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Choppers Down

Shoot down 15 helicopters in 'Tank'.

Choppers Down0
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05 Nov 2011
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Obviously, this is done on the level, "Tank".
This isn't really that difficult; just take your time, and always use your lock-on.
If you shoot down every helicopter that crosses you, you should get this around the halfway point. It pops during the mission, not at the results screen.
keoskeythis can be done easy near the start keep going forward till you get to and area with a highway on the right and a banner hanging from it you will see a pit in your path. now across the pit a helicopter will keep spawning from under the highway just keep shooting them down as they spawn.
Posted by keoskey on 07 Nov 11 at 18:21
keoskeyYou have to get all 15 in 1 life if you die the counter resets
Posted by keoskey on 07 Nov 11 at 18:35
GatorFistI sat at that spot, once my count hit 10 they stopped spawning. Don't dilly dally after doing that or Oromov escapes. Good tip though! I got the other 5 when I got to the circular highway with all the RPG guys (right before the jet blows up the highway)
Posted by GatorFist on 10 Jan 12 at 05:10