
Sir Stratsavvyi can vouch for that cuz i did "Am I Only Dreaming" before i got lvl 40 and it popped instead when i hit lvl 40 after boosting during 30xp week
Posted by Sir Stratsavvy on 08 Jun 11 at 21:06
Solario32The roof was also easy to camp as long as there was a boomshield on each of the staircases.
Posted by Solario32 on 18 Sep 11 at 05:37