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It's On Like General Kyong

Defeat General Kyong

It's On Like General Kyong0
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DrJones SLODrJones SLO62,167
11 Oct 2011 13 Oct 2011
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The easiest way is to run to the nearest barrel (go right way) and pick it up, then just go to the general and throw the barrel at him with button X and you will get an insta kill. This work on delta too.

TheTCDSorry, but this does not work on Delta. I threw a barrel at him at least six times and he just gets back up, instakilling you if you're too close to him when he does. It's easier to just play cat and mouse with him with the Precision Rifle and SCAR/Grenade Launcher attachment, it just takes a while to whittle him down.
Posted by TheTCD on 18 Oct 11 at 02:47
DrJones SLOWell I did that on delta, the only play trough i done. Are you throwing with X button not right trigger.
Posted by DrJones SLO on 18 Oct 11 at 06:24
TheTCDYes. I managed to get him stuck looking over a railing, crept up on him, made sure that no suit powers were active other than strength, then pressed X. He just shrugged it off. I too am doing my first run on Delta, and was hoping this would work. Sadly for me at least, it didn't.
Posted by TheTCD on 18 Oct 11 at 18:31
BluvianI did try with your solution and i try barrel or crate by using X to throw and I don't got instant kill but only like less than 8 times to kill him.
Posted by Bluvian on 08 Dec 11 at 18:38
DrJones SLOWell i got behind him and throwed at him a barrel.
Posted by DrJones SLO on 08 Dec 11 at 19:10
lord verhjust throw barrels and unload smg from a distance, no need to cloak. Just hide behind cover in time and keep moving/ searching for a new barrel. Took me three tries on Delta because I got too close two times.
Posted by lord verh on 25 Mar 12 at 19:32
LightHordyIf you are having trouble with this, try holding down the X button, not just pressing it. That worked for me atleast.
Posted by LightHordy on 25 Nov 12 at 21:35
Biohazard071220this worked for me on delta u need to throw barrel at a distance for it to work
Posted by Biohazard071220 on 19 Mar 13 at 16:20
jaganshihieiyyhWell, I couldn't get the one-shot kill, but thumbs up anyway, because I found throwing stuff at him a lot safer and easier than trying to shoot him. I probably needed to toss about 5 barrels/crates and lit into him with the SMG while he was down after the last one to finish him off.
Posted by jaganshihieiyyh on 04 Jan 14 at 07:31
NiudnaJust got the one hit kill on Delta. I was up pretty close to him when I threw the barrel.
Posted by Niudna on 02 Mar 14 at 17:32
z71foxI did it on delta with barrel took 3 hits good Guide if you ask me
Posted by z71fox on 07 Dec 14 at 19:22
MOFOwhosinchrgeThis worked for me. One hit kill on delta. Thanks :)
Posted by MOFOwhosinchrge on 18 Jun 17 at 12:01