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Growing Club

Achieve a club value of 85,000,000 in FIFA 12 Ultimate Team

Growing Club0
8 guidesDiscontinued - These achievements can no longer be obtained due to closed servers, a bad patch, or other unusual circumstances.
OlsAbsss xOlsAbsss x138,816
18 Oct 2011 22 Apr 2012
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From my experience, the best way to get this achievement is to buy rare bronze players from the market. Each bronze rare player is worth about 130,000 meaning you would need about 653 rare bronzes to unlock the achievement (from scratch). Search for bronze players max bid 150 and max buy it now 200. Sift through the pages placing bids of 150 on any rare player you see. You will 90% of the time win the auction. If you get a duplicate just put him up for trade for 150 to make your money back (people will buy it at this price). If you buy 653 bronze players at 150 coins each then this will cost 97950 coins compared to 182k if you bought bronze packs over and over. Hope this helps :)

EDIT: I use the web app to buy my players as its quicker/easier to do so. After every player i buy i record his name in an excel document and every time i go to buy a new player i quickly search my document (ctrl f) to see if i already have him to avoid buying duplicates. Also, if you are running out of bronze players to buy just move onto rare silver players (i bought about 20 of these to get me over 85mil)
L Figo 007Very good solution - going on with this method too (even with the excel table :-)).
Posted by L Figo 007 on 21 Oct 11 at 12:06
BulleTBiRdyBeen a very successful solution for me so far. I'm literally bidding on rare bronze players - 150 coins each. 95% of the time you will win the bid (on the odd occasion someone will outbid you). My club value has shot up from 15 mil to 27.6 mil within a few hours!
Posted by BulleTBiRdy on 04 Nov 12 at 16:47