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Lightning Weapon

Acquire best weapon through lightning reinforcement.

Lightning Weapon0
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True XenoBladeTrue XenoBlade452,757
19 Oct 2011 29 Apr 2015
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NOTE: I have had people comment saying the dashboard trick to save your Titanite Slab doesn't work. The game got heavily patched a few months ago so it may not work now. If you take a chance with the trick it is at your own discretion, i can't be blamed as this originally worked but i've also got comments saying it still does, so be careful and make sure you dashboard as soon as the achievement pops. The dashboard trick still works as of 29th of April, 2015

Also, as another user has mentioned in the comments. You can simply get a friend to drop you the weapon when they are in your game and the achievement unlocks, so if you have awesome friends then it cuts out a lot of the work. Same can probably be said for the rest of the weapon achievements as well.

When you get to Sen's Fortress, the will be a room you HAVE to go through after chasing boulders down 2 sets of stairs. This is where you meet your first mimic (a monster disguised as a treasure chest) and upon it's defeat, you are rewarded with a lightning spear. At this stage in the game it's the only Lightning Weapon will have found. All you need to do to gain this achievement after is to upgrade it to a Lightning Spear + 5 and 'POP' achievement is yours!

To upgrade this to a + 5 you will need :
Lightning Spear + 1 = 1 Titanite Chunk
Lightning Spear + 2 = 1 Titanite Chunk
Lightning Spear + 3 = 2 Titanite Chunk
Lightning Spear + 4 = 3 Titanite Chunk
Lightning Spear + 5 = 1 Titanite Slab

You can upgrade this to a + 5 yourself at a bonfire (if you have the smithing boxes purchased) or any Blacksmith

The weapon itself (currently using) is pretty dam good, does a decent damage and like most spears you can hold you'r shield up to block AND attack at same time!

For obtaining the items needed to actually upgrade the weapon at all here's what i found:

-- In the Great Hollow there is at LEAST 2 chunks found while descending the Tree, i can't name specifically where but i found 2 along with other coloured chunks.

-- The Royal Sentinals, the two big guys in Anor Londo in the hall right before the boss fight, drop chunks (you'll know which ones they are because they can also use Healing Miracles) I personally farmed these for an hour and only got 1 chunk, best bet is the bonfire outside of where you obtain the Lordvessel (the massive women) and run down the elevator, run through the room you fought the dual bosses and kill the first knight, then run back to bonfire to reset them. Reason being it took too long to kill the other one while the Black Knight on the stairs shot arrows at me, so it was faster to kill one and run back.

-- The Darkwraiths in Lower New Londo drop chunks as well, though very rarely. These enemies can also drop the Titanite Slabs, which is rarer still. Best use back stabs to finish them off quickly.

-- So far as much as i can gather there is ONE definite Titanite Slab drop per game, its when you revisit Undead Asylum the second time (it's optional) from the Boss which is underground in the room you fought the original Boss in the beginning of the game. (walk on the floor and it will drop down into the new Boss chamber)

It would be also wise to note, unless you are going to be personally using the weapon for something, gather all the necessary materials required to upgrade and do it IN ONE GO. Once you do, and the achievement pops DASHBOARD IT! Reload the save and you will still have the Titanite Slab which is the hardest to obtain.
(My friend and I have confirmed this works, thought he used a Blue Titanite Slab)

Of course you can get better Lightning Weapons if you upgraded them from scratch, but hey who wants to waste resources on that? wink
Almighty AllahWhere is a good place to get Titanite Chunks?
Posted by Almighty Allah on 21 Oct 11 at 04:43
a tea treeI can more-or-less verify the "trick" you speak of at the bottom of this hint. It's the easiest (if not the only!) way to get all the weapon enhancement achievements in a single playthrough of the game. The game WILL save any ascensions to the weapon, but not the further enhancements, so long as you quit out to the dashboard as soon as the achievement message fades. When you reload, you'll have retained any materials since the most recent time the weapon was ascended (so, for this one it'll come back as a standard Lightning weapon, and you'll keep the extra Titanite Chunks and the Slab that you'd "spent" to get it to +1->+5.)

Almighty Allah, the best chance you'll get to harvest lots of Titanite Chunks before very late in the game is the Sentinels in Anor Londo - I know the two in the Cathedral right before Orstein and Smough have a small chance to drop the Chunks. I don't recall of the other, less dangerous Sentinels also drop them or not. Hope this helps!
Posted by a tea tree on 31 Oct 11 at 09:18
JJ DankinsonYou can get Titanite Chunks from the Darkwraiths in lower New Londo Ruins. Same rule applies as with any drops, wear the covetous gold serpent ring for better drop rates.
Posted by JJ Dankinson on 29 Dec 11 at 02:32
True XenoBladeYep ... as i've written already above ;) thanks though
Posted by True XenoBlade on 29 Dec 11 at 02:49
LSDintensitySo, does this dashboard trick work after patch or no?
Posted by LSDintensity on 01 Jun 12 at 20:53
True XenoBladeI honestly wouldn't know, haven't played the game after the patch. I also don't want to try just incase. Though i haven't heard of anyone saying it doesn't work so by my guess it still does
Posted by True XenoBlade on 02 Jun 12 at 14:25
JmanJarquiseI tried dashboarding it today and it didn't work. Lost my titanite slab.
Posted by JmanJarquise on 22 Jul 12 at 18:21
True XenoBladeSorry for you're loss then, the game got heavily patched so when this guide was written it worked. It may not now, i'll add you're info so people will be careful.
Posted by True XenoBlade on 22 Jul 12 at 18:32
Bardan JusikI can confirm that the dashboard trick works for the post-patch version of the game. I did it a few minutes ago on the lightning spear, and when I came back, it had been reset to +4.
Posted by Bardan Jusik on 19 Aug 12 at 04:27
True XenoBladeSweet, thanks mate. I've heard it still works too so Jman must have done it wrong :(
Posted by True XenoBlade on 19 Aug 12 at 07:22
FeatherManeHi, just to verify the dashboard trick does work if you are quick enough. As soon as the achievement pops switch off. I risked it for a biscuit and did this for all my weapons, also allowing me to keep all my slabs and shards. Did this on 21/10/12
Posted by FeatherMane on 21 Oct 12 at 11:23
True XenoBladeMuch appreciated, thanks!
Posted by True XenoBlade on 21 Oct 12 at 12:44
CornerscoutI can confirm this still works. I did it really quickly though. Like, when you go to upgrade the final step and it asks to confirm, the moment I pressed "Ok" I also hit the guide button and dashboarded. Also, I'm pretty sure as long as you don't leave the upgrade menu it's fine and won't autosave, because before I used the Slab I also used three chunks, and when I used the dashboard trick I still had them all.
Posted by Cornerscout on 26 Nov 12 at 06:13
dropK1CK ninJACan confirm that dashboard worked for me on the slab. I all ready had a +4 lightning spear, used the slab and immediately dashboarded. It worked.
Posted by dropK1CK ninJA on 07 Jan 14 at 01:01
True XenoBladeExcellent to hear, as this was a long time ago now wasn't sure if they had patched it or anything. Will make getting all the weapons alot easier for you if you can keep the slabs.
Posted by True XenoBlade on 07 Jan 14 at 02:58
MattyJWestDashboard method worked for me today (8/4/14), thanks for the tip! :)
Posted by MattyJWest on 08 Apr 14 at 12:48
True XenoBladeGlad to hear, thanks Matty!
Posted by True XenoBlade on 08 Apr 14 at 12:58
Not sure where you guys are from, but in the US it is only 6-21-14 but glad to see this trick still works in the future.
Posted on 21 Jun 14 at 11:27
True XenoBladeI am in Australia, so the dates are different i guess. 21st day, 6 month, 14 year. Glad it works though!
Posted by True XenoBlade on 21 Jun 14 at 11:41
lRX7Couldn't I just have a friend drop me the weapon if he's already made it?
Posted by lRX7 on 15 Mar 15 at 03:23
True XenoBladeYou could always try IRX7, although the achievement unlocks when you apply the final upgrade to the weapon as far as i remember.
Posted by True XenoBlade on 15 Mar 15 at 05:14
lRX7My friend dropped it for me and it popped the achievement.
Posted by lRX7 on 16 Mar 15 at 00:47
True XenoBladeNice one, i'll update the solution a little later on when i have the chance. Thanks!
Posted by True XenoBlade on 16 Mar 15 at 00:49
I3EAR iN MiNDDashboard trick still works ;-)
Posted by I3EAR iN MiND on 28 Apr 15 at 18:26
True XenoBladeThanks for that, glad it does!
Posted by True XenoBlade on 29 Apr 15 at 06:02
FAREP BunitinDashboard trick still works!! :)
Posted by FAREP Bunitin on 04 Nov 15 at 02:10
True XenoBladeThanks champ, good to know!
Posted by True XenoBlade on 04 Nov 15 at 05:57
Warriorace777ensteid of dash boarding, you could turn off system, as long as you are still in menu.
Posted by Warriorace777 on 31 Dec 16 at 21:06
Hect0rloThe dashboard trick works fine on Xbox One, just press the guide button after you unlock the achievement and close the game.
Posted by Hect0rlo on 21 Jan 18 at 20:43
vSullyConfirm Hect0rlo. Played through recently on a second account and was able to save slabs by opening the guide and force closing the game immediately after each achievement popped. Just be sure to take no action after doing the final upgrade with the slab.
Posted by vSully on 07 Feb 18 at 15:54
Capta1n0bvious3Hi, I know this game and solution are old, but it should be noted that there are 2 guaranteed drops of a titanite slab in 1 playthrough, not 1.
If you follow Siegmyers quest to the end you will be given a slab.
It outlines it very well in the walkthrough.
Posted by Capta1n0bvious3 on 09 Apr 19 at 15:35
smekkesDashboard trick still works. Did it on xbox one.
Posted by smekkes on 20 Apr 19 at 22:13
Damir Malicedasbhoard trick still works
Posted by Damir Malice on 26 Apr at 20:49