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It's On Like General Kyong

Defeat General Kyong

It's On Like General Kyong0
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08 Oct 2011
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General Kyong is the boss after you enter the mines.
Here are some tips for the battle (played on Delta difficulty):

You start the fight with no weapons behind a crate. On the crate is a Submachine gun and a ammo box. Grab both immediately and go into cover.
Kyong fires a lot with a Minigun. I also strongly recomment tagging him with the binoculars, so you always know his position and where he is facing.
I did the stealthy approach, cloaked and sneak around him, hit him a few times in the head with the SMG, cloaked again and moved cover.
If you go upstairs you will find also a precision rifle which will help a lot since he can take quit a few hits.
Sometimes he will cloak himself, but he won't move too much, so it shouldn't be a problem. Just keep on the hit-and-run tactic until he gets down.
Solario32I used shotgun and I thought cloaked runs and going for the head worked very well.
Posted by Solario32 on 29 Nov 14 at 01:17