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Complete the special mission.

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No 1 RichyNo 1 Richy343,369
19 Oct 2008 11 Dec 2010
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This stage unlocks after beating every single stage of every single character in the game. It opens up a final stage for the Inphyy character.

It's not worth attempting this stage unless you are level 9 already, or have over 190,000 points in which case you will level up to level 9 before reaching the boss of the stage.

* Seraph butterfly attack is only available at level 9 and it drains your orb guage (jump with A and then press A and then Y when in mid-air).
* The deadly armband is key to this tactic as this prevents your orb gauge from draining.
* Only attack the overlord when he is on the ground using the Seraph Butterfly attack, when he is in the air the attack appears to cause no damage.

I only obtained the Deadly Armband on this stage, I had to equip Clover Leaf 2 along with the Divine Tiara and after a few unsuccesful plays through the level eventually one of the Creatures of the Night dropped the Deadly Armband.

Personally, I had equipped the Level 7 Prominence blade, the Knight's Emblem, Life Globe 3, Deadly Ring, Divine Tiara and Deadly Armband and managed to beat the overlord first go once obtaining the armband.

As a note there are 4 sub-areas on the map, don't bother with the top-right area as there are some seargent level baddies which take a long time to kill, I only took out the two left-side areas and still obtained a A grade, without even scoring a combo much above 300.
Negative ZZOn a side note to your note, you can kill everyone in all 4 subareas and only take another minute. On a second playthrough, or the one you get the deadly armband in, equip it and spam the Butterfly move on the sergeants. Worked for me and i got an S on the first playthrough.
Posted by Negative ZZ on 05 May 10 at 21:25
APOLLO2342devine armband? deadly armband? just curious which one. also can it only be recieved on this level and if so i recall it not staying equiped as i played. any help?
Posted by APOLLO2342 on 10 Dec 10 at 05:45
No 1 RichyYeah it's the deadly armband, I've corrected my solution. Once you have picked it up it stays in your inventory, so don't go reloading your game just because you died. You may have to play through the level several times until it is dropped. Make sure you have a spare slot in your inventory.
Posted by No 1 Richy on 11 Dec 10 at 10:22
APOLLO2342that could have been my problem. its been two years since i've played this and completely forgot that theres limited space in the inventory. your a godsend!
Posted by APOLLO2342 on 11 Dec 10 at 17:04
DruphistophelesDo you have to ?
Posted by Druphistopheles on 30 Jun 11 at 02:02