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Complete all 50 Episodes

Complete all 50 Single Player episodes.

Complete all 50 Episodes0
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03 Aug 2009
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A very hard achievement to get to say the least, but here are some guides to get started:

(note I did not make either of these)
Here is a text guide for some of them which I found rather helpful :

But something that I am finding very helpful towards getting this is achievement is these video guides:
Sure you can just go look at the top ten on the leader boards, but they are the top ten for a reason mate. I know I didn't have the skill to follow them most of the time. I had a much easier time following these, because he only goes for gold when you need it, and he just goes for completing the levels, if there's a longer but easier way, he'll do that, unlike the leader boards.. (note: he's only up to 40 atm but coming along fast)

And then we come to basic tips:
- Take breaks, the more frustrated you get, the more likely you are to be reckless
- Gold is not mandatory, you don't always need to collect it, try and know when you do and when you don't.
- Read the level name sometimes it offers a hint on how to do the level.
- Take a look at the level before you start and try and work out how to do it.

Well that's it, Good luck - You'll need it!
FafhrddGreat solution! This achievement will take some time, skill, and luck.

I would suggest keep on working at a level until you have it down (but don't over do it, you know your limits), be smart about your time, and keep at it you will finish it!

Good luck!
Posted by Fafhrdd on 22 Oct 09 at 19:36
F L Y B 0 Y 9 1Awesome solution, thanks to that playlist link! Definitely the most useful guide for this achievement. The rest offer little, if anything, beyond the obvious. :|
Posted by F L Y B 0 Y 9 1 on 21 Feb 10 at 13:03
Doomed SatsumaGold is not mandatory for most of the game, except for some of the later levels. I only really ran out of time once or twice but I was making sure to collect as much of the easy gold as possible.

Take breaks is good advice though, you end up just getting worse and worse if you persist when losing focus.
Posted by Doomed Satsuma on 18 Jul 10 at 18:30
C0dyMacThere is a reason this has a whopping 3.39 TA Ratio. It's fricken hard to beat all of those levels. The guides above are useful, and I highly recommend watching the top 10 vids for tips, though some of them are unrealistic for all but the best N+ players to accomplish. Take your time. Spend an hour on this, then play a different game. As you get to the hardest levels, you may only be able to complete one episode per sitting. I'm very proud to have gotten this achievement with no help from guides or videos, since I wasn't aware they existed until afterward, lol.

Difficult, time consuming, but not impossible. Good luck everyone!
Posted by C0dyMac on 13 Aug 10 at 15:59
GraPPLe iZ ProThis achievement was hard to get but i got it finished with the top ten video guides
Posted by GraPPLe iZ Pro on 16 Feb 11 at 01:55
FatassassassinGot it tonight! I finished 39 episodes about 2 years ago, then re-downloaded the game (after completing meatboy) to have another go at the later levels. Not nearly as annoying as meatboy, but there were a few areas (I think world 44 the last zone; and the maze one, second from last in world 49 I think) that annoyed the hell out of me... also, since they are at the end of the tier, you have several difficult levels to get through just to reach them... not the kind of thing you can leave and come back the next day haha.

If you find after 10 minutes you've only made a little bit of progress, keep going! If you're in the late 30's or in the 40 levels, you'll probably have seen enough stuff to figure out the really tricky parts!
Posted by Fatassassassin on 26 Apr 11 at 06:30
Linkus2323Are you able to complete these levels in Co-op? That is my question :P

Also, I haven't really looked at this guide yet because I have yet to attempt this, but I came here to ask this question first if that's okay :). I'll just +1 this solution :3
Posted by Linkus2323 on 29 Jun 12 at 17:10
PatsredsBeen a long time since I played it, but I'm fairly certain you can't do them in co-op. Can't say for certain though, sorry!
Posted by Patsreds on 01 Jul 12 at 09:44
Decoy1982Has anyone had an issue with Episodes Re-Locking on them? I played through about 14 episodes - went back the next morning - and a bunch of the episodes were locked again. What gives? Very discouraging.
Posted by Decoy1982 on 10 Sep 13 at 11:27
VOODOO85"Only" 9 years later but i came back to this game today as had previously gotten my episode 40 achievement and was going to go for episode 50 to find that the game only has times for levels 1-24 and the rest of the episodes are locked. think i'll be leaving this one as is
Posted by VOODOO85 on 20 Jul at 19:31