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Win all Minigames

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09 Oct 2011 18 Feb 2015
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To unlock this achievement you need to play and win the following minigames, they are in order in which you can first play them:

Note - You do not need to play the full five rounds for Five Finger Fillet or Strum, just play till you win a round and back out to collect the earnings, it will count as a win. IF you continue and let it ride, it may not count and unlock this way, so be sure to exit after a won round and save.

Wingstick Mastery **
- First time arriving in the Hagar Settlement, you can find Loosom Hagar at the top of a ramp between Dan's "office" and the garage. She'll offer you a side mission in which is also a minigame associated with Wingsticks.

(**)Added this because it seems to be a minigame that counts towards minigames played. I know most people would talk to Loosum anyways being an explorer and all but I also understand that people might not check with her. If you have done everything else and it hasn't unlocked, then please try the Wingstick Mastery.

Rage Frenzy
- There is a gent inside Sally's Bar in Wellspring with a top-hat named Hendrik that offers to play this game as well as to purchase a starter deck if you haven't bought one already from the Outfitters Store. Can just play an easy game with him and hopefully you'll win. Alternatively, you can play against Teague at the Fez Bar in Subway Town. There is another chance to score another achievement if you win against her "Hard" deck. Hopefully you've been looking for cards throughout the game in order to help.
RAGEHardest DeckThe Hardest Deck achievement in RAGE worth 61 pointsBeat Teague's hardest Deck

- Across from the job board in Wellspring is a few gentlemen playing Tombstone. It's the dice game played on the ground with holograms. Fairly simple game to play, there is also another achievement associated with this if you happen to roll four targets on the first round. Tombstone can also be located in Subway Town.
RAGEJACKPOT!The JACKPOT! achievement in RAGE worth 27 pointsRoll 4 Targets in the first round of Tombstones

Five Finger Fillet
- Sometime during your stay in Wellspring, there will be a person named Abbott at a table playing with a knife, this will be five finger fillet. Just win a round and back out for it to count. However if you want to keep going there is also another achievement linked to this game, be sure to read the tips if you are having trouble. You can also play Five Finger Fillet in Subway Town.
RAGEJust a Flesh WoundThe Just a Flesh Wound achievement in RAGE worth 45 pointsComplete the final round of 5 Finger Filet

Strum **
- This is the last minigame type you'll come across when you arrive in Subway Town. The guy you need is playing a banjo type of instrument sitting next to a NPC named Hope. Just repeat the notes back till it says you won the round and you are safe to back out. If you choose to keep going there is another achievement to be obtained.

(**)It has been brought to my attention that, when you go to do or complete "Assault on the Authority Bridge" the Strum fella in Subway Town is unavailable. So be sure to find them before doing anything else if you want their associated achievements.
RAGEDeliveranceThe Deliverance achievement in RAGE worth 41 pointsComplete the final round of Strum
Knucklehead923ive done all of that and the achievement did not pop
i think maybe you DO have to win the 5th round of five finger filet, as thats the only thing i have NOT done
Posted by Knucklehead923 on 09 Oct 11 at 20:35
xNo F In Luckxit unlocked for me winning 1 round of each
Posted by xNo F In Luckx on 10 Oct 11 at 04:27
RaajTM@Knucklehead - When I went to do Strum, I only finished one round and backed out, the achievement popped for me before I went to do all the rounds. I cannot really confirm this personally with Five Finger Fillet but on other message boards I've seen a lot of statements regarding that you only have to win a round and back out in order for it to count.

A lot of people having trouble with this achievement unlocking are sometimes forgetting about the Wingstick Mastery back at the Hagar Settlement, they never talked with Loosum or played her wingstick minigame, could that be the thing you are missing?
Posted by RaajTM on 10 Oct 11 at 07:48
CmdTuckerIn the same boat as you Knucklehead923, I did the Wingstick Mastery, won all rounds of Strum for Deliverance, achieved JACKPOT in Tombstone, beat Teague at Rage Frenzy to earn Hardest Deck. The only thing I have not achieved is beating all five rounds of Five Finger Fillet, yet I have beat at least round 1. No Minigamer achievement though.
Posted by CmdTucker on 10 Oct 11 at 20:30
L1B3RTYorD34THThe Strum hippies took off... I can't find them anywhere. Apparently once the Authority arrives in Subway Town, they split for good. Bravo, id. Bravo!
Posted by L1B3RTYorD34TH on 10 Oct 11 at 21:28
RaajTM@CmdTucker and Knucklehead - Are you winning a round and then backing out? You need to back out after a round in order to win and collect your money, otherwise you are letting it ride with continuing. I am seeing a lot others saying they just needed one round of each and myself included just doing a round of Strum and backing out.

If you played FFF in Wellspring, won a round perhaps try the FFF game at Subway Town and try winning once?
Posted by RaajTM on 10 Oct 11 at 21:32
RaajTMIf people are continuing having trouble with the achievement not unlocking when they win at least one round with five finger fillet, I'll revise the solution about it. I am seeing mix results with half saying it has unlocked and the other half saying it has not.
Posted by RaajTM on 10 Oct 11 at 21:42
CmdTucker@RaajTM - You were spot on, I attempted Five Finger Fillet again and this time I backed out after winning the first round and the achievement popped. Thanks for the help!
Posted by CmdTucker on 11 Oct 11 at 12:25
TwistOkay, I've won all Rounds of Strum, All rounds of Five Finger (in wellspring), Beaten Teague's hardest deck Done all of the Tombstone rounds. Not to mention I did one round of Five Finger in Subway town... No cheev'. Any help guys?
Posted by Twist on 05 Feb 12 at 02:12
TwistOh yeah... the wingstick minigame... forgot about that one. I'm guessing I can't go back to disc 1 now that I'm half way through disk 2?
Posted by Twist on 05 Feb 12 at 03:46
BruddlyI was in the exact same situation as CmdTucker, remember to back out after winning x number of rounds and claim your prize money, losing out of a game will net no prize and therefore not count as a win toward the achievement.
Posted by Bruddly on 12 May 13 at 17:38
A BatwomanIs there another video, your video doesn't work :/ Not sure where to find these. Don't want to start over.
Posted by A Batwoman on 14 May 14 at 04:42
Warboy925Just to add to this, if your cheevo didn't pop, and you are SURE you won at least one round in each game, go back and try again at EACH game and back out (collect winnings) after the first round!!! I was in the same boat where my cheevo didn't pop, come to find out, after I won the first round of Five Finger Fillet with Abbot, I won the first round, "let it ride" and lost the second round......I went back to Wellspring after someone suggested to redo the wingstick minigame in case the 1st time didn't count. then I went back to Wellspring, and I won the first round again with Abbot, but this time I collected my winnings, bam, achievement popped!!
Posted by Warboy925 on 08 Jun 15 at 19:45