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Suicide Missionary

Complete all campaign acts on Insane Difficulty

Suicide Missionary0
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05 Aug 2009
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Primarily, you should complete the game on casual because it is mandatory to complete the game on either hardcore, normal, or casual to unlock insane difficulty.Doing it on casual on your first play through instead of hardcore would save you much more time and you would stack up more achievements when completing the game on insane. Once you have finished your first play through you can begin insane mode. There are two methods to easily complete this. Idea 1 is to have a friend play on casual while you play on insane so you can just sit back and shoot. Idea 2 is that you can play the chapter on casual and once you get to the last checkpoint of the chapter you can switch the difficulty to insane which would mean that you are only required to complete the last part of each chapter.
I3lackshirts94Is there a video about this because it dosn't sound like it would work this way. I just want someone to confirm this and see if it works.
Posted by I3lackshirts94 on 06 Aug 09 at 00:38
CattyCrimsonGodSorry, but i could not find a video, but this idea works perfectly except that you must return to the lobby once you reach the last checkpoint of a chapter so you can change the difficulty to insane because it is required for you to finish the final checkpoint of each chapter on insane. This method will not work if you load up the last checkpoint of an act on insane it will only work on the last checkpoint of a chapter. I used this method to complete all chapters on acts 3,4, and 5. It took me about two or three hours to complete these three acts using this method.
Posted by CattyCrimsonGod on 06 Aug 09 at 05:25
pharohfredWow, I can't believe that these methods actully work. Could you use both, i.e. play through to the last checkpoint with both of you on casual and then go back to lobby and switch one of you to Insane while the other remains on casual? B/c if so, that would be the ultimate cakewalk.
Posted by pharohfred on 22 May 10 at 15:49
Das Kuhnenany ideas or lists exist detailing exactly when to back out and change difficulty?
Posted by Das Kuhnen on 19 Feb 11 at 14:30
Muskrat MorrisHow do you change the difficulty once you start? I played the training mission on insane, and now want to switch to casual, but can't figure out how.
Posted by Muskrat Morris on 16 Jul 11 at 21:27