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Reach the VIP without setting off the alarm in Exfiltration

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25 Oct 2011 12 Apr 2012
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This is completed in the co-op mission Exfiltration

This can be completed on any difficulty so for the purpose of the achievement run through it on Easy.

Thanks to blackstockc for being my wingman.

Teamwork and communication is crucial, you need to execute targets at the same time or alarms are raised instantly and you'll need to restart. That said the achievement doesn't require you to complete the entire mission, only make it to the VIP room which is fairly close to the start.

First room will have two enemies in front of a tv, coordinate a countdown to fire together and take them out. Progress through the room, down the hall and stairs to your next two targets and same as before execute together, headshots work best.

Creep around the corner slowly and you'll run into your first CCTV camera through the doorway, a well placed bullet will dispose of the issue. The next two corners will have CCTV cameras as well.

Progress silently through the hallway and you'll encounter an enemy in a doorway, sneak up and knife him to put him down silently.

These next two encounters are the only ones that are sort of tricky. Creep up the stairs and have one player execute the guard while the other player simultaneously takes out the camera.

Up the next flight there will be two guards and a camera. One player targets the camera while the other lines up the guards head in the background. Simultaneously take them out and IMMEDIATELY converge fire together on the guard in the foreground. To help your chances when lining up your shot on the background enemy try for a through and through shot from foreground's torso to background's head.

** A couple people have mentioned in the comments they're encountering two enemies in the hall outside the VIP room after the stairwell which need to be handled covertly as well. I personally didn't have these additional two in my runs but BE AWARE they could spawn for you and need to eliminated silently before proceeding.

If you've managed it to here without setting any alarms off the achievement is yours in the next hallway when you approach the VIP room. Have fun going loud from here on, the two enemies inside the room are of no consequence to the achievement.
pyr0lyZerGood guide for this achievement. One suggestion I have to make it great follows below.

Me and a buddy were following this to the letter. After we finished off the last camera and taking out the 2 enemies simultaneously (good tip to go thru torso and headshot 2nd guy, by the way), we simply rushed to the VIP room around the corner....only to be ambushed by two guys still standing in the hall!

So we simply repeated and paid attention to the last two enemies outside the door. We just didn't expect them to be there. Anyway, I would add this fact to your solution to pay attention to those last 2 enemies outside the VIP door, checking the corner before that. Do that and it would be perfect! Thumbs up, nevertheless.
Posted by pyr0lyZer on 14 Jan 12 at 19:09
vSullyYeah, the two guys outside the VIP room caught me off guard and you didn't mention them in the guide. They MUST be killed without causing detection to get the achievement.
Posted by vSully on 11 Apr 12 at 22:56
yollom69Hmmm. Not sure about the bit about the 2 guards with the camera. I got this by lining up a single shot taking out BOTH the camera and the guard whilst my wingman took out the other one. It maybe doable the way you describe but I would suggest the double kill single shot is better as it's less risky. You need to perfect this type of shot for the Bullseye achievement as well if you're going for 100%
Posted by yollom69 on 23 May 12 at 23:17