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Driven in excess of 1000 miles

Drive a total of 1000 miles in career mode.

Driven in excess of 1000 miles+0.1
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04 Nov 2011 15 Jul 2012
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One method i used was to change the accelrate and reverse controls to the thumbstick so you can setup rubber band and get easy miles by just reversing from the starting point until it spawns again to the start line. This method proved to be quite reliable for me and useful if you want to get this achievement without playing, provided you can keep your controller from disconnecting.
You get about 1mile per minute on Windy Point hill climb in tier 1 with EVO IX using this method.
And make sure to finish the race as well.
DaShAgHmmm I don't think I got this.

So what you are saying is that when you just put your car into reverse at the start, it will auto spawn itself so you can reverse again over and over ? If so, this might be a very useful solution.
Posted by DaShAg on 08 Nov 11 at 09:28
ViperX700Yes it does, and apparently the distance the car is moved is also counted as well towards the odometer.
Posted by ViperX700 on 09 Nov 11 at 17:36
JOHNNYKATWorked great. Nice find Viper. I have been sitting on this game for years only needing this stupid cheevo. Never wanted to bother until I saw this. Finished off all my mystery miles in about 2 hours. If you don't feel like changing your controls you can just tape down the left trigger. Also I would turn off the vibration on your controller before you start.
Posted by JOHNNYKAT on 22 Jan 12 at 17:17
PoprinNot sure were the negative vote is coming from here, this is by far the easiest solution to this needless achievement! I completed the game twice quite some time ago and just had this one to do. I've tried the other solutions but got nowhere, so this game has been sitting on my shelf gathering dust. I spotted this solution and boom! Put it on before I went to bed and woke up with achievement! Excellent solution thanks!
Posted by Poprin on 07 Apr 12 at 11:16
Watty8883Just one thing to add : MAKE SURE YOU FINISH THE RACE !.i backed out of the race after boosting for 4 hours and saw it saving but once back to the menu no miles had been accumalated.I did another 4 hour run and went back and finished and lo and behold 245 miles had been added.Otherwise top solution.
Posted by Watty8883 on 22 Apr 12 at 06:40
PE0014Perfect solution! Thanks...
Posted by PE0014 on 09 Jul 12 at 23:13
Stoogiemeisterthanks heaps
Posted by Stoogiemeister on 11 Sep 12 at 16:32
LitaOsirisThis guide was perfect for me because the last thing I wanted to do was to have to play more after completing everything else. It took about 8ish hours but I did that when I wasn't going to be online and actively playing. Thankies!
Posted by LitaOsiris on 14 Sep 12 at 23:39
Sashimi X13I did this to get the last 170 miles done. Stats show that distance traveled is 1006.12 miles and no achievement. Any ideas? It may be a little glitchy.
Posted by Sashimi X13 on 17 Sep 12 at 01:02
HellCreeper666good one =)
Posted by HellCreeper666 on 25 Sep 12 at 23:45
BonxyIts not glitchy.

The miles are all the miles you have done in the game including championships.

The achievement is only for career miles.

Some people have seen it unlock at 1,700 miles before.
Posted by Bonxy on 04 Oct 12 at 19:05
WiznyattYeah, this game is glitchy. I was over 1000 miles but it did not unlock the first time I played this game in like 2007. I have since lost my game saves in a tragic accident but this guide will make the 1000 miles achievement so much less painful. Does this need to be done in any specific game mode? Since I am starting over with a new save file I have only 4 cars unlocked and none of the championships completed. Hopefully I can just do it in "Rally World" single race and it will count. Any confirmation will be appreciated though.
Posted by Wiznyatt on 10 Oct 12 at 00:06
craigla10Wiznyatt as stated in the description this has got to be done in carreer dude
Posted by craigla10 on 16 Jan 13 at 01:23
Team BretherGreat solution. Had 800 miles done legit when I got burgled in Nov 2007 so obviously I lost my save. Couldn't bring myself to start again but tried this and got it done leaving it running whilst I slept for 2 nights. Finally have the 1k over 5 years later, cheers :D
Posted by Team Brether on 11 Mar 13 at 10:49
LowKlass101Worked like a charm. It just took 8+ hours to do the 500 miles i needed
Posted by LowKlass101 on 21 Apr 13 at 00:05
Eric FiltroGreat solution. And you're right. You get some extra mileage for the distance the car is moved back to the starting line. And it's not glitchy. The miles you see in the stats are total miles. These have to be 1000 Career miles, Championship miles don't count.
Posted by Eric Filtro on 24 May 14 at 18:28
CoPeLiToPerfect !!! thanks, I finally complete this game with your tips clap
1000G ;)

Posted by CoPeLiTo on 13 Jul 16 at 02:18
DCFCFantastic solution! 1000g finally!

On my stats my overall miles was at 1279, so 279 miles done on on game modes other than career mode.
Posted by DCFC on 02 Apr 17 at 13:50
Kill Paul V0L 3I suggest going for this achievement first before going for the online and championship achievements. That way it's easier to keep track in the career before playing any other modes.
Posted by Kill Paul V0L 3 on 27 Aug 19 at 12:13