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World Traveler

Play in an online game where 20 different player banners appear

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5 guidesOnline Game Mode - These achievements require a connection to live services, such as Xbox Live, for playing an online game mode, for sharing content, accessing leaderboards, or validating data with a server.Cooperative - These achievements can be obtained by two or more players in a cooperative game mode who have met the achievement requirements.
31 Jul 2009 23 Feb 2011
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As the guide says above you need 20 banners in the game, if you would like help to get this achievement I have a save file which has over 27+ banners.

If you want help for the achievement message any of the gamer tags below. or leave a message in the comments section.

Also the achievements are NOT STACKABLE. If you join a map with over 20 banners you will recieve the 20 banner achievement, but you will not recieve the 10 banner achievement. If this does happen do not worry just build a game and allow 10 different people to build their banners.
Panther553212I would like to get the 20+ banner achievment. My gamertag is panther553212. I will be out of town this wednesday to next monday though if we don't get caught up tonight or tomorrow.
Posted by Panther553212 on 10 Aug 09 at 18:57
MonkeyTastic200I have added you, just send me a message when both of us are on and ill help you.
Posted by MonkeyTastic200 on 15 Aug 09 at 14:29
SuRGiCaL SNiP3Splease help me my gt is WSP xTDUSTINx add me ill do it whenever your ready
Posted by SuRGiCaL SNiP3S on 25 Aug 09 at 14:58
Operation REMIEi could totally use the help on this if you are still helping people

operation remie is my GT
Posted by Operation REMIE on 26 Jan 10 at 04:43
GraPPLe iZ ProI would like to get the 10 banner one and the 20 banner one. I need these. Message me back.
Posted by GraPPLe iZ Pro on 09 Feb 10 at 07:14
Twizted J3st3rif ur still helpin message me
Posted by Twizted J3st3r on 05 Mar 10 at 10:04
Jenova20I have been after this for nearly a year and id appreciate any help you can offer
My gamertag is Jenova20
I also need the 10 banner achievement if you can help?
Posted by Jenova20 on 10 Mar 10 at 15:49
Erickson187I would love to have help with this. You can either message me or a friend of mine who is also looking for it Mr freekowtski

This would be great as I have the achievement but I do not have a game save with 20.

Posted by Erickson187 on 24 Jan 11 at 07:04
MaliiciousThats wrong. the 10 banner achievement needs you to be HOST of the game, and have 10 players build their banner in your world.
Posted by Maliicious on 23 Feb 11 at 23:53
MonkeyTastic200Edited the solution. Ty for pointing error out Maliicious
Posted by MonkeyTastic200 on 23 Feb 11 at 23:55
Virtual BoyI would love to get help with this and the ten banner acheivement. Message me over live. My gamertag is Brian333. Thanks!
Posted by Virtual Boy on 28 Feb 11 at 21:26
Lyra SilverHi, it was really great if you could help me out with this achievement. I'm around all this weekend (12 - 13th March) so if you available please suggest a time and I'll make sure I'm there. Thanks very much. Gamertag is Lyra Silver
Posted by Lyra Silver on 11 Mar 11 at 07:55
strawballsjjyes i dont mind at all ill help you
Posted by strawballsjj on 11 Mar 11 at 21:41
robert m bcan any one help me get this acheivement
Posted by robert m b on 07 Apr 11 at 20:38
COOKIETYMShey just wondering if you could help me with this ach. gamertag COOKIETYMS would be much appreciated
Posted by COOKIETYMS on 26 Aug 11 at 08:30
PatheticCrosshey was wondering if you could help me with the achievement please! ill add you tomorrow PatheticCross is my gamertag thxx
Posted by PatheticCross on 10 Sep 11 at 20:47
csterzaI desperately need help getting this achievement as no one seems to play anymore. My gamertag is csterza. Thanks!
Posted by csterza on 23 Jan 12 at 23:15
DURDENS WRATHI sent you Xbox Live messages. I definitely need help with this cheevo.
Posted by DURDENS WRATH on 28 Feb 12 at 02:10
SaraBeth XXIIcan you help me with this? it's been a pain in the butt to try to get it. i'm on most afternoons/nights
gamertag: SaraBeth XXII
Posted by SaraBeth XXII on 22 Mar 12 at 18:32
budice6969thx for the help mate
Posted by budice6969 on 27 Mar 12 at 19:05
NawtyCawtyIf anyone could help me with this I would appreciate it. I will gladly return the favour on any games you need help on that I have.
Posted by NawtyCawty on 31 Mar 12 at 13:11
NawtyCawtyWhat a guy many thanks indeed MonkeyTastic200 :)
Posted by NawtyCawty on 31 Mar 12 at 15:54
thatkidfromohioIf you have free time anytime, the help would be greatly appreciated :)
Posted by thatkidfromohio on 06 Apr 12 at 19:55
NitrousSpeedI haven't started the game yet but i would like to get the 10 banner one and the 20 banner one. Message me back on here. Im online evenings at 9 pm EDT cause i work during the week
Posted by NitrousSpeed on 24 Apr 12 at 19:04
sliceanddice375If you could help me get this achievement it would be much appreciated. Just message me on LIVE or on here whenever you see this.
Posted by sliceanddice375 on 21 Jun 12 at 19:07
ThreeKingdomsRI, too, would like to pick up this achievement. Please message me when available. Thanks!
Posted by ThreeKingdomsR on 28 Jun 12 at 21:01
SaintlyJoker5Please i would really appreciate it if you helped me get this achievement. My gamertag is SaintlyJoker5 just send me a friend request.
Posted by SaintlyJoker5 on 26 Jul 12 at 19:16
Shel2theburneI need this too if you're still helping people
Posted by Shel2theburne on 26 Jul 12 at 20:33
MonkeyTastic200yep im helping give me 5 seconds...
Posted by MonkeyTastic200 on 26 Jul 12 at 20:34
Crater BobGot this, thanks to MonkeyTastic200!!!
Posted by Crater Bob on 08 Dec 12 at 20:45
CHESTER1986thanks very much for the help
Posted by CHESTER1986 on 18 Feb 13 at 09:24
MonkeyTastic200Still helping with the achievement!! Just message if U need help
Posted by MonkeyTastic200 on 18 Feb 13 at 18:14
AGENT GRAVEY TKHey got a session tomorrow at 21:00 GMT and need help (only got 2 gamers and im 1 of them)
I would really appreciate it :)
Posted by AGENT GRAVEY TK on 27 Feb 13 at 20:08
DACHEEKOcan u do it for me my gamertag is AWW HERE IT GOZ
Posted by DACHEEKO on 04 Apr 13 at 15:17
xCANExINSANEx93If you're still helping with it I would truly appreciate your help. Thanks either way.
Posted by xCANExINSANEx93 on 10 Jun 13 at 22:29
Canadian8torI would love to get this one if you are still doing it - Canadian8tor
Posted by Canadian8tor on 06 Aug 13 at 23:55
Clark1306I would appreciate the help not many people seem to be playing anymore and I just need this one.
Posted by Clark1306 on 19 Nov 13 at 17:33
SnowsuxWent out of his way to get me the achievement. One of the good guys on TA.
Posted by Snowsux on 29 Dec 13 at 10:09
RobhillHelped me pop the achievement the same day I asked him. Legend
Posted by Robhill on 18 Jan 14 at 10:08
my BACON willI would love it you could help me get this achiev, I sent a message on xbox. Please help me.
Posted by my BACON will on 19 Jun 14 at 04:43
XEHANORT989I could use help with it as well. It's been in my backlog for years. Thanks to anyone that can get this for me!
Posted by XEHANORT989 on 04 Jul 14 at 00:28
xhannaaaCan i have help please?
Posted by xhannaaa on 16 Jul 14 at 16:28
bumgarbThanks for the help. Finished with this game now!
Posted by bumgarb on 27 Sep 14 at 04:25
MonkeyTastic200To everyone who still needs the achievement. I am still helping, please message me on here and xbox if possible. I'm on gmt-0 time
Posted by MonkeyTastic200 on 27 Sep 14 at 05:13
mrzog69if your still doing this I could use your help gt is mrzog69
Posted by mrzog69 on 12 Oct 14 at 01:41
CAE9872Hi MonkeyTastic - would like some help with this achievement. Got Friends chievo yesterday so now just need this one to have all achievements. I can send an invite if OK?
Posted by CAE9872 on 26 Oct 14 at 05:36
OneEighthMonkey, thank you again!

Posted by OneEighth on 27 Oct 14 at 21:16
MonkeyTastic200To all I am still helping, make sure to send messages on here and xbox so I can see then straight away.
Posted by MonkeyTastic200 on 28 Oct 14 at 07:20
AvengedMetal314Hey MonkeyTastic can you help me and a couple friends get it real quick???it won't take long
Posted by AvengedMetal314 on 11 Dec 14 at 18:25
DA CYBER TIGERBrilliant stuff, thanks man!
Posted by DA CYBER TIGER on 13 Dec 14 at 13:33
Broon43MonkeyTastic200, thanks mate! I appreciate ya helping me out!
Posted by Broon43 on 22 Dec 14 at 13:15
DaOverUnderI wonder if is 20 banners across every game you've ever joined. This unlocked as soon as I joined a world and there is only 8 banners in here as far as I can tell.

Really odd.
Posted by DaOverUnder on 02 Jan 15 at 06:15
MonkeyTastic200Hmmm never heard of it unlocking that way unless its 20 banners have been built at one time and it keeps it in the save...
Posted by MonkeyTastic200 on 02 Jan 15 at 08:45
DaBoneCrusherzz@MonkeyTastic200: Thanks for the assist!!! A huge benefit to the TA community!!! clap
Posted by DaBoneCrusherzz on 18 Mar 15 at 22:59
GalwayThanks matesmile
Posted by Galway on 07 Apr 15 at 17:54
JakeJones04I'll take some help whenever available. I'm ready to be done with this game!
Posted by JakeJones04 on 20 Apr 15 at 00:11
SilzzlinBac0n69Id like some help as well please
Posted by SilzzlinBac0n69 on 20 Apr 15 at 14:49
ReddoaiizuI'm trying for the 20 banners if anyone is still playing this. I'm online now, 5PM Pacific. Thanks in advance.
Posted by Reddoaiizu on 14 May 15 at 00:24
John m GTRif anybody has a world i could join for the achievement i would appriciate it if you could send me a friend request and a invite. thanks.
Posted by John m GTR on 16 Aug 15 at 09:45
SiRFaPaLoT420hey i am looking for people to trade banners hit me here or on xbl and let's get this done.
Posted by SiRFaPaLoT420 on 22 Aug 15 at 07:20
VaesseI'm interested as well, if you're still helping with this.
Posted by Vaesse on 23 Aug 15 at 21:07
Dragonkeeper619I would like this achievement please if you can help in playing now if u are available
Posted by Dragonkeeper619 on 26 Aug 15 at 13:54
T3ARIN IT UPAnyone willing to help me out ?
Posted by T3ARIN IT UP on 14 Dec 15 at 02:18
MonkeyTastic200Ive got XBL Gold now, so Glad to help again!
Posted by MonkeyTastic200 on 20 Dec 15 at 19:51
StarEmperor612Needing help for this achievement please.
Posted by StarEmperor612 on 19 Jan 16 at 04:19
AlbertCampdeAlso need help please!!
Posted by AlbertCampde on 28 Jan 16 at 10:52
OllyBongo89add ill help also need help
Posted by OllyBongo89 on 27 Mar 16 at 17:57
BENT FRUITI have seven banners so far in my online save. Would love some help with this. Message add me etc... GT = EDDorDEAD
Posted by BENT FRUIT on 03 Apr 16 at 23:37
AlbertCampdeJust wanted to mention that you can host a game in Xbox 360 and join this game through the Xbox One with another account, note that Xbox One shares Gold between different accounts so you can just keep joining the game you are hosting in the 360 until you have enough banners!laugh takes a lot of time but it works!
Posted by AlbertCampde on 16 Apr 16 at 20:59
Zarda1Any help would be great. If anything I can start collecting banners to help pass it on. just message me.
Posted by Zarda1 on 20 May 16 at 04:44
MonkeyTastic200If anyone is still needing help please Private message or xbox message me... Still trying to help between work..
Posted by MonkeyTastic200 on 21 May 16 at 04:35
Vitality GaugeNeed help with the online achievements
Posted by Vitality Gauge on 01 Sep 16 at 07:36
TheOtherBarberIf anyone sees this I could really use the help, I've got this through Xbox Game Pass Alpha and I won't own it after April 28th.
Posted by TheOtherBarber on 27 Apr 17 at 18:43
LordSamoni1looking for 8 more to banner trade with
Posted by LordSamoni1 on 04 Sep 17 at 00:35
BosnianI could use help with the banners please. Need the 20 and 10 achievements. Thank you for the help.
Posted by Bosnian on 04 Sep 17 at 20:32
dracoslayer8988I need to boost for both the 10 and 20
Posted by dracoslayer8988 on 21 Sep 17 at 10:22
Half Blue BabeI need help to boost both 10 and 20
Posted by Half Blue Babe on 08 Nov 17 at 01:49
Deity Corpusif anyone would like to help me with 10 + 20 message me on xbox, kindpinecone, please and thank you
Posted by Deity Corpus on 09 Nov 17 at 07:24
PITx Wallace17I need to boost for both the 10 and 20
Posted by PITx Wallace17 on 25 Dec 17 at 02:48
DarkkibI need help to get the 20 only if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it my GT is Darkkib
Posted by Darkkib on 20 Jan 18 at 10:08
AbyssalOrc33I would like help with this please.
Posted by AbyssalOrc33 on 24 Feb 18 at 00:31
xXI DFORCE IXxHey mate im after this achievement and the 10 banner, message me on xbox my gt is : xXI DFORCE IXx
Posted by xXI DFORCE IXx on 04 Mar 18 at 01:38
Led DroppingsI'm in need of this achievement and the 10 banner. My gamertag is Led Droppings thanks.
Posted by Led Droppings on 17 Mar 18 at 15:22
Saya an DivaI need help getting this and the 10 banner achievement, my GT is Saya an Diva
Posted by Saya an Diva on 17 May 18 at 11:45
T0per HarleyI need help too.
Posted by T0per Harley on 21 May 18 at 18:06
Wrenis PinkelI need help with this one
Posted by Wrenis Pinkel on 22 May 18 at 03:33
AmorachiusNeed help with this and the 10 banner one, message me on xbox GT is Amorachius, will help you back.
Posted by Amorachius on 14 Jun 18 at 21:12
Yilvina AnduneAnyone willing to help with this? Need the 10 banners also.
Posted by Yilvina Andune on 20 Jun 18 at 13:17
KriskiillsI have the 10 banner but still need the 20. Can anyone help? 😊
Posted by Kriskiills on 01 Aug 18 at 22:01
AzzyMahmoodI would love help with this one, if anyone was willing to oblige dance
Posted by AzzyMahmood on 20 Aug 18 at 20:07
Luku38can i get some help, please? smile
Posted by Luku38 on 28 Aug 18 at 17:51
LaLa1289I would like to get the 20+ banner achievment. My gamertag is LaLa1289. Can anybody help me? :)
Posted by LaLa1289 on 23 Sep 18 at 08:23
Tupper29I'm in need of this achievement if anyone could help me out please?
Posted by Tupper29 on 21 Nov 18 at 00:58
smakzillaaI'm in need of help of doing this and the 10 in my own world, any help would be appreciated. (trying to get these two achievements for Day 4's community challenge...)
gamertag: smakzillaa
Posted by smakzillaa on 07 Dec 18 at 16:27
The Sugar FairyWould love some help too please? 😊
Posted by The Sugar Fairy on 09 Dec 18 at 23:25
FormerDevildogI need three more towers built in my world. THREE. Please help.
Posted by FormerDevildog on 15 Jan 19 at 20:37
RexDarrNeed help. PM me if you'd like to assist. Returning the favour too of course!
Posted by RexDarr on 19 Jan 19 at 00:51
darkmikasonfireIf you're still doing this I'd like help with both the 10 and 20 one, I'm in PT time zone. I'm usually up from around 1pm til around like 5am.
Posted by darkmikasonfire on 27 Jan 19 at 09:52
Tw1std Nitem4reI’ll pm some people here see if anyone will exchange banners.
Posted by Tw1std Nitem4re on 27 Jan 19 at 21:27
Lenon RSHi add me: Lenon RS
Posted by Lenon RS on 07 Mar 19 at 16:24
AmethystineAnyone looking to do this achievement, I have a save file with 21 unique banner towers in it. Message me here on the site to set up a time when I can let you come and get the achievement.

Also: You can technically do this alone. I did this entirely alone. I just had to make 20 dummy accounts. Yes, this means I made 20 fake emails. It was a bit of a slog, but doable.

Also note that you need to have 20 banner towers ASIDE FROM YOUR OWN. This is why I have 21 in my game, the first was my own, so I needed 20 others. [When you do the 10 banner achievement, your own banner as part of the 10 is fine, oddly enough.]
Posted by Amethystine on 22 May 19 at 19:02
coinfrenzyDedicated and helping. Shoot me a message for a quick and easy achievement. I'll also build a banner for anyone.
Posted by coinfrenzy on 24 May 19 at 08:33
dj casa07Hi add me: dj casa07
Posted by dj casa07 on 24 Aug 19 at 11:35
Jakub1471SSI'm dedicated to help and looking to get help. Call me either here or on xbox live.
Posted by Jakub1471SS on 26 Aug 19 at 12:43
KitShicker43I’m trying very unsuccessfully to ask random players to help. I would love any help before this leaves Game Pass!

—got them almost immediately after asking help! Shout out to Amethystine for making it a one-stop-shop!!—
Posted by KitShicker43 on 30 Aug 19 at 19:18
C0D LogicDoes anyone need this still?? I need five more, would happily trade with anyone
Posted by C0D Logic on 30 Dec 19 at 18:28
DARKSOCSIDI need this achievement, could you help me?, my gamertag is DARKSOCSID. Thanks!
Posted by DARKSOCSID on 27 Jan at 03:00
SteeI BomberLooking for people to help with this achievement! Gamertag is SteeI Bomber. The L is an uppercase i. Message me.
Posted by SteeI Bomber on 17 Apr at 20:35
GodzWi11i found an absolute legend who can help you get this: gt: coinfrenzy
Send him a message!
Posted by GodzWi11 on 20 May at 01:39