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Alpha Vs. Omega

Have Denyce attack and damage Sgt Boykin.

Alpha Vs. Omega0
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The strategies already posted are generally the right idea and will work for you. The thing I would change is the decision of stashing Denyce in the Royal Flush Plaza. I prefer shutting her in the Maintenance Room across from the rest room outside in the middle of the Strip. Although it just seems you are trading the bulk of her damage from up front for after the TK fight, I found she takes overall less damage as opposed to how long getting to, and taking out TK seems to give her.

Putting her in there also gives you plenty of flexibility to get rid of the snipers who can be a nightmare. She takes BIG damage from them and they seem to love shooting at her. Going up to the rooftops does her very little harm as long as you handle business in a reasonable time. Good luck!