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Level 10

Reach level 10.

Level 100
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27 Oct 2011
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You need 27,125 experience to get to level 10. This should come very easily and quickly. Just playing through the campaign will get you most of the way there. King of the hill is usually the fastest way to get exp. There is a good experience calculator here:
Solario32Thank you for the calculator link.
Posted by Solario32 on 06 Nov 11 at 19:23
DavehxI just got this today, first time I have played the game. I joined a game with a friend who was at level 17 and it gave me this and level 5 straight away. It actually put me on level 11. After one wave of Horde (the only thing I've played so far) his level jumped to 20. Either the achievement is glitchy or they have added something to boost new players as the game is quite old.

It actually says I have entered 29 "Gears events" too, I have no idea what a Gears event is!
Posted by Davehx on 30 Aug 13 at 23:50
XBSAAJust like me.
It's buggy for me too.
Level 5 and 10 Achievements are unlocked for right after I'm started the campaign.
Posted by XBSAA on 25 Aug 16 at 18:20
Wyyvern^ same as last two. Launch campaign, level 11 immediately, two achievements.
Posted by Wyyvern on 07 Jul 17 at 11:39