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Complete 6 Secondary Objectives

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All objectives are easy to locate and can be done while playing through the story. Secondary objectives are only at Act I and II.

There are 10 secondary objectives.

List of secondary objectives:

-Contact- (2 objectives)
1. Disable the GPS Jamming Device.
2. Investigate North Korean Command Post.

-Recovery- (1 objective)
1. Access the Tactical Network.

-Relic- (1 objective)
1. Disable North Korean GPS jamming station.

-Assault- (1 objective)
1. Gather Intel from KPA

-Onslaught- (4 objectives)
1. Destroy the boxcar.
2. Destroy the Anti Aircraft Artillery (there are 3 of them)
3. Call an Airstrike for the munition dump. (avaiable after you destroyed the 3 AAA's)
4. Pick up the Gauss Rifle (after you destroyed the munition dump)

-Awakening- (1 objective)
1. Infiltrate office and retrieve intelligence data.

Please give feedback if I should do something better or if I missed one.
Solario32Thumbs up. Great effort in putting the full list together.
Posted by Solario32 on 28 Nov 14 at 13:54