Alice: Madness Returns Review by joedahoc93

09 Oct 2011 11 Oct 2011
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Overview:A sequel to a great cult classic. A twisted vision of Alice in Wonderland. I loved the original Alice. I was looking forward to this game, and I finally got around to playing it. I really did enjoy it, but It's no secret that the game has it's fair share of problems, which does kind of does weigh down the final verdict.

Story: Leaves much to be desired. Very little to be found here. While the game does have a very good premise, it doesn't fully exploit it. Alice is insane and to cope with her inner pain, she creates a fantasy. However even in her Wonderland she isn't safe from her own insanity. The game doens't really offer much as far as dialouge, but makes up for it in in-depth level design. At least to those who aren't into extreme platformers. I am in fact, a HUGE American Mcgee's Alice fan, so I was looking forward to this game. I knew it would have more of a cult following then any other real big game. The game does offer something for everyone. Despite the games simplicity, it does give a service to fans of the original Alice, and people may remember the characters they see. Though game isn't the most polished, it can be argued that the game represents much more. But sometimes it seems that EA just wanted to cash in on the small but respectable fan base.

Gameplay: Good. But not great. You have four weapons to choose from. Strong melee, fast melee, strong long range, fast long range. Each weapon can be upgraded with "teeth" you find throughout the game. Alice is the best looking character in the game. She looks better then any other character model, her outfit changes every chapter, so at least we get to see a new Alice. The platforming is fun, but a little frustrating. The minigames range from decent to really annoying. They really aren't that good, and plus: You can skip them! Whats the point of having mingames if you can just skip them!? But the annoying ones aren't skippable. Go figure. The last boss was pretty......underadmirable. He wasn't really a cool villian. He seemed a bit like a gimmick.

Final Verdict: A great fan service for few, but not much more then that. I loved the game. But I would lying if I said that the game doesn't have any flaws. It does. In fact it has a few that are pretty brain numbing. At least it was for me. But if your looking for a decent platformer to hold you over for a few days, check this game out. I loved Alice and all her insane thoughts. I'd reccomend it to anyone who's looking for something a little different. I was really hoping for more of a story, but we all can't get what we want. But it does offer a little something for everyone.
chalon9Good review. I agree, I'm a fan of Alice and played this one with a bit of nostalgia. However if you've never played the first I agree you might not enjoy it as much. Also check your spelling some, i.e. Wonderland in the first paragraph. +1 from me though
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