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Recover all 42 Campaign Collectibles (any difficulty, Standard or Arcade).

8 guidesOnline/Offline - These achievements can be obtained in either an online or offline game mode.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Cooperative - These achievements can be obtained by two or more players in a cooperative game mode who have met the achievement requirements.Collectable - These achievements are obtained by exploring the game environment to find a set of unique objects.
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10/8/2011 - There are already a few GoW3 Collectibles guides out there, but I have found them to be unclear at times and sometimes even misleading, so here is my guide to help clear things up. This guide will explain as simply and accurately as possible how to get all of the Collectibles and COG Tags with pictures to help point you in the right direction.

See the other solutions for great video guides. If like me, however, you prefer a written guide then this may help you out. -Z3RO 37

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•COG Tags #1: Pic As soon as you have control of Marcus exit your cell, turn right, and kick in the door of the adjacent cell. They're on the floor.


•Twenty Dollar Bill: Pic As soon as you have control of Marcus turn around. They're on the table.
•Dom's Psych Report: Pic Exit the room with the last collectible, turn right down the hall and enter the first room on your left called "Sick Bay". They're on a table in the corner.
•Requisition Form: Pic Go back into the hall from the last collectible and turn left. Enter Baird's room, the last room on the left. It is on a table to the right inside the room.
•COG Tags #2: Pic After you reach the deck of the ship, raise the lift, and watch the cutscene where Prescott returns, you will be thrown into a fight. Follow the left wall as you fight until you come to a shipping container with the Crimson Omen symbol. There is a dead COG on the other side of the catwalk above you. Shoot him to make the Tags fall.


•Silverback Manual: Pic As soon as you enter the Silverback Maintenance Bay it is on your immediate left.


•Journal: Pic Shortly after the level starts as you're walking pay attention to the left side of the street until you see a white sign on the wall that reads "Best Breakfast In Town". Kick in the doors and it is right in front of you.
•Child's Diary: Pic During the fight at the playground check inside the structure with the slide.
•Grocery List: Pic Inside the Grocery Store when the very first stalk comes up look to your right to see checkout counters. It is on counter 1.
•COG Tags #3: Pic Still inside the grocery store when you get access to the Loader kick down the cabinet blocking your way and then walk around to the right where you will find an office. They are on the desk.


•Clipping, Times-Tribune: Pic While walking through the camp where everyone knows Cole Train you will eventually pass through two green metal doors. After walking through them keep walking around to your right until you find it on the ground behind a shipping crate.
•COG Tags #4: Pic When you get outside and restock your ammo someone will open a brown metal gate for you. Turn left immediately after the gate and these will be at the end of the pier.


•Cougars Season Program: Pic When given a choice choose "Upper Path". Walk to the end of the hall and turn right. It is behind the counter.
•Cougars Player Handbook: Pic Once downstairs make an immediate right just after the "South Gate". It is on the ground by a blue soda machine.
•Cole's Championship Ring: Pic After Cole's fantasy football moment walk toward where your fellow Gears are waiting for you and look slightly to the left where you will see a shack with "UXO" written on it. It is on the ground in front of the shack.


•Tollbooth Tokens: Pic Once on the bridge you will shortly enter a fight with two enemy turret emplacements. When the coast is clear, look on the right side of the turret closest to you (in front of you when you started) to find these on the ground.
•Bayonet: Pic Just after the last one, go through the big metal gate the Boomers opened up and walk along the right side of the street a short distance until you see a shipping container with a destructible wooden crate inside. It is on the other side of the crate.
•COG Tags #5: Pic Just after the last one walk forward until a new battle begins. Stay to the left and you will shortly come across a ladder that will lead you to some catwalks underneath the fight. It is on the ground in the first oval-shaped area of the catwalks.
•Sight Seeing Guide: Pic After killing the Gas Barge with mortars you will eventually climb up a ladder. When you walk outside, walk around to the right. It is on the ground next to some stairs.

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•Tomatoes: A Beginners Guide: Pic Immediately when you start there will be a brown container in front of you to the left a little. It is inside.
•Octus Medal Diploma: Pic After the first battle walk forward until a second battle starts with Savage Drones popping up out of the ground in front of you. Look to your right to see a downed helicopter. It is on the ground in front of it.
•Captain's Log: Pic After killing the Brumak with the Siege Beast continue on and hug the right wall until 3 enemies come popping up out of the ground. There is a crate stuck in the cliffside above where they appeared. Shoot it to drop the collectible.
•COG Tags #6: Pic After the cutscene with Prescott you will see the Crimson Omen on the yellow container. Walk around to the other side of the container and they will be on the ground.

*No Collectibles*


•COG Tags #7: Pic These Tags aren't as tricky to obtain as they seem. You will need to kill all 5 of the guards before they sound their horns in order to get access to the room it is in. When you start the level walk forward and you will see a guard in front of you. Kill him. Next walk forward again and look up to the walkway in front of you to see 2 guards. Kill them both. There are sniper rifles and a One Shot in this area if it helps, but if you are playing on Casual it only takes a couple bullets from your Lancer so that is probably your best bet. Next walk forward and to the right to see another walkway in the distance with 2 more guards on either side of the horn in the middle. Kill one and then the other. You'll know when you've done it right. Once inside the Side Entrance follow the lower path and it will be underneath a basket.


•Locust Hammer: Pic Face the exit of the bunkers where you avoided the Gas Barge attack and turn around. It is behind you to the left in the corner.


•Queen's Symbol: Pic After the Gas Barge drops 3 Palace Guards with Torque Bows a brown door will open so you can move on to the next fight. On the right of that door is a tower-like structure. Walk through the door and around to the other side of the tower, kick in the gate, and find the collectible on the ground.


•Manifest: Pic After accessing Dizzy's weapons stash a new fight will break out. Go to the street and take a left. Walk to the very end of the street. It is on the ground.
•COG Tags #8: Pic On the other side of the street is a building where the Locust are attacking you from. Walk up the stairs to the building and take a right at the top of the stairs. Walk forward until you enter a room. They are in the corner of the room.

*No Collectibles*

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•Anvil Gate Plaque: Pic As soon as you have control of your character turn around. It is on the wall behind you.
•Watercolor Painting: Pic Go up the right staircase and keep to the right until you come to a room on your right. The collectible is very big on the wall inside the room so it's hard to miss.
•Sam's Father's Medals: Pic Exit the room with the painting, walk forward a very short distance and turn left. Walk across this catwalk. The medals are in the shack at the end of the catwalk next to the ammo.


•COG Tags #9: Pic You will soon be trapped inside a courtyard with a Lambent Zerker (if you chose the right path initially then this will be your 2nd encounter with it). As soon as you have control of your character, turn 90 degrees to your right and search that wall for these Tags.
•Journal: Pic Walk around the circular structure in the middle of the area until you find this on the ground next to a blue ammo container.

*No Collectibles*


•Panicked Note: Pic After the cutscene with the "crazy guy" walk down the staircase on your left to find this on the ground next to a Scorcher.
•COG Tags #10: Pic Shortly after the last one you will come to a door with 2 boards over it. Saw through them, enter, and follow the rooms to the right. They are on the ground.
Message: Pic After defending yourself against wave after wave of Former with the Vulcan Cannon two ladders will drop down behind you. Take the left ladder and immediately turn left to find this at the end of the hallway.


•Air Raid Shelter Sign: Pic After the cutscene where Dom pays his respects to Maria a large group of Former will break through the door of the church. After defeating them enter the church and immediately turn left. Saw through the boards on the door and follow the path to the left. It is on the wall.

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•COG Tags #11: Pic After a metal crate of Polyps falls in front of you, defeat them, then walk around the crate and go left. You will see a room lit up by some fire. The Tags are inside.


•Journal: Pic As soon as the chapter starts you can see a wooden door below you to your right. Kick it in.


•Fuel Order: Pic After failing to start the cable car walk through the barbed wire and keep walking to the right as far as you can go. It is on the ground next to a Retro Lancer at the end of the path.
•Old Magazine: Pic You will eventually climb up a ladder to get to the roof. Continue on until you walk inside a building. The first room inside this building has 2 couches in it. This is underneath the 2nd couch.


•Tabloid: Pic When you are introduced to the new Serapede enemy you will see a large blue container to your right. It is behind the container.


•Bulletin: Pic At the very beginning choose to search to the left first to find the rotor. Eventually, you will walk through 2 yellow doors to the Maintenance Bay. You will come to big a room where you are attacked by a Kantus, Mauler, and other enemies. Walk down the short stairs in front of you and turn immediately to the left to find it on the ground inside this room.
•COG Tags #12: Pic After you have gathered the rotor you will begin searching for the fuel. Before going through the doors to the Docks labeled "TO DOCKYARD", turn around and walk behind you to the left to find these on the ground.
•Contractor Report: Pic Once both supplies have been returned to Dizzy your objective will become "Escort the submarine to the water dock." When the second set of doors opens walk up the staircase to your left and continue forward until you enter a small room. It is on the floor to your left.

*No Collectibles*

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•Pamphlet: Pic At the very beginning fight your way up all the sets of stairs until you come to the top where the railroad tracks are. At the top of the final set of stairs turn left and walk to the end to find this on the ground.
•Assault Plans: Pic Once you get the Silverback fight along the beach and stay to the left side. Eventually, you will come to a cave on your left and inside there will be a gated area. Kick down the gate with the Silverback.


•COG Tags #13: Pic Right when you start there is a Silverback you can get before you take the elevator down. Facing the entrance to the elevator, look to your right. The Silverback is behind that big door. To the right of the door is a green button you press to open it. Once the elevator stops walk down the hallway which has walls marked with 3. There is a door on your left which can be kicked in with the Silverback.
•Schematics: Pic Later in the level when Adam Fenix tells you to shut down 3 generators you will go down an elevator. When you exit the elevator you will be in a room with a desk in the middle. Press the red button on the other side of the desk to reveal a wall safe on the right side of the room.


•Money Stack: Pic As soon as you get inside the hotel make a left. At the end of this hall to your immediate left is a loose tile on the ground you can interact with.
•Diary: Pic After destroying the dam with the Siege Beast you will be back inside. Walk up the stairs to the circular area with the white statue in the middle. The collectible is on one of the tables in this area.
•COG Tags #14: Pic From the last one walk through the door to the next area. Go all the way straight down this hallway until the very end. The Tags are on the ground.


•Memorial Announcement: Pic Right when the chapter starts just walk up the stairs and you will see it at the end of the hallway.
•Announcement: Pic Just after the last one you will enter an elevator and trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, turn around and press the elevator button on the wall to open up the other elevator and reveal the collectible inside.


•Brochure: Pic After your fight on the circular elevator you will get off on the 2nd floor. Run all the way around to the left until you come down the stairs to the 1st floor. It is on the ground at the far end of this room by the couch
•COG Tags #15: Pic After dropping the ball on Queen Myrrah and her bug of doom you will exit another elevator. Just walk around to the right and destroy some wooden crates to get to it.
•Fenix Research: Pic After the cutscene with Adam Fenix turn around and it will be on a chest by a telescope.

*No Collectibles*
DarkMonarch7I am so gonna use this guide when I look for all the collectibles! Thanks Z3RO 37.
Posted by DarkMonarch7 on 10 Oct 11 at 05:03
I TRU RELIG1ON^hmmm obviously ur girlfriend boosting ur solution, good guide maybe needs editing to "cog tags will be on the floor " rather than there on the floor for every collectable some people havnt played gears before and don't know what to look for just a suggestion dude
Posted by I TRU RELIG1ON on 10 Oct 11 at 09:37
MissFuchsiaFireThanks I TRU RELIG1ON I will look at it again. And yes she most certainly is. ^_^
Posted by MissFuchsiaFire on 10 Oct 11 at 13:10
JWillCoGreat guide! Thanks!
Posted by JWillCo on 11 Oct 11 at 16:50
Travis JarvisGreat guide/thumbs up.
I used it for all of the ones i missed.
I'm so glad that you realized that not everyone prefers a video for this sort of thing
Posted by Travis Jarvis on 15 Oct 11 at 06:38
MissFuchsiaFireThanks everyone. And yay! My first downvote! Now I know I made a good solution. lol XD
Posted by MissFuchsiaFire on 16 Oct 11 at 20:42
XxSpazemxXBy far the best guild I've come across, even if you are abit vague on the details for some tags.
Posted by XxSpazemxX on 21 Feb 12 at 15:10
MissFuchsiaFire@XxSpazemxX: Thank you for the compliment. I'm glad I could help. If you want to take the time to tell me which ones you're referring to - or any other suggestions you have - I would love to make this solution better with your help. And that goes for anyone else who has ideas, too. :)
Posted by MissFuchsiaFire on 21 Feb 12 at 15:15
mrzog69can you just get them and quit the level or do u have to finish
Posted by mrzog69 on 29 Feb 12 at 00:52
MissFuchsiaFire@mrzog69: Yes, you can quit immediately and it will save. I just tested it.
Posted by MissFuchsiaFire on 04 Mar 12 at 19:59
Shadow XBL•COG Tags #12: Pic After you have gathered the rotor you will begin searching for the fuel. Before going through the doors to the Docks labeled "TO DOCKYARD", turn around and walk behind you to the left to find these on the ground.

^ this is actually behind you to the right, if you're facing the door.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 17 Apr 12 at 21:11
MissFuchsiaFire@Shadow XBL: Ahh I meant after you have turned around it will be to your left, but I didn't word that clearly. Thanks a lot for catching it! I'm going to change it right now.
Posted by MissFuchsiaFire on 17 Apr 12 at 21:39
Tenatius BThank you very much for the guide. So far it's very handy! (I'm about half way through.)
Posted by Tenatius B on 06 May 12 at 10:07
CovertBazingaGreat guide. Thanks for taking the time to make it!
Posted by CovertBazinga on 08 Jun 12 at 13:03
BluvianWhoever gave this guide negative are very dumber.... this guide is awesome!!! Much thanks from Bluvian :D
Posted by Bluvian on 15 Jul 12 at 06:18
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GR4V1G0R3cheers man, i was using the guide on x360a, and i found that tag 8 is in the wrong place on there and it didn't have any collectibles listed at all, was too late by then,

so glad i found your guide, video guides are annoying to play on my phone (youtube app not linked to IE so i have to search for the vids manually, and pausing each time and getting the vid to resume are a bitch) so you can have a thumbs up from me :D
Posted by GR4V1G0R3 on 27 Sep 12 at 23:23
WS Spartan 17Great guide ! Thanks !
About Sam's Father's Medals on Act 3, you should be more accurate cause I had some troubles finding this one.
Posted by WS Spartan 17 on 14 Dec 12 at 00:25
MissFuchsiaFire@WS Spartan 17: Thank you so much for your feedback. I went back to the level, replayed that part, and tried to reword it in a way that (hopefully) is more clear and easier to understand than before. I would appreciate it if you would give it a look and let me know if you think it's better and easier to understand. Thanks!
Posted by MissFuchsiaFire on 14 Dec 12 at 06:52
Captain RedeyeThank you for taking the time to write this guide. I had no trouble finding any of the collectibles with it. Excellent work. Also, thats pretty awesome artwork too. Nice job!
Posted by Captain Redeye on 28 Mar 13 at 18:29
xWEEDMAN 89xGreat guide, no problems at all finding the 6 tags and 19 collectables I missed thanks. smile
Posted by xWEEDMAN 89x on 26 May 13 at 04:33
CS2FreedomJust got all the collectibles thanks to this guide. Great work!
Posted by CS2Freedom on 28 Jul 13 at 17:18
Prince Jame5perfect guide. . . thx for all the help!
Posted by Prince Jame5 on 30 Aug 13 at 17:17
Octobot SuperFor Cog Tags #9, it is worth clarifying that you need to look for them when the Lambent Berzerker battle begins *within* the walls of the fort. If you choose to ride out to rescue Anya and Jace, you'll fight the zerker outside the walls first, and I died a few times from the HoD while looking for tags out here before realizing I needed to go inside first.
Posted by Octobot Super on 06 Oct 13 at 10:44
MissFuchsiaFire@Octobot Super: Thank you for that clarification. I will replay the chapter in the morning to make sure I get the wording right and then update my guide. Thanks again!
Posted by MissFuchsiaFire on 06 Oct 13 at 10:59
Octobot SuperNo prob, glad to help! Thanks for the guide, I just finished wrapping up the remaining collectibles
Posted by Octobot Super on 06 Oct 13 at 12:22
TrypWyre11Used this guide start to finish, awesome job! I really prefer a text guide for something like this, and the pics were helpful as well.
Posted by TrypWyre11 on 03 Dec 13 at 04:06
FFX BrotherhoodCheers for the guide buddy, it really helped a lot. The pictures also helped for some of the tags I couldn't find. :D +1
Posted by FFX Brotherhood on 19 Dec 13 at 01:22
TheJord01Your pictures are all broken at the moment
Posted by TheJord01 on 02 Mar 18 at 19:47
MissFuchsiaFire@TheJord01: Shoot! Thank you SO much for pointing that out. Let me see if I can sort it out and I'll get back to you.
Posted by MissFuchsiaFire on 02 Mar 18 at 21:22
MissFuchsiaFireSo it looks like Photobucket, where I am hosting the images, has turned into kind of a joke.. I am going to need to reupload every image to a new hosting site and manually change the URLs here one by one. It's gonna take quite a bit of work so I'll try to have it done by the end of the weekend.
Posted by MissFuchsiaFire on 02 Mar 18 at 21:34
MissFuchsiaFireI'm happy to report that all images are back in working order. clap
Posted by MissFuchsiaFire on 04 Mar 18 at 01:03
Luku38Just earned yourself a change of vote wink
Posted by Luku38 on 04 Mar 18 at 06:45
Supertrouserone of the most coherent and beautiful achievement guides i've ever seen, thanks a ton!
Posted by Supertrouser on 21 Feb 19 at 01:21
MissFuchsiaFireThanks so much Supertrouser! I'm so glad it helped. I have wanted to make more since then, but they won't let me because a few fishy achievements got me banned. lol Oops. That'll teach me to try game saving. Don't do it, kids! Not even once! lol
Posted by MissFuchsiaFire on 21 Feb 19 at 05:35
SkarviTcongratulations on having had all this work
Posted by SkarviT on 20 Jan at 13:55