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"Big Cup" Squad

Enter an Ultimate Team tournament and finish a match with an overall squad rating of 85 or higher

Big Cup Squad0
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07 Nov 2011
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Allright I just want to add something.
I started working on the squad OlsAbsss x made.
It is a really nice one.

My final team was this one which has a rating of 85.

CF: 85 Rossi (Villarreal) 3k
ST: 86 Gomez (Bayern Munchen) 5,5k
RW: 85 Reyes (Atletico Madrid) 3k
CM: 85 Sahin (Real Madrid) 3,3k
CDM: 85 Cambiasso (Inter) 2,8k
CAM: 84 Danny (Zenit) 0,8k
CB: 85 Nesta (Milan) 2k
LW: 84 Malouda (Chelsea) 1,6k
CAM: 84 Hernanes (Lazio) 1,2k
RM: 84 Farfan (Schalke 04) 0,7k
GK: 85 Steklenburg (Roma) 2,2k

SUB: 85 Buffon (GK - Juventus) 3,5k
SUB: 84 Diego Lopez (GK - Villarreal) 1,3k
SUB: 84 Adler (GK - Bay. Leverkusen) 1k
SUB: 84 Hamsik (CAM - Napoli) 1,2k
SUB: 83 Pazzini (ST - Inter) 0,8k
SUB: 80 Olic (ST - Bayern Mun.) 0,5k
SUB: 78 Medel (CDM - Sevilla) Got it in a pack.

Of course the 80 and 78 player are really cheap to get.
I will do the math for you, this team cost me 34,4k.

Especially keepers are very cheap to get.