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The War of the Worlds achievements

The War of the Worlds

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There are 12 The War of the Worlds achievements worth 1,222 (200)

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Old School in The War of the Worlds

Old School318 (40)

Complete the game without dying once

  • Unlocked by 6 tracked gamers (2% - TA Ratio = 7.94) 379  
322,175 (187,705)
Achievement not yet won
TA Score for this game: 40
Posted on 01 November 11 at 02:33, Edited on 01 November 11 at 02:34
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This isn't so much of a solution as it is a warning.

This achievement is going to be very hard for anybody trying to get it. Getting through a single level untouched is an achievement in and of itself but to go through an entire game without dying is absurd. You have the ability (if you can call it that) to take just one hit and then you die. You'd have to memorize every single detail throughout the game to get this achievement. Everything you do in this game to try and get this achievemnt must be prethought out.

I don't believe anyone will be able to get this achievement unless they hack/glitch/cheat, and if it has happened, proof would be much obliged.
TsubakiCalamity I am assuming that you can use a level restart option (though it doesn't work for "I Am Aurthur Clark" achievement) to reset your death count to 0 if you haven't died from the early levels in the game. I have yet to try things out until I have clarify this method. Thumbs up for putting up a warning. I'll be trying to get this achievement someday whenever I have time.
Posted by TsubakiCalamity on 01 Nov 11 at 22:22
IGutlessIWonder Thank you. Good luck with your method and whatnot, though, just to point out it isn't easy as I'm sure you've assumed. May frustration and madness be not with you.
Posted by IGutlessIWonder on 02 Nov 11 at 02:54
crooked444 You say that you have to memorize every detail but there in lies the truely maddening part of the game. It changes up things. When your trying not to get electrecuted by the dangling cords, for example, its random. 1 time you wait and make it (just to die soon after by something equally stupid), the next time you do the same thing and you die instantly. This achievement is gonna be hard. "I Am Arthur Clark"...impossible pure and simple
Posted by crooked444 on 06 Nov 11 at 06:03
IGutlessIWonder Yea, those little idiosyncrisies (sp) come up often often and are easily missable. There are plenty of timed obstructions to get around, like waiting for a big michine to get done shooting its heat ray so you can run or scooping through a large, electrical metal circle at the right moment so you don't get zapped.

@crokked444 I know which part you're talking about, I think it's when you're in some apartment complex of some sort with a bunch of black smoke surrounding you, though, later on in the level. I'm on the level after it and it is ridiculous trying to get through these red vines that are everywhere, and when you finally do make it through, timing is everything to make it from one platform to another while jumping and moving as fast as you can.
Posted by IGutlessIWonder on 07 Nov 11 at 00:58
Shimao I completed the game twice with die and restart a level. But this achievements has not unlocked.
Posted by Shimao on 13 Nov 11 at 14:04
IGutlessIWonder @Shimao ... The developers must have picked up on it then.
Posted by IGutlessIWonder on 13 Nov 11 at 19:39
R3NEG4D3 you did complete the game without dying, but you used level restart when you did die?
Posted by R3NEG4D3 on 14 Nov 11 at 23:58
Shimao @R3NEG4D3 ... Sry for my poor sentence. Yes, I did twice. So, I think it's not allowed to use a level restart for this and "I Am Arthur Clark" achievements.
Posted by Shimao on 15 Nov 11 at 09:25
R3NEG4D3 Alright, I can be the second to confirm that restart level WILL NOT give you the achievement. I actually left my xbox on until I beat every level without dying, but when I did die, I used level restart. Finally beat the game using this method without exiting the game and no achievement. This achievement and "I Am Arthur Clark" are going to have to be done without dying once and NOT using the level restart option.
Posted by R3NEG4D3 on 16 Nov 11 at 19:35
IGutlessIWonder That sounds no bueno
Posted by IGutlessIWonder on 20 Nov 11 at 03:52
Pynnokyr I have an idea for anyone willing to try it such as renegade or shimao this idea obviously won't work for the without dying in one playthrough but here's a thought for this achievement. beat a level don't die obviously. from there
save exit then create a backup of your save from there if you die replace the save data with the backed up data . personally i doubt even with this method id be able to do it otherwise id try. assuming someone r
eads this and tries this method please
Posted by Pynnokyr on 29 Nov 11 at 14:12
Pynnokyr Send me a message and let me know how it goes. sorry for the double post my phone didn't want to cooperate
Posted by Pynnokyr on 29 Nov 11 at 14:13
IGutlessIWonder I suppose that could work. I don't want to go through all of that though. It's like those people who are host in a COD game and then they dashboard, pissing everybody off, just so their k/d and w/l ratio appear higher. I like to have a high k/d as well but I'm not going to go straight to the dashboard and then start to run the game up again, it's really sad.
Posted by IGutlessIWonder on 30 Nov 11 at 03:22
R3NEG4D3 @pynnokyr
You're method could possibly work, but if it did you would only be granted 1 achievement. I would probably test the method if I could unlock both achievments, but like GutlessWonder said, "I don't want to go through all of that though".
Posted by R3NEG4D3 on 05 Dec 11 at 01:04
Pynnokyr Yea i know that only one would unlock but its still an achievement to be proud of
Posted by Pynnokyr on 06 Dec 11 at 09:59
Dropkick Hope86 How long is this game compared to Limbo ?
Posted by Dropkick Hope86 on 04 Mar 12 at 14:04
IGutlessIWonder It's longer in the sense that it's harder and takes more patience to get past certain levels. TBH, I didn't finish, if you can help yourself, don't buy this game.
Posted by IGutlessIWonder on 04 Mar 12 at 19:36
gamerboyTHXtss Besides this game, is there any other game in the world that no one has unlocked an achievement like this one?
Posted by gamerboyTHXtss on 14 Jun 12 at 19:29
LG sk no :)
Posted by LG sk on 02 Jul 12 at 21:26
Q u 4 lK e Yes - Bass Pro Shops: The Hunt, Scene It? BL! BS! (CA Ver), YooStar 2: In The Movies, UFC Personal Trainer, Champion Jockey G1 Jockey & Gallop Racer, Minute to Win It, Grease Dance, Twister Mania, The Black Eyed Peas Experience....there's probably more.
Posted by Q u 4 lK e on 08 Jul 12 at 18:32
TomGranzZz Fun Fact-The people who made this game are Other Ocean Interactive.The same people who made South Park:Tenorman's Revenge.The South Park game also has an achievement for not dieing.Strange right?
Posted by TomGranzZz on 17 Jul 12 at 05:10
IGutlessIWonder F*cked if I know, I don't think I played this game since the day after I made this solution, it's pretty bad.
Posted by IGutlessIWonder on 20 Jul 12 at 18:30
Leeono It just takes a lot of practice on each level. After playing every level countless times I can say there is a set pattern if you follow the same routine.
Posted by Leeono on 12 Sep 12 at 10:08
BUM COMMANDO If anyone could id love to see videos of levels being done without dying. I cannot fathom this and I'd like to see what route was taken/timing/parts that require luck.
Posted by BUM COMMANDO on 13 Oct 12 at 04:42
IGutlessIWonder Yes, we all know, it's whack.
Posted by IGutlessIWonder on 13 Oct 12 at 18:47
bobby trippe Oh man! Thank you for the big heads up. I would give this a thumbs up but, I test-played on a dummy account. I really though you guys were over-exaggerating how difficult this was going to be but you are right on. Being an older gamer I am used to having to play a game with no continues, limited lives, etc but this is terrible. I do not think that I am going to try this one.

Just a thought, did anyone try a dashboard reset immediately after dying? Worked for Rise of Nightmares.
Posted by bobby trippe on 09 Jan 13 at 06:48
Leeono Yes the dashboard trick is the way to go. It's just a pain doing it for each level but with patience you will get there. I'm still struggling with I am Arthur Clarke achievement. Apparently two gamers have unlocked it offline, one a matter of days after starting......hhmmmmm....
Posted by Leeono on 09 Jan 13 at 10:39
Crimson Ridley The current gamer with the 200 in this game appears to complete all of the harder games in just a few days. Either he's amazingly good, or just a very clever hacker.
Posted by Crimson Ridley on 23 Jan 13 at 11:00
IGutlessIWonder Hacking, cheating, glitching or otherwise is something I condone when playing games, takes the fun right out of it.
Posted by IGutlessIWonder on 24 Jan 13 at 04:40
sepulturas666 @ Callum x360a - it's a guy from Japan, so not surprising at all.
He is on top 10 in the leaderboards for some games and his scores looks achievable.
Posted by sepulturas666 on 25 Jan 13 at 08:50
bobby trippe Ummmm......Leeono? Would you mind elaborating on your dashboard solution. I and I am sure 246 others would be very interested in knowing how that works. I tried it with no success. Did you hit dashboard immediately after dying? Only once per level? Did you quit to dashboard or did you quit from the game's menu? Power off?

Also, one of the 2 great Arthur winners has either left the site or was removed? His score did seem a little suspicious. The current winner, I believe, is simply a great gamer.

BTW, I am going for this too. I have made it to the smoke level without dying. I am confident I can do this entire game. I find that the game is not the challenge rather it is me and my own weaknesses; impatience and carelessness.
Posted by bobby trippe on 25 Jan 13 at 23:26
IGutlessIWonder I see where you're coming from bobby trippe. Being impatient is a huge mistake when it comes to these games and platformers alike. For example, it's tough for me to play a game like Mega Man. To try and find a way to pass an area without getting hit by enemies and/or falling down a hole or onto/into a spike which results in instant death and forced to start from a checkpoint, or the beginning of a level, more frustrated than before.
Posted by IGutlessIWonder on 26 Jan 13 at 00:15
Leeono Correct. To be safe I hit the power button on my slim as soon as I died so the game didn't have chance to auto save and record the death. It means restarting the system after every death. It took several days trying a few levels a day to avoid frustration. It's just really annoying knowing I can do every level without dying but just can't seem to do it in one run. Lol
Posted by Leeono on 26 Jan 13 at 10:31
TsubakiCalamity I have earned this achievement today and the I save a lot of time by using the sign out & in method, making it much easier than just dash-boarding it. This will work only for 'Old School' achievement. The method I'm using works as long as I did not died in a first place. If that happens, I quickly press the guide button, press 'X' to sign out, click 'Yes', press 'A' to return to title screen, sign in, and reload the save data from one of the save storage I last use (the one game file I have w/ no deaths before). If you have a back-up devices and/or cloud storage, I recommend you back it up your file, as it will be a pain without the help of practicing the certain levels.
Posted by TsubakiCalamity on 26 Jan 13 at 21:02
bobby trippe Thanks everyone, this is super helpful. I also tried just the dashboard but perhaps I was a little slow a few times and it saved, but I will try again.
Posted by bobby trippe on 27 Jan 13 at 08:02
R3NEG4D3 @Bobby trippe - After all of my attempts I think I feel comfortable saying you were not quick enough on exiting the game with whatever method you were using. I think that is why Leeono cut his power off to his box. I just made sure to quickly pause the game the moment I died and dashboard. It sucks the game doesn't have a death-count because there is no way of telling if the game picked up the death or not. If I remember correctly the achievement should pop when the end cut-scene is playing out.
Posted by R3NEG4D3 on 28 Jan 13 at 17:40