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Sonic Generations

Race through a regular stage as Super Sonic.

2 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.
02 Nov 2011 04 Nov 2011
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To get this achievement, You have to Clear a regular stage as Super Sonic.

To do this you MUST first complete the game once. Then after completing it, you'll unlock Super Sonic as a skill for Classic sonic and for Modern Sonic. Simply head to the skill shop and equip it (skill points req.100) and head to green hill zone(or your favorite I did it on green hill) Gather 50 rings and the option to press the Y button and turn super sonic will appear. BUT you have to finish the level as Super Sonic. When you Super Sonic your rings reduce and as super sonic(modern) if you choose to boost your Rings reduce faster.. So to insure you do this I would wait till just about the end of the level to go Super Sonic.

Thanks to redjarman for pointing out that Modern Sonics rings reduce faster, and thanks to HarrySon9 for clearing up that you don't have to buy it.
redjarmanAlso should add that if they want to do this as Modern Sonic, his rings drain faster when you boost. Otherwise it's pretty much the same
Posted by redjarman on 03 Nov 11 at 20:51
HarrySon9You don't have to buy the skill when you beat the game it gives it to you, the thing you bought was the time stop
Posted by HarrySon9 on 04 Nov 11 at 00:01
FreezeDownSorry guys didn't know, also didn't even know you could do it with Modern I'll fix it now thanks.
Posted by FreezeDown on 04 Nov 11 at 00:07
HarrySon9Woop woop, thanks for the recognition! Glad to help!
Posted by HarrySon9 on 04 Nov 11 at 03:55
FreezeDownYep thanks for the tip. ^_^
Posted by FreezeDown on 04 Nov 11 at 07:48
Posted by redjarman on 07 Nov 11 at 16:58
MetalManZgot it before I defeated the last boss by collecting all 7 u get super sonic regardless but thanks for the tip about modern sonics rings :)
Posted by MetalManZ on 02 May 14 at 13:24