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Console Compliancy

Public Match: Capture and defend the most consoles in one match of GoldenEye mode.

Console Compliancy+1.1
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02 Nov 2011
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This achievement really isn't that bad. Start up a match on the game mode "Goldeneye". Now if you've ever played Call of Duty, the Goldeneye mode is similar to Domination, only to get a point you must go right up to it and hold X to hack it. What I did to get this achievement was run and get the closest point, and than ran for the middle point. After I hacked both, I hide near the middle point and waited for the other team get it. Once they had hacked the point I would kill them than re-hack the point myself.

I'm pretty sure that I tied someone and still go the achievement.
GatorFistIs it just having the highest objective score or what?
Posted by GatorFist on 21 Jan 12 at 23:45