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First of all the game is unique with a different type of feel to any other game of the same genre. But as you may find out it has many flaws.


For example i have noticed the gameplay in this battlestations game to be a bit dull. Not awful, but not great either. The reasoning for that is that to me the creators of the game spent far to much time with the graphics quality and videos (cinematics) rather than spending valuable time on making the game play better.

Primary, Secondary and Hidden objectives:

I like however that the game has primary and secondary missions, with hidden objectives also within the game. This makes the game slightly more interesting.


Also the difficulties that you can choose from are really good as there are 3 levels of difficulty and they are much harder/easier than the others. ( I find that some games whatever difficulty ypur on its about the same).

Multiplayer mode:

It seems that multiplayer mode on pc has someone to compete against at any time of the day, which is good because most games 4 windows live game except DOW 2 usually is dead. This mode is far better than the 2 campaign modes because with each multiplayer game it is vastly different, whereas repeating the campaign over and over again, you will see the cpu is so predictable.


For once a list of achievements that are difficult to get and especially hard to get 100% completion. Bad news for people anxious to get easy gamerscore. Good for people who want a bit of a challenge. (like me)


Graphics: 9/10
Video: 8/10
Objectives: 8/10
Range of difficulties: 10/10
Multiplayer: 9/10
Campaign: 7/10
Achievements: 10/10

Not much of a review i know but i just wanted to give you a brief overview of my views of the game.
The GlobalizerGood start; I'd suggest adding some detail for people who may not understand what you do in the game (gameplay, differences between campaign vs. multiplayer).
Posted by The Globalizer on 09 Aug 09 at 17:11