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This is an expansion to "DarkVVind"'s solution

To expand on 2-1, the fastest I've done that level is 3:10 with a jet w/ pesticide for roughly 20k on inferno. Here's a summary. (It seems long and wordy, but once you try it a few times, it is easy.)

1. Go the right of where the tank will spawn. Wait for ants to spawn (Ops ends a sentence with "inbound"), then target the top gray trim of a brown building (right next to the white building on the corner.) That should take them all out.
2. Aim up/right for the carrier, shoot, and both should go down.
3. Jet toward lander, activate, activate.
4. Jet toward the next objective. Once you hit the river/ravine, turn around and snipe the the Hector.
5. Jet toward objective, ignoring everything in the way (they will hide once you get there).
6. Jump up on the "ledge"/ raised area behind the objective/crew. Turn around and look at the building that the ants are on. Snipe the top portion of building and that should get them all.
7. More will spawn behind that building you just blew up. Blow all of them up too.
8. Start jetting to the left, and once they are all gone, a mass will appear on the right. Zap them (either shoot an ant, or the white building on the left of the ants).
9. Then spiders should be popping up around you, go up the street at the gas station, toward the ravine.
10. Turn around, shoot a building to kill a wave a spiders.
11. There is another wave of spiders, take care of them.
12. A mess of spiders and a bomber-spider spawn. Snipe the wave on the left first while they are together, then get the bomber-spider.
13. Snipe the last spider wave.

-AI is useless, so don't need them.
-My secondary weapon was the skillet just in case there was a straggler.
-It takes a while to figure out the blast radius; be patient.
-This is also good if you want to boost a secondary profile. They can live or die, and they are guaranteed 9720 xp. (In fact, I boosted 3 classes to level 7 while earning my money.)
ChocoChadStick Great summary. Using this method I've been able to get about 20k every 5-7 minutes, versus 15k every 15 minutes from 1-1. Definitely the fastest way to get points I've seen.
Posted by ChocoChadStick on 25 Oct 11 at 18:16
Durera Awesome solution, I'm getting 20k in 4-5 minutes just doing 30 minutes of this mixed into the rubber banding of 1-1 really helps speed things along.
Posted by Durera on 20 Nov 11 at 22:01
PrimalBandicoot Amazing guide, I get 20K in 4 mins instead of 65,500K in 40, alot quicker then 1-1 I ground out 1.7 million points yesterday :) +1
Posted by PrimalBandicoot on 21 Feb 12 at 17:44
Max Torque Great technique, helped me immensely. The spawns don't always happen exactly right, so be prepared to improvise. I deviated from the above plan a bit:

8. Jump down from the ledge and stand by the bus at the T-junction just below the ledge to snipe the spider wave that appears to the right.
9. Turn left, snipe the building that looks like a church to kill one of the two spawns.
10. Turn back right and get some distance from the remaining spiders, turn around, fly up a bit and shoot toward the back of the group to kill them all without killing yourself.
11. There are probably a few stragglers. Speed across the river and take them out with missiles if they're too close.
12. From across the river, you should have enough distance to snipe both the spider spawn and the bomber spider. If you're lucky, you can get both with one shot. Wait until Intel says, "Bomber spider", I don't think it can be killed before that. Or, just snipe the spiders and kill the bomber with the next shot.
13. Snipe the last wave. Ignore the ticks, they'll just die anyway.

Occasionally at step 7 I'd have one or two ants spawn behind the buildings on the ledge. Just jump down and take them out with missiles after you take care of the big spawn, then everything else should go as normal. Also, sometimes at step 9, the spider spawns will appear one after the other rather than both at once. Just be prepared to deal with whatever happens.

I didn't time it on a clock, but from the first shot, your score ticks up constantly, so that seems like a good way to measure your speed. The quickest I ever reached the final waypoint was 4920 (you'll still get the full 20K for finishing).
Posted by Max Torque on 15 May 12 at 14:19
madmankevin I really appreciate you posting this method. I didn't feel like figuring out a "best place to grind" myself and as far as what I've found on various forums, this is the fastest method for actively boosting money.

This method made this achievement a lot less painful. Thanks!
Posted by madmankevin on 28 May 13 at 02:37
HoboDiCheesePC3 can someone post a video?
Posted by HoboDiCheesePC3 on 26 Jul 13 at 23:49
eohjay I've been using a slightly modified version of this during local couch co-op with another friend trying to get these achievements. It works great - we can regularly finish the level in 3 minutes or less. One of us is always the Jet and we pretty much park ourselves on the building behind the initial spawn points and snipe everything while P2 spawns them and hits the objectives.

P2 as a Jet is pretty fast and triggering objectives - but we tend to like P2 being the Battle and just popping the shield up during genocide blasts for safety. It allows them to sit on the extraction point while the last wave is killed to trigger it faster.

The spawns can be somewhat random, but it's easy enough to improvise as it's all very similar. We're only about halfway there, and only play local couch co-op, so we've got a ways to go still.
Posted by eohjay on 01 Jan 14 at 16:21
R06U3 Definitely seems like the best way to earn credits for active playing.. somewhere between 240k - 480k per hour, depending on how quick you are...

I would also personally recommend playing with a friend...
Posted by R06U3 on 18 Jun at 05:36