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Bond of a Pyromancer

Acquire all pyromancies.

Bond of a Pyromancer0
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*This solution contains spoilers.

Finding all the pyromancy spells can be difficult because you are required to not only acquire the Pyromancy Catalyst if you are not a Pyromancer, but also dole out all the souls required to upgrade it to +10. This is needed because a certain Pyromancer NPC, Quelana is Izalith, will not show up until you do that.

First off, I'll list all the NPC's required for this and how to interact with them.

-Laurentius of the Great Swamp: Laurentius sells many of the "basic" pyromancy spells. The thing is, this NPC is completely missable. You could even kill him by accident if you are careless. You'll find him in a room in the Depths just after you kill the first Butcher. He is trapped in a room full of barrels. He is actually stuck in one of these barrels in a corner. Do not hit the barrels with your weapons to free him. This risks you hitting him and turning him hostile forever. Instead, roll into the barrels to break him loose. He'll then head to Firelink Shrine. Go on to defeat Quelaag in Blighttown Swamp. Immediately after this, head to Firelink Shrine and talk to Laurentius. Level up your Catalyst to +10 and buy any spells you do not own. After a certain amount of time, or if you talk to him after encountering Quelana, Laurentius will go to Blighttown and turn Hollow, barring you from interacting with him anymore. Aside from you stabbing/slicing/piercing/spelling him to death.
Spells bought from Laurentius:
-Fire Orb
-Iron Flesh
-Flash Sweat

-Eingyi: Eingyi is located in Quelaag's Domain behind a secret wall. He is an egg carrier, but he is not hostile. Answer "Yes" to the question he asks and you will be let into the chamber that has a covenant leader as well, Daughter of Chaos. Eingyi will not sell you any spells unless you have been infected with the egg status. To get this, attack an Egg-Carrier enemy in Qualaag's Domain to make it grab you. When this happens, you'll be infected and eventually, eggs will grow on you. Eingyi will now sell you his spells. As well as egg vermifuge, the item that gets rid of the disgusting beast now growing on you. He also ascends your Pyromancy Catalyst if somehow you saved Laurentius, but you can no longer use him.
Spells bought from Eingyi:
-Poison Mist
-Toxic Mist

-Daughter of Chaos: She is located in the same room as Eingyi. You need to join her covenant if you want to get all the spells. Upon joining, you receive Great Chaos Fireball. To get her other spell, you need level up her covenant by offering humanity. Upon reaching level 2, you will receive the spell, Chaos Storm.

-Quelana of Izalith: Quelana will show herself in Blighttown Swamp once you have done several things. You must have saved Laurentius, defeated Quelaag, rang the second bell, and you must have leveled your Pyromancy Hand to +10. Once you have done this, Quelana can be find in Blighttown Swamp, sitting next to one of the large stone pillars near the entrance to Quelaag's Domain. She will sell you several spells and even level your Pyromancy Hand to +15, then ascend it to an even stronger version. Once you have placed the Lordvessel on the Firelink Altar, return to Quelana. She will give you a special mission to kill her mother, Bed of Chaos, the boss of Lost Izalith. Once you've completed this, she'll give you the incredible Fire Tempest spell.
Spells bought from Quelana of Izalith:
-Fire Orb
-Great Fireball
-Fire Whip
-Great Combustion
-Undead Rapport


These spells must be found.

-Fire Surge
Dropped by Engorged Zombie in the Painted World of Ariamis.

-Acid Surge
Found on a corpse in Painted World of Ariamis.

-Power Within
Found on a corpse in Blighttown.

-Chaos Fire Whip
Found in a chest in Lost Izalith.

Good luck! Any and all comments/questions are welcome!
Is there anything specific you need to do in order for quelana to give you the "quest" to kill bed of chaos, considering I've talked to her for the first time after using the Lordvessel ?
Posted on 13 Oct 11 at 19:59
By using I meant placing it and warping, pretty much what the Lordvessel do. But I've went to here 2-3 time so far and no change, won't start anything related to Bed of Chaos.
Posted on 13 Oct 11 at 20:09
Buxfan02Where exactly is Quelana located? I have done all the prerequisites mentioned above and can't find her anywhere around Quelaag's domain.
Posted by Buxfan02 on 15 Oct 11 at 23:55
GanluanEven though she didn't mention it, I went ahead and took out the Bed of Chaos and she gave me the spell.
Posted by Ganluan on 16 Oct 11 at 14:36
Darth BieberI actually found Quelana without my Pyromancy leveled up at all and had her level it up to +4.
Posted by Darth Bieber on 16 Oct 11 at 16:36
I couldn't get her to mention Bed of Chaos before, so I simply went on and killed all the other Lords and came back. She finally mentioned the boss when I used the option "Talk". Before that, all she would do was talk about pyromancy every single time I used talk...
Posted on 16 Oct 11 at 19:36
Buxfan02Ok, so I just found the Bed of Chaos and Quelana isn't needed at all. She is just another pyro merchant.
Posted by Buxfan02 on 16 Oct 11 at 20:01
lord verhWich you need for the Fire Tempest spell, not for story progression. So not just another pyro merchant, you can't buy Fire Tempest you get it after killing Bed of Chaos, wheter you discussed that boss with her or not.
Posted by lord verh on 18 Oct 11 at 11:16
Buxfan02When I said Quelana wasn't needed i meant you don't need to talk to her in order to get to The Bed of Chaos, you WILL have to interact with her if you want the "Bond of a Pyromancer" achievement.
Posted by Buxfan02 on 18 Oct 11 at 22:53
fbsartsJust to be precise, after joining the Daughter of Chaos's covenant, you need to give her 30 humanities (!!!) to reach level 2 and have the Chaos Storm spell. :-P
Posted by fbsarts on 27 Oct 11 at 12:19
YuhansOK, I have everything besides Laurentius' spells, I'll get them in new game+. Hopefully...
Posted by Yuhans on 30 Oct 11 at 10:53
xSamUKxGreat guide. If you're balking at the 30 humanities to reach chaos covenant level 2, you can farm them from the baby skeletons in Tomb of the Giants. They're right before Nito, in the watery area where you fight 4 or 5 Pinwheels.
Posted by xSamUKx on 04 Nov 11 at 20:07
XellizJust FYI...when I found Quelana I had only saved Laurentius and leveled my pyromancy to 10
Posted by Xelliz on 08 Nov 11 at 03:55
SolrayI found Quelana without upgrading my Pryomancy hand at all. I had saved Laurentius though.
Posted by Solray on 26 Nov 11 at 20:35
CracKforBrumakI believe Quelana may show up if you're wearing the Gold-Hemmed Robes.
Posted by CracKforBrumak on 05 Jun 12 at 14:50
Whats A GatsbyI accidentally killed the ancient spider queen and Eingyii before buying his pyromancies whilst trying out Chaos Storm... fml -_-
Posted by Whats A Gatsby on 08 Jul 12 at 21:00
AltergigoGreat solution thanks. It's also worth noting that if you use the "talk" option from Eingyi's menu while infected, he will ask you if you are interested in Pyromancy. If you reply yes, he will give you a Pyromancy Flame. FYI - make sure you have 35k souls on you which is the total cost of both spells.
Posted by Altergigo on 10 Jul 12 at 07:35
Mr FunmanIf you have trouble getting Quelana to talk to you about the Bed of Chaos (in case you wanted to ensure you get the pyromancy after killing it), quit game and reload next to her or come back later. You need to talk to her three different times (three separate loads) to get her to ask you to kill the Bed of Chaos.
Posted by Mr Funman on 29 Nov 12 at 02:50
MasterHouzeif you lose a pyromancy you need to catch all over again in the second playthrough or just I forgot to catch?
Posted by MasterHouze on 26 Apr 13 at 19:28
DaradarkaMight be a good idea to put in your guide that you need 30 humanity for the daughter of chaos!!!
Posted by Daradarka on 26 Oct 13 at 12:51
You either have to kill Quelaag and ring the second bell OR save Laurentius and have +10 Pyromancy, I found her with no Pyromancy no Laurentius but I killed Quelaag and rang the Bell.
Posted on 29 Jan 14 at 21:50
ICoN xLeViAtHaNQuestion: Do you need to buy repeat spells for the achievement or for things to happen in game? Example: Buying fireball from Laurentius and then also from Quelana.

I wish they would make it easy and not give you the option to buy a spell from a NPC if you already have it.
Posted by ICoN xLeViAtHaN on 06 Feb 14 at 05:45
^ No, once you buy any Sorcery, Pyromancy or Miracle you will have it forever even if you use it down to the last it replenishes at Bonfires. You only need one in your inventory and they carry over to New game +. Use this Google spreadsheet checklist:, or just jot down the ones you have for reference.
Posted on 06 Feb 14 at 06:05
ICoN xLeViAtHaNI have every thing on this achievement...
Posted by ICoN xLeViAtHaN on 12 Feb 14 at 01:58
I got every Pyromancy on that list and nothing more, one version of each from one merchant . . . Achievement Unlocked. I used many of them down to zero and they replenished at Bonfires.
Posted on 12 Feb 14 at 08:24
ICoN xLeViAtHaNMy bad. I hadnt defeated the bed of chaos yet so I didn't get fire tempest from Quelana. I didn't see it in the solution because it was part of the last paragraph and not part of one of the lists. Guess I should read more carefully..
Posted by ICoN xLeViAtHaN on 12 Feb 14 at 22:40
That's why the checklist above is best to track your progress
Posted on 13 Feb 14 at 08:10
HdawgerDon't know if anyone mentioned it and I missed it, but saving Laurentious is as easy as this: Once you get the Chaos Fireball spell from just joining the Chaos Covenant (right after beating Quelaag), go to Firelink Shrine and talk to Laurentious. He will marvel at your new pyromancy and ask you to share where you got it. Just say no and he will never bother you about it again, and will remain at Firelink Shrine for the rest of the game.
Posted by Hdawger on 05 Mar 14 at 23:09
Shadow XBLI have rang both bells, saved laurentus, have a +13 pyro glove, and killed BoC - I go to where I should find her and she is not there. Am I screwed this playthrough?
Posted by Shadow XBL on 10 Mar 14 at 14:26
DanielCornflakeYou don't need to ring the 2nd bell for her to show up. She was there before I beat Quelaag on my playthrough.
Posted by DanielCornflake on 26 May 14 at 09:02
Shadow XBLFYI she just never showed up for me. But she was there on my NG+ because I checked before going to Anor Londo.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 27 May 14 at 14:04
Iced HawkThanks for the walkthrough Awesome. FOR IT I GO!!!
Posted by Iced Hawk on 18 Jun 14 at 18:11
Shadow XBLif you want, you can just kill Quelana for the Fire Tempest spell right?
Posted by Shadow XBL on 23 Jul 14 at 16:02
Shadow XBLFYI, confirmed, I just did this. She asked me to kill the BOC and then I was considering killing her but then accidentally hit her when I missed the mosquitos. So, I killed her and it dropped.
Posted by Shadow XBL on 25 Jul 14 at 05:52