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Lengthy Word

Place 5+ tiles in one go to create a 9 letter word. Scrabble is only available in NA & English.

Lengthy Word0
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08 Aug 2009 08 Aug 2009
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I used the website --- i kept discarding tiles until i had the letters "ers", which is a word. i placed them vertically on the board, then type all 10 letters (the 3 on the board and the 7 in your hand) into the website and hope a 9 letter word came up. if not, build small words off the side of the vertical "ers" and keep trying to get it. i got this on the first try using this technique. it also is good if your lucky enough to get a blank tile, which will definetely help.
it only lets you discard 3 times
Posted on 22 Sep 09 at 22:27
cwing302right, sorry, if you don't get "ers" after the first 3 discards then start over
Posted by cwing302 on 23 Sep 09 at 01:20
Thickly SettledTook a while but i got it, thanks.
Posted by Thickly Settled on 31 Jul 10 at 01:10
ch1cag0stevemuch faster doing it RitzOmega method...5 minutes tops
Posted by ch1cag0steve on 14 Apr 12 at 21:32
A 0 UB3RLOZ3R9 letter words come up but i cant use them because ers is not in the order
Posted by A 0 UB3RLOZ3R on 23 Sep 12 at 14:32