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Meteor Shower

Slice the pomegranate 40 times with The Comet equipped.

Meteor Shower0
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Holy Frying PanHoly Frying Pan203,614
21 Oct 2011
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*Equip the 'The Comet' blade at Sensei's Swag (Dojo > Sensei's Swag > Space Capsule > The Comet)*

At the end of Arcade mode a reddish glowing fruit appears. This is the one you need. Slice it 40 times for the achievement. A good way to do this is to make small and quick slices with both of your hands. You don't need to aim, just slice away. Achievement unlocked!

The pomegranate sometimes appears in Classic mode too.
Js2Deathit always appears in classic around 65-75 hits/slices/fruit whatever
Posted by Js2Death on 07 Apr 12 at 04:25
segagamerI think Arcade is the fastest way to get this since Classic you have to pause/retry and/or fail which takes time. Which means this will take at least 40 minutes of arcade mode to achieve...
Posted by segagamer on 31 Aug at 21:21