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Challenge Domination

Get a gold medal on all single player challenges.

Challenge Domination0
3 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Time/Date - These achievements require you to play the game or perform actions at certain times, within a time limit, or on specific dates.
24 Oct 2011 04 Sep 2018
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This is a guide to the 30 challenges available in Sandbox mode on DR2: Off the Record. I have split them in to sections of challenges which require similar outfits and weapos, and marked down what I think are the best tactics for the job.

** Updated 03/09/2018 for clarity - grouped challenges by weapons/outfits, updated some challenges with easier methods and updated YouTube videos. **

NOTE: You will need 10,000 kills to unlock all of the challenges. This will also go some way to getting the 100k achievement and levelling up to 50. See guides for best killing methods:

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record (Xbox 360)Six Digits?!?The Six Digits?!? achievement in Dead Rising 2: Off The Record (Xbox 360) worth 66 pointsKill 100,000 zombies. [Host Only]

You should also have all of the combo cards to max out your XP earnings with each weapon.


Some challenges will require books. For book locations see here:

You will need a few special outfits to complete challenges. For outfit locations see here:

Nearly all challenges will require Combo Weapons. There are many different places you can make combo weapons in Off the Record, but unfortunately the weapon locations are different to the original Dead Rising 2. For a list of combo weapons and where to find the individual components see here:

Finally, you may occasionally need Mixed Juices. For info and location of items see here:


I recommend being a high level before trying these as you will need a lot of inventory slots (maximum if possible) - level 40+ is suggested. Also, scout the area first for stray survivors and psychos that may have spawned as they will make life difficult.

For a list of Psychos and the times they spawn see here:


Section 1 - Do you hear what I hear?

Outfit: Ninja
Inventory: Super BFG x8, Dynameat x1
Books: None
Juices: None

Tip: A Blast Frequency Gun can be found in the Underground Lab (use the elevator in Palisades) and an Amplifier can be found in the maintenance room just outside the elevator. Keep moving between locations to stock up.

1. Rooftop Massacre
Atlantica Casino rooftop

With Super BFG in hand, start the mission and blast all of the zombies in front of you. Once the large groups are down, turn around and do the same at the other end of the roof. You should get this comfortably within the time limit.

2. Rumble in the Jungle
Yucatan Casino, on top of the central statue

Again, Super BFG’s in hand, just run around and take out the larger groups of zombies. The time limit is a bit tighter on this one but it shouldn’t cause too many headaches. The area you start in can sometimes be a bit light on zombies, so use an initial run to scout out the best locations to take out bigger groups.

3. Murder on the High Seas
Atlantica Casino, pirate ship

Same again - with your stock of Super BFG’s you should breeze through this. As with the previous challenge, scout out the biggest groups which should give you 10-15 kills per blast.

4. Rooftop Massacre Round 2
Safe House Roof

This can actually be pretty tough solo as you will need to fight off gas zombies, which will ignore your ninja outfit. Start facing the elevator and as soon as the clock starts ticking, throw a dynameat in to the crowd to net some easy kills. Turn around and head for the helipad - you should be able to aim down the gutters at the side and blast away with the Super BFG at the larger groups. This will likely take a few tries before you hit a solid rhythm.


Section 2 - Run to the Hills

Outfit: Sports Fan
Inventory: Super BFG (optional, to get zombies out of the way)
Books: None
Juices: Repulse x5

Tip: Sports Fan + Repulse will keep you moving fast but you may have more trouble from zombies near the end of challenges as Repulse wears off. You can also use the combo of Ninja outfit + Quickstep which will keep zombies off you, but you will lose the speed boost towards the end of challenges. Pop a quickstep with Sports Fan on to go super fast!

Another option is to use the heavy attack with the Moose Head (found on the information booth in the food court), which is a constant fast run that bash’s zombies out of the way - thanks I Am Judders

5. Balloon Man
Royal Flush Plaza, near Fortune Park exit

Run and jump up the stairs in front of you, go forward and veer right via the phone stall in middle, take a left at the triangular signboard and climb the red telephone booth at the wall up to the ledge. Go forward and jump to the next ledge, then immediately turn around and jump to the awnings behind you. Run along and make a jump to the balloon. If any zombies get in the way use jump-kick or a Super BFG to clear them.

6. Rule #1
Americana Casino, Arena Entrance

The route here is pretty straightforward, but it gets tricky towards the end due to the nature of the jumping and grabbing mechanism, which can be a bit glitchy at times. From the start head along the left escalator, then stick to the left and work around the zombies in to the restaurant. Head forwards and up the stairs. Now comes the tricky part. Vault the wall on your left and make a jump for the square lights hanging above the casino, you need to get across all the lights and on to the platform on the other side. Time can be tight here but don’t rush too much or you will fall and have to start again.

7. Scaffolding Shuffle
South Plaza, near the entrance to Arena

This one is tough. From the starting location look right to see a Maintenance car. Get in and move it next to the starting point. As soon as you start jump in the car and drive as far as you can before it breaks (having the driving book helps keep it alive, but isn’t necessary). Make your way to the scaffolding and start climbing. You need to start at the workbench, then climb up a level, turn left and jump another level and finally go forward for the third level. Move across the planks to finish. As with Rule #1 take your time otherwise you will fall and have to start again.

8. Fast Food
Slot Ranch Casino, near the entrance to the Royal Flush Plaza

Make a break across the casino floor towards the Food Court. Go across the escalators for a speed boost and go forward and to your right. Once you get to Lombardis, you will see some snack machines on the left of the entrance. Jump up on these, jump to the awnings on your right to get to the second floor. Now run all the way across and you will see the finish marker on the furthest awning.

9. Robot Race
Uranus Zone, near the entrance to South Plaza

From the start point, head forward and right slightly, around the Orbital Oscillator ride, behind it you will see a grey metallic hexagonal opening (to the right of the save point) - head through here, go up the stairs, past the carts and out the window. You should now be on a platform - head right and you will see the robots arm, leapfrog it to the finish. If you’re having trouble finding the opening, it appears on the map as “Coming Soon!”


Section 3 - Chug chug chug!

Outfit: Sports Fan
Inventory: See challenge guide
Books: None
Juices: None

Tip: the easiest place to find alcohol is at one of the bars in the casino. There is also an unlimited supply of vodka behind the bar in the food court steakhouse.

10. Thirst Quencher
Atlantica Casino, west side

Inventory: Alcohol x12

Scout the area first and map the layout so you know where the main rooms are! From where you start, chug everything in your inventory, then head around to the Poker room - you should find 8-9 drinks in here. Once you have found and chugged them all, head over to the magicians room (where you fight Roger & Reed) to find an additional 6-7. Run to the bar in the middle for the remainder of the drinks.


Section 4 - Electric Avenue

Outfit: Sports Fan
Inventory: Laser Eyes x4, Electric Crusher x2, Tesla Ball x2
Books: None
Juices: None

Tip: You can get a ready made Tesla Ball from the pawn shop by the Yucatan Casino.

11. Silver Strip Smackdown
Silver Strip, alleyway next to the Atlantica Casino

Once you start the challenge, throw the tesla ball above the zombies heads and chase after it - rinse and repeat 3 or 4 times until it runs out. If you aim for large groups, you will get 350pp per kill and the Tesla Ball should expire around the 30k mark. If you need more PP, use the Laser Eyes heavy attack to do a sweep of the remaining zombies.

12. Burn the Bodies!
Yucatan Casino

The high total for gold makes this seem harder than it is - Laser Eyes should ease the pain and make it manageable. Start the mission, stand by the bigger crowds and use the heavy attack to blast them away. You should get 10+ with each hit, and you’ll get 9-10 uses out of each mask.

13. Lightning Never Strikes Twice
Fortune Park, between the Atlantica Casino and Uranus Zone entrances

This can be tough, and time is definitely against you on this one, so be quick and know where the groups are (doa test run to get a feel for the bigger spawn points). Start by throwing the Tesla Ball and from the start, head right (facing the maintenance room) and get the two large groups next to the Hotel, from here, work in circles up towards Royal Flush and back around to the Atlantica. When the Tesla Ball runs out, use the heavy attack with the crusher for 10-15 kills per hit.


Section 5 - BOOM!

Outfit: Sports Fan
Inventory: Boomstick x8
Books: None
Juices: None

Using the heavy attack with the boomstick will earn you minimum of 2,500pp per kill with no books. For all of these challenges, just keep hitting zombies with the heavy attack and you will complete them with lots of time to spare.

14. Killing Floor
Silver Strip, alleyway next to the Atlantica Casino

15. Do Not Try This at Home
Fortune City Arena, Terror Togs

16. Pawned Prestige
Silver Strip, in the front of Moe's Maginations.


Section 6 - Easy Rider

Outfit: None
Inventory: Chainsaw
Books: Bikes
Juices: None

The chainsaw will be required on some challenges to make a Slicycle. A chainsaw spawn can be found at the Maintenance room next to Hot Excitorama on the strip. The Bikes magazine will make the bike and slicycle last 3x longer. You may want to make a slicycle for the “races” as well just to get a few more kills in and make sure you don’t take a random bump off of a zombie, which can happen occasionally.

17. Ijiek Motors Presents
Platinum Strip, bike platform outside arena

This is only made difficult by the terrible camera angle you are given when on the bike. Stick the left side and follow the steps and paths all the way up to the Yucatan. As long as you don’t take any bumps you should get this comfortably.

18. Tunnel Vision
Underground, Americana Casino Bay

Before starting the challenge, make sure your bike is facing to the left so that you can drive straight down beside the train cart - this will save precious seconds and will make sure you get the smoothest run. Start the mission and bomb it all the way around to the left - you should get there on about 37 seconds.

19. Extreme Off Road
Silver Strip, Shamrock Casino

This should be relatively simple due to the sheer amount of zombies that are around in this section of the map. You can go as far as the steps to Silver Strip one way, and up to the entrance of the Yucatan and across to the underground the other. Just plough through the big groups and you should be fine. Cutting across the Yucatan doors is a good idea even though they are outside the zone, just make sure you get back in the challenge area before the timer stops you!

20. Tunnel of Blood
Underground, center tunnels

This one can be tough depending on the zombie spawns. Start the challenge from the middle of the tunnels and work in a clockwise direction. There is no space limitation on this one, so use the whole underground tunnels at your leisure - from my experience there tends to be more zombies in the starting tunnels than there are in the outer tunnels, so focus on these first and work your way out. The only issue on this task is that zombies don’t tend to stand in large groups like they do outside, so you will need to weave to get as many as possible.


Section 7 - Come at me, bro!

Outfit Required: Anything but the Ninja outfit (it will negate the effects of Zombait)
Weapons Required: Firecrackers x10
Juices Required: Zombait x2

Tip: Firecrackers can normally be found behind the stage at the Slot Ranch casino or scattered around in the Uranus Zone shops.

21. Crowd Pleaser
Slot Ranch Casino, Stage

This seems daunting at first but it’s not too bad. Down a Zombait as soon as the challenge starts and then run around the steps and the slots in front of the stage to lure zombies to you. Once they get closer stand on the stage and throw a few firecrackers below you to draw them in further.

22. Party Hard
Fortune Park Grotto (where the central Maintenance Room is)

Once the challenge starts down a Zombait and head to either side of the path to start luring zombies by standing in front of them and slowly edging back towards the center. Once you have a good amount on one side, move back to the other side and repeat.

23. Killer Rides
Uranus Zone

First a bit of prep - find the Alien UFO ride and remove the barriers surrounding it (throw them quite far away). Now start the challenge, head over to the UFO ride and throw some firecrackers at the base to lure the zombies in. Once you are happy with how many you have, flick the switch to the right of the ride to activate it and watch the zombies fly! Repeat this 3-4 times and you should get an ample amount. Warning: Sometimes the zombies can glitch in to the ride a little bit and won’t be taken out by it - negate this by hitting the switch a bit quicker.


Section 8 - Everything Else

These are the last remaining challenges which are a bit more unique and don’t fit in to the other categories. The setup is listed below each challenge in this section.

24. Shutter Bug
Uranus Zone

Outfit: None
Inventory: Alien Probe x12
Books: None
Juices: None

Find the souvenir booth in the Uranus Zone which has the ‘Alien Probe’ toy in it and grab a full inventory from the unlimited supply. Drop them in a pile near the challenge start location and then go back for 12 more. Drop these in a separate pile. Now start the challenge and take a photo of each pile individually multiple times to beat the target score by a mile!
(Thanks to BOSSgrindle for the guide)

25. Mad About Hats
Royal Flush Plaza, on the giant craps table

Outfit: None
Inventory: Dinosaur Mask x12
Books: None
Juices: None

Look inside the door of the toy shop which is situated just next to the challenge and you should see a box of unlimited dinosaur masks. Grab a full inventory and start the challenge. Place all the masks on the zombies nearby and then run back and refill your inventory. Rinse, repeat. Do not stop once you hit the target number though as masks will fall off some zombies before the timer runs out.

26. Chop Suey
South Plaza

Outfit: None
Inventory: Plate Launcher x2
Books: None
Juices: None

Whilst you can’t carry two plate launchers in your inventory, you can drop one on the fountain which is around the halfway point of the challenge. This will serve as a backup if you run out of ammo!

When using the Plate Launcher, do not use the aim mode as for some reason it will take out less zombies than an unaimed shot. Find large groupings of zombies and let loose with a few plates on each one. The weapon is surprisingly effective at taking out big groups quickly! There is a large horde at the end of the challenge which you can’t run directly to, but you can take out from the edge of the mission area, so bear that it mind if you reach the end and still need some kills.

27. No Thanks, I’ll Stand...
Americana Casino

Outfit: None
Inventory: Parasol
Books: Domestic
Juices: None

Without the correct tool this is an 11 on the difficulty scale. There have been many different methods to do this over the years, but I feel that this one is the quickest and easiest with the least setup and hassle.

Grab a Parasol from fortune park and bring it into the Americana. Place it next to the start position, hit go and use the heavy attack to run around and destroy everything in your path. You can run parallel to each of the sets of slot machines to get 3-4 chairs per go, and make sure not to miss the roulette tables and the bar which have a ton of chairs around them.

** Alternate method from Donietsche - Simply run around with a blitzkrieg while shooting (accelerate with RT, fire with X), and devise an efficient route; be ready to switch to your assault rifles (or other weapon of choices) for the last few chairs; in my case, I ran out of bullets around 64-65 chairs, with enough seconds to hit the mark. **

28. One Armed Bandit
Slot Ranch Casino

Outfit: None
Inventory: Money Hacker x2
Books: None
Juices: None

As soon as the challenge starts, head for the various Cash Machines littered around the casino and use the Money Hacker on them. Once you have hacked those for 40k, start hacking the individual slot machines for 3k+ a go. 2 hackers should be enough to get the desired amount within the time limit.

** Alternate method from KenslerDK - Grab the 3 Gambling magazines. Right beside the challenge is the Giant Slot Machine, where you can bet 1000 and often win 100.000. Just start playing and chances are you'll win the big jackpot at least once inside the time limit. I got around 250.000, but you can get lucky (luckier) and win even more. **

29. Stiff Back
Palisades Mall, Grotto bar

Outfit: Sports Fan (if you are coming up short on time), Ninja (if you are getting attacked too much)
Inventory: Massager x12
Books: None
Juices: None

This will probably be the hardest challenge in the game for most people. I strongly suggest viewing the video guide and using it to get a rough idea of where all the massagers are located in the mall. Make sure you have 12 massagers in your inventory when you start the challenge, so that you get a headstart.

30. Double Trouble
Yucatan Casino, Shoal Nightclub

Outfit: None
Inventory: Laser Sword
Books: None
Juices: Pain Killer, Quickstep

As soon as you start drink the Pain Killer and Quickstep, then pick one of the two twins and stick with them for the entire challenge. You only need to kill one of them to complete, so don’t waste time with the other. You will get knocked down but Pain Killer will ensure you take little to no damage and Quickstep ensures you can catch back up with the designated twin. The Laser Sword seems to do the best amount of damage to them and quickly, so slice and dice with heavy attacks until they go down.
ClawColyerexcellent guide. I was in the process of writing my own guide for this but don't need to bother now because you've covered everything :)
Posted by ClawColyer on 25 Oct 11 at 11:38
Oldhamer 241Invauable guide - I was stuck on a few.

I found Repulse juice very useful - it makes the zombies ignore you so you never get grabbed. If you drink it before a challenge then it lasts about 45-50 seconds. Used in conjunction with the Sports Outfit (permanenty run at same speed as Quickstep) it made races very easy, and helpful for other challenges such as the final one.

The easiest way to make Repulse juice is going to the Food Court and combining Tacos/Chili (Rojo Diablo Mexican Restaurant) with BBQ Ribs/Chicken/Bacon (Wild West Grill House). gives the location of all the outfit parts.
Posted by Oldhamer 241 on 27 Oct 11 at 13:01
crewdyGood point. I never used a repulse, but I did think about it on a few. In theory Sports + Repulse works exactly the same as Ninja + Quickstep, except the speed is permanent. Then add another Quickstep to the Sports and you go super fast!
Posted by crewdy#4923 on 27 Oct 11 at 14:19
mutethewordlessGreat guide bro, i found an even easier solution to the 'shutter bug' challenge. If you have both the photography magazines, grab 4 or 5 fountain fireworks from the rocket stand and shove them in the zombies' faces and take pictures of them in a large group. each pic will be worth 1000+ and only takes a couple of seconds. Thanks again!
Posted by mutethewordless on 28 Oct 11 at 16:56
BOSSgrindleShutter Bug = Go to the Uranus Zone. Go to the kiosk near the whack a mole thing, grab dozens of Alien Probes since they infinitely spawn. Drop 'em and pick up more. Drop even more. Go start the challenge, return to the spot, and take a picture. If you have 50+ somehow, you should get gold on the first photo. No books required! Trust me, I tried this method and it works.

Lightning Never Strikes Twice = Lightning Gun. Combine the BFG with the Electric Prod and make sure you get at least 3+ of those since they have 30 shots each gun. Go start the challenge, use Quickstep if you want, and run and shoot. Don't do the aim thing, I think it only hits one of the zombies instead of a whole line of them. Go for the large crowds!

Mad About Hats (dunno if a better method was used but this is what I did) = Grab a Inventory Stack of masks, dump 'em on the giant craps table, make at least 4 to 6 trips. 10 or more if you want. Have Quickstep in your inventory for quicker masking. Start the challenge and run to the sides and plant a mask on a zombie. Be careful, if you plant a mask on a zombie near a masked zombie, you may knock the mask off of the other one. And don't try planting a mask on a masked zombie, it won't increase the count.

One Armed Bandit (here's what I did) = Bigass slot machine by the walkway to the food court. That's it. If there was a method like this posted already, I did not see that due to already having the challenge done with a gold level.
Posted by BOSSgrindle on 28 Oct 11 at 21:27
BOSSgrindleThere's a problem with the Stiff Back vid. It's for the PS3, which appears to have a difference to the first Slot Set where 3 massagers are SUPPOSED to be on. When I got there, following the video EXACTLY, there were no massagers so that threw me off and I eventually failed to get gold as usual. I don't know if there's a random factor built into that or what.
Posted by BOSSgrindle on 29 Oct 11 at 02:36
Robster80Infernal arms are also great for PP - 400 PP if you unlock the combo card.

And dude, I got at total of 9453 PP on shutter bug after several tries. got a brutality score of 8500 using your tactic.
Posted by Robster80 on 29 Oct 11 at 05:23
ultimatedraA suggestion for the "Gain PP" Challenges, even more so for killing floor, the Laser Gun (Lightning gun + Laser sword) was the best in my opinion. much better cooldown time between shots, you don't have to get physical with the zombies, and the locations for the parts are close together. It all centers on the elevator in Palisades Mall. Seriously, each one of these challenges i SMASHED without using all the ammo of a single gun.

Blast frequency gun = underground labs (4)
Electric prod = Hot Excitorama (3)
Flashlight = underground labs (2), Palisades Mall maintenance room (1)
Gems = Palisades Mall/Everything Diamond (8)

For all the "Kill XX Zombies" challenges (maybe not Extreme Off Road) - there are 5-6 queens in the underground labs. Queens will make all but round 2 easy.
Posted by ultimatedra on 29 Oct 11 at 14:21
neeker75"Tunnel of Blood" is NOT an easy gold. It's the hardest challenge by a mile for me, having to replay over 10 times to net it. There simply weren't even zombies in outer tunnels to get the kills. Eventually I tried clearing the inner tunnels, and that was where I got almost 60% of my kills from, before I ventured outside.

In contrast, smashing chairs and gathering massagers were a breeze if you follow the vids. The locations for some massagers, however, are random. They may not always spawn at some spots.

For "Shutter Bug", simply grab 24 anal probes (souvenir store at UZ has an unlimited supply) and dropped them onto the ground into two piles of 12 near the challenge. Start the challenge, zoom in on one pile and take a picture, and it should net you well over 5,000pp, even WITHOUT any photography/ erotic magazines. Take the other pile of 12 if it doesn't. For co-op, take photos of the two piles alternatively. My friend and I blew through this with this method, getting 11,000pp within a few seconds into the challenge, with any magazines equipped.
Posted by neeker75 on 31 Oct 11 at 00:36
crewdyThanks for the suggestions everyone - I will incorporate some of the of them in to the guide - as for certain ones being easier than in the guide, it's all about spawns and how good you are with the weapons you need I guess. I have put them down as to how difficult I think they will be for others, but bear in mind that certain people find different things harder.

I actually cleared the massager and the chair ones with 20+ seconds left, but I know that a lot of people are having problems with them - which I why I suggested watching the videos really.
Posted by crewdy#4923 on 31 Oct 11 at 08:56
bblcreator8790For 'Stiff Back' I actually wouldn't recommend going to far away from the drop zone, as there are more than enough massagers within a reasonable distance that you don't have to run that far away. It's more time efficient to grab them as you see them and then head back when your inventory is full. I recommend dropping off the first group of 12 that you find (after the initial group you have at the start), then grab a few on the lower floor of the grotto, 4-5 and then drop them off and go out to grab one last group of 12 for the gold. You don't have to waste as much time dropping them off if you do it this way since it counts them even if they're just in your inventory and you're in the drop off zone.
Posted by bblcreator8790 on 01 Nov 11 at 01:49
KenslerDKSilver Strip Smackdown - Alternate method:
Make Wingmen in Rojo Diablo Mexican Restaurant in the Food Court. You can make at least 2 Nectars every time you visit the area (so make two, run out the door to another area and run back, all items will have respawned). Right beside the blender are 2 apples and 2 tacos (mix taco+taco and apple+apple for 2 nectars)

Drink 1 Nectar; This should spawn a Queen. Grab Queen and combine with the other Nectar in the nearby Maintenance Room.

I had 3 Wingmen and 1 Boomstick (shotgun+pitchfork, both easily found in Yucatan Casino. Shotgun behind the counter of the Shoal Nightclub and Pichfork on the floor of the tiger's cage).

Start challenge, run out into the street where all the zombies roam, use all three Wingmen jars and start heavy attacking zombies with the Boomstick. Every Boomstick kill is 2500 PP and every Wingman kill is 500. Each Wingman can kill 20 zombies before dying/going away, so each Wingman can net you a maximum of 10.000 PP (although there won't be enough time for them to attack all zombies - that's why you help your score along with the Boomstick. I easily got over 40.000 PP this way.
Posted by KenslerDK on 04 Dec 11 at 21:13
KenslerDKOne Armed Bandit - Alternate method:
I had the two Gambling magazines (one found on the top level of the pool area in Palisades Mall near the water slide and the other on the second floor of Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack in the Americana Casino) and started up the challenge.

Right beside the challenge is the Giant Slot Machine, where you can bet 1000 and often win 100.000. Just start playing and chances are you'll win the big jackpot at least once inside the time limit. I got around 250.000, but you can get lucky (luckier) and win even more... anyway, far more than needed for gold.
Posted by KenslerDK on 04 Dec 11 at 21:20
KenslerDKBalloon Man - improvement:
I had one hell of a time with this and restarted many times, since your whole route is FILLED with zombies. It's near impossible to push past them, and it's way too slow to roll more than a few times. The awnings are chock-full of the bastards, so it's also incredible hard to jump up to the balloon.

I remedied by bringing a Super BFG to clear the way - one blast up the starting stairs, one blast along the stretch to the phone booth, one blast on each platform. Ninja Suit + Quickstep is still needed.
Posted by KenslerDK on 04 Dec 11 at 21:24
Dynasty HeroesNo thanks i'll stand..... -

On the location you said go to "Atlantica" however the challenge location is in Americana, so i would correct this
Posted by Dynasty Heroes on 11 Jan 12 at 05:03
Daradarkathat double truble is bull shit man its well hard they take one hit at you there run away man like what the fuck ?
Posted by Daradarka on 13 Jan 12 at 13:10
Daradarkanever mind did it with 7 seconds to spare thumbs up from me
Posted by Daradarka on 13 Jan 12 at 13:35
SPARTANKING8675balloon man link broken
Posted by SPARTANKING8675 on 03 Apr 12 at 20:09
DNGRDOOM64For Tunnel of Blood, right after you load in and look to your right there will be a couple of wooden crates. Climb up and get the Bikes Magazine, it will let your bike last for the whole event.
Posted by DNGRDOOM64 on 21 May 12 at 07:30
I Am JuddersI found for Rule #1 using the moose head was alot easier than quickstep.
Posted by I Am Judders on 01 Jun 12 at 11:32
I am JamesErrr where do you find the BFG?
Posted by I am James on 10 Jul 12 at 13:05
Nivosus MonarchBrilliant Guide, this made getting this achievement much easier for me. Thanks.
Posted by Nivosus Monarch on 18 Jul 12 at 09:00
BrutalGuitarGreat guide. I would add one thing though. For the Party Hard challenge, the use of Zombait worked great. But you may want to make note that if you wear the ninja outfit, it completely cancels out the effects of the Zombait. I found out the hard way and had to change my outfit to something else and then the Zombait strategy worked perfectly.
Posted by BrutalGuitar on 12 Jun 13 at 12:53
Citizen SnickeyReally helpful stuff, thanks for this.
Posted by Citizen Snickey on 09 Sep 13 at 15:19
BiggRiggHow do you make zombait? Please, anyone?
Posted by BiggRigg on 11 Oct 13 at 22:54
princitZombait = combine 2 jellybeans (easy place for this is the Food Court). Or take a look at this amazing guide -
By the way, this guide is really awesome!! Thank you a lot, I've been using it and I hope to finish this achievement soon =D
Posted by princit on 27 Oct 13 at 11:52
Seriously. Why doesn't anyone put these in an order that's easiest to complete instead of just using the game's order? Why the hell do I want to go from needing Super BFG to Quicksteps, to magazines, to Boomstick, then back to SuperBFG!? What's so hard about saying "make like 6 Super BFGs and do these...." and "Load up on Quickstep for these..." etc? Group the shit together so it's faster to complete instead of us wasting time figuring out what order to do them in.
Posted on 09 Apr 14 at 15:10
Prof DroidPantsIt's an excellent guide that helped me pop the achievement. In regards to the post above, why don't you submit a post of your own and show us how to save a few minutes of game time? I hardly doubt a different order would make any significance in a game where you have to grind out 100,000 zombie kills.
Posted by Prof DroidPants on 23 Apr 14 at 13:20
OnTheSeshhLadtip! check the pawn shop flamethrowers already made in silver strip good for Burn the Bodies
Posted by OnTheSeshhLad on 18 Feb 16 at 20:13
varkylfusGood guide. Helped greatly.

Is there a co-op leader board?
Posted by varkylfus on 01 Sep 16 at 20:32
Lyco499Just a heads up that the majority of your videos have been removed/deleted. All but 3.
Posted by Lyco499 on 15 Oct 17 at 15:34
Donietschefor "no thanks I'll stand", if the "mainstream" methods don't work for you, I'd strongly suggest trying with a blitzkrieg. Pack a few assault rifles, for when you'll run out of bullets.

Blitzkrieg=electric (wheel)chair+merc assault rifle. There's a wheelchair inside the americana casino, the merc rifle can be found in the atlantic casino (in the office/security outpost), and the battery is in the middle of fortune park. Combine the wheelchair with the battery first, then combine the resulting weapon with the merc assault rifle (normal assault rifles WON'T do).

Simply run around with the blitzkrieg while shooting (accelerate with RT, fire with x), and devise an efficient route; be ready to switch to your assault rifles (or other weapon of choices) for the last few chairs; in my case, I ran out of bullets around 64-65 chairs, with enough seconds to hit the mark.
Posted by Donietsche on 31 Aug 18 at 12:26
Thrawn526There doesn't seem to be any firecrackers behind the Slot Ranch Casino stage, at least not with One Hit Wonder isn't running which obviously doesn't happen in Sandbox mode. An alternate spot for firecrackers is just outside on the strip though at the Rocket's Red Glare stand where there seems to be an infinite number of them.
Posted by Thrawn526 on 04 Jan 19 at 21:56