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Restore the PLANET WISP Stage Gate.

PLANET WISP Restored!0
2 guidesOffline Game Mode - These achievements require play in game modes that do not necessitate a connection to any online services.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These achievements are gained automatically by progressing through the main game modes.
03 Nov 2011 14 Jan 2013
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Restored the PLANET WISP Stage Gate.

Story related, can't be missed. This will unlock after you finish both Acts 1 and 2 of Planet Wisp. You will also set Charmy free.

WARNING: Many of the achievements are glitched in Sonic Generations. If it doesn't pop for you when it should, you may have to get it again on a new save file on a new save device like a flash drive or something. This is the only way I've heard of. And don't complain about it here, I had it happen to me with the achievement for collecting EVERYTHING.
Vash GryphonCompleted the game, however this achievement hasn't popped for me yet. Me no understandy!
Posted by Vash Gryphon on 06 Nov 11 at 00:09
redjarmanYeah, I've read from quite a few people that had many achievements not pop for them. The only solution I've seen so far is to make a new save file on a different storage device (like a flash drive) and play through that part again.
Posted by redjarman on 06 Nov 11 at 03:03
Vash Gryphondamn, oh well more of an excuse to play it. (also loving that classic robotnik avatar dude :D)
Posted by Vash Gryphon on 06 Nov 11 at 13:04
redjarmanyep, its the avatar awards for this game. Beat all the rivals and bosses and final boss on hard mode. actually isnt too much different
Posted by redjarman on 07 Nov 11 at 05:25
BOSSgrindleWait what, I gotta do the story ALL OVER again just for this one achievement? o.O Meh, I can do that later.
Posted by BOSSgrindle on 26 Dec 11 at 08:00
SpeciallyTDerpStory related, CAN be missed.
Damn bug ¬¬
Posted by SpeciallyTDerp on 09 Feb 12 at 00:21
onlyonevinceSame issue with me didnt pop, going to create new file and keep you updated if it works.
Posted by onlyonevince on 18 Mar 12 at 02:57
boldfoxrdYep, I've just missed this achievement too :( Shame as Planet Wisp was the best one since Sky Sanctuary Zone to me. Ah well.
Posted by boldfoxrd on 22 Apr 13 at 21:47
KBop a dooJust wanted to confirm this achievement is still glitched in 2015, didn't pop for me last night.

Of course it had to be the very last stage...
Posted by KBop a doo on 28 Jul 15 at 19:17
redjarmanDon't feel bad man. I got the glitch on the achievement for getting all the collectibles.
Still don't have the patience to do it all again..
Posted by redjarman on 28 Jul 15 at 20:52