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Buy all items from the Survival Weapon Armory.

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5 guidesOnline/Offline - These achievements can be obtained in either an online or offline game mode.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Cooperative - These achievements can be obtained by two or more players in a cooperative game mode who have met the achievement requirements.Level - These achievements must be obtained by levelling up in-game components.Shop - These achievements require the purchase of an item or a series of items as prerequisites from a shop.
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11 Nov 2011 19 Jul 2017
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For this achievement you must buy everything in the weapons armory atleast once. This will be marked by a pistol symbol on your screen and map. You do not have to buy everything in one match you can do this in mutiple matches. This will be the longest one due to the sheer amount of weapons you must buy in order to get the achievement.

You must be level 50 in spec ops to unlock this achievement this is due to some weapons not unlocking untill level 50.To get to the rank of 50 you will need a total 2,065,400 xp. Spec ops ranking is seperate from multiplayer ranking so you do not need any rank in multiplayer to get this achievement.

Things you should know -
If you start out with a wepon it does not mean youve bought that weapon, the same goes for picking up wepons off the ground. Meaning you will either have to buy another weapon and then buy the weapon you had before to get credit for it or drop if for another weapon and buy it back.

What you have to buy -
Names - Cost -

Handguns -
Five seven - 250
Usp 45 - 250
Mp412 - 250
Desert eagle - 250
.44 Magnum - 250
P99 - 250

Machine Pistol -
G18 - 1500
Skorpion - 1500
Mp9 - 1500
Fmg9 - 1500

Assualt Rifle -
M4a1 - 3000
M16a4 - 3000
Scar-l - 3000
Acr 6.8 - 3000
Ak-47 - 3000
Fad - 3000
G36c - 3000
Cm901 - 3000
Mk14 - 3000
Type 95 - 3000

Sub Machine gun-
Mp5 - 2000
Ump45 - 2000
Mp7 - 2000
Pm9 - 2000
Pp90ml - 2000
P90 - 2000

Light machine gun -
M60e4 - 7000
Pkp pecheneg - 7000
Mk46 - 7000
L86 lsw - 7000
Mg36 - 7000

Sniper rifles-
Msr - 2000
Dragunov - 2000
Rsass - 2000
L118a - 2000
As50 - 2000
Barret 50. Cal - 2000

Shotguns -
Model 1887 - 2000
Usas 12 - 2000
Spas 12 - 2000
Ksg 12 - 2000
Striker - 4000
AA 12 - 5000

You must buy all the weapon upgrades also for the achievement when you buy a gun it will say upgrade next to it just click it and choose one. Only have to buy each one one time do not have to buy them for every weapon.

Wepon Upgrades -
Helographic sight - 1000
Red dot - 750
Grip - 1250
M203 grenade launcher - 1500 Weapon that has it - M4A1
Gp25 grenade launcher - 1500 Weapon that has it - Ak-47
M320 grenade launcher - 1500 Weapon that has it - Acr
Acog scope - 1250
Shotgun - 1500

Once you have bought everything for the weapon armory the achievement should pop. To keep track try writing them down on a paper and check each wepon off as you buy them in survival.

Easy ways to rank up -

Missions - You can play each mission in spec ops on veteran by yourself and gain upwards of 33,000 points a mission completed for the first time.

Survival - Doing the first survival map by yourself can get you quite a bit of xp from kills but may take a while.

Grinding - Have found a method that can get you anywhere from 4000 to 8000 points in just one minute.Set difficulty to veteran(or can put it on any difficulty you prefer), on the first part of server crash you start in a car. You can run through this sequence and destroy each car netting you 700 or more points per a car destroyed. Will try to make a video if call of duty elite allows it , of a speed run through this method and where to shoot to maximize your point gain. Here's a video showing the mission in the mean time.

Easy ways to gain cash in survival -

Please look at my solo method for the Get rich or die achievement (get 50,000 points in one match) to help you get money faster to buy each item.

link -
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3Get Rich or Die TryingThe Get Rich or Die Trying achievement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 worth 52 pointsHave $50,000 current balance in a Special Ops Survival game.

Please thumbs up if this helps and if theres anything wrong comment and ill try to fix it Thank you!
Mad HecticAwesome this is what i wanted. A method of levelling up quickly. I was doing the AC130 mission with a second controller. Only netting 3500-4000 every minute. Server crash method will work better for me.

thanks and a big thumbs up.
Posted by Mad Hectic on 12 Nov 11 at 13:53
LostMantella9how much xp is it to be rank 50? 2,000,000 something? i'm currently on rank 44 colonel with 1,500,000xp. just wanted to know how far i've got to go.
Posted by LostMantella9 on 12 Nov 11 at 23:05
CraftyZach manDont know yet only at the moment im at lvl 48 working through 15 waves of survival on each map hope to hit 50 soon and ill update the guide. Im at around 1.8 mil at the moment and its taking over 100,000 a rank.
Posted by CraftyZach man on 13 Nov 11 at 00:36
LostMantella9its 2,065,400 for rank 50, about to hit it now.
Posted by LostMantella9 on 13 Nov 11 at 02:48
CraftyZach manya just hit 49 about 10 mins ago almost 50 myself.
Posted by CraftyZach man on 13 Nov 11 at 02:58
Epoch8731do u have to but the upgrades for all weapons or just buy it one time?
Posted by Epoch8731 on 13 Nov 11 at 04:05
CraftyZach manOnly have to buy them once ill put that up.
Posted by CraftyZach man on 13 Nov 11 at 04:10
FaustianGreedhey what weapon do you buy the M320 grenade launcher attachment for? I can't find it and I googled and googled but I couldn't find an answer
Posted by FaustianGreed on 14 Nov 11 at 18:31
CraftyZach manThe m320 I'm pretty sure is the Ak-47 since the wepon has a wierd under barrel attachment slot. I'm not able to check at the moment but try it I'm almost 100% sure since that one I was wondering about to till I found it.
Posted by CraftyZach man on 14 Nov 11 at 19:06
CraftyZach manIf it does comment Back I'll update the guide with each weapon you can buy the attachments for if you could also post one wepon for the other two grenade launchers would be appreciated won't have my xbox till Friday thank you.
Posted by CraftyZach man on 14 Nov 11 at 19:12
SaltyMegaBytI have bought everything about 3 times over and this shizz still is not unlocking. Last achieve that I need for this game too. This is getting out of hand. Good guide though.
Posted by SaltyMegaByt on 16 Nov 11 at 15:39
CraftyZach manShould write each item down thn check each one off as you buy them if you havent done so allready just to double check. Make sure you buy each gun you started out with to and each gun you pick up both dont count unless you buy them. Double check the grenade launchers to those may be the issue but if it continues there may be a bug with the achievement.
Posted by CraftyZach man on 16 Nov 11 at 17:51
IQwzM203 Grenade Launcher - M4A1
Gp25 Grenade Launcher - AK
M320 Grenade Launcher - ACR
Obviously the other assault rifles have these grenade launchers too. You can pick up two of these weapons though, save buying them.
The three different grenade launchers were what I needed to complete the achievement!
Posted by IQwz on 17 Nov 11 at 18:14
CraftyZach man@IQwz - Thanks ill update the guide
Posted by CraftyZach man on 17 Nov 11 at 21:26
L0RDXFLACK0togrind your level 50, just plug in a second controller, put the firewall mission, be sure to be on the sentry, you can do 1100 in less than 10 seconds, just restart mission and do this the time you need, it takes me 33 minute for my 48,49 and 50!
Posted by L0RDXFLACK0 on 18 Nov 11 at 20:48
CraftyZach man@xGti Mk6x - that would work but the method i put i presonally think its still easier to do since you only need one controller and all you have to do is shoot noob tubes it can be done with one hand its that easy. Not to mention the sequence only lasts 56 seconds to 1 min to obtain well over 5000 points. It then only takes a few seconds to restart and go through it again.
Posted by CraftyZach man on 18 Nov 11 at 21:16
Js2DeathWhen u buy it do u have to back out the menu so he pulls it out? Or can u just buy everything without backing out?
Posted by Js2Death on 11 Dec 11 at 20:17
CraftyZach manonly have to buy them
Posted by CraftyZach man on 17 Dec 11 at 08:01
S7uPIdI7YYour video is no longer on youtube?
("removed by user")
Posted by S7uPIdI7Y on 27 Dec 11 at 17:15
VrilThank you! After buying all the weapons and what I thought all the attachments, still no Cheevo. I went back and got an M4A1, then the M203, and... POP! I mixed up M203 and M320, the names are too similar to notice, since I never actually use them. :P
Posted by Vril on 28 Dec 11 at 09:08
El BuczI went for this one today and bought every weapon, starting from pistols - each round one weapon. The first part I ended up before the sniper rifles. Started a new game, got the sniper rifles + shotguns - nothing. Went for the grenade launchers - nothing. Sadly, will have to do it again, with a piece of paper and a pencil ; /
Posted by El Bucz on 21 Jan 12 at 23:48
NURSEwithWOUNDI thought I had everything also and no cheev. Went back and redid much of it- it popped on the MP3 I think, which is one of the early enemy weapon drops. My point is if you are missing something, before going back and buying everything, buy your starting weapons and the enemy weapon drops you may have forgotten...
Posted by NURSEwithWOUND on 09 Feb 12 at 23:31
chrismcpartlandon't forget to buy the five seven (pistol you already have)...took me forever until I realized I was missing the cheapest gun!
Posted by chrismcpartlan on 18 Feb 12 at 05:13
TheBrhynodumb question, and I think its a "yes" but do you have to buy all the weapons in one game of survival?
Posted by TheBrhyno on 21 Mar 12 at 16:26
Megamonkeymaniayou dont have to buy them all in the one game it adds up over all your games.
Posted by Megamonkeymania on 04 Apr 12 at 19:44
Spoooookyugh I wish I read your solution better the fist time because I thought i bought all the wepons twice with no achievement then relized I needed to buy the starting pistol.
Posted by Spoooooky on 11 Apr 12 at 23:23
Archer RivalI remembered the starting pistol, and had to play a few more rounds before I figured out it was the Model 1887. Thanks for the list! It was very helpful.
Posted by Archer Rival on 20 Apr 12 at 01:42
YourFinalMomentSo I bought every little thing, twice, all guns, starter, all 3 grenade attatchments, and it glitched. I ALWAYS get the glitched achievements. Microsoft's fail on purpose money schemes. I went and deleted all my mw3 stuff and now I'm level 1 again. Just want to say screw this achievement IS OFFICIALLY GLITCHED and I don't think I can force myself to sit down and go through all those freaking levels again when I deserve the achievement, I don't deserve to have to do twice to three times as much work as everyone else. This crap can go rot.
Posted by YourFinalMoment on 29 Apr 12 at 16:36
Brutaka5Does anyone know if you can buy the weapons and then leave the match afterwards without dying your way out, does that count towards the achievement as well? Please message me if so.
Posted by Brutaka5 on 13 May 12 at 03:01
shocellistListing which weapon each grenade launcher can be bought with is very helpful.
Posted by shocellist on 05 Jun 12 at 06:29
PIGGY964i bought everything. all the guns and all the attachments. and the achievement didnt pop. Can someone please help me or give me some info ? thanks
Posted by PIGGY964 on 30 Jul 12 at 20:52
CraftyZach manprobably missing the gun you start with or one of the grenade launchers theirs 3 different ones
Posted by CraftyZach man on 04 Aug 12 at 04:14
RillanWeapon I was missing was the shotgun model 1887 .... As this is the first weapon you pick up it is very missable . Hope this helps
Posted by Rillan on 16 Aug 12 at 22:27
JimmyTheKidd02For those having problems, I have a theory I'm going to try out... I've also bought EVERYTHING, but I would buy all the guns in each set (handguns, shotguns, etc...) in one sitting...

My theory is that only the last gun bought when I closed out of the armory counted... I'll try this over the next couple nights & report back.
Posted by JimmyTheKidd02 on 10 Sep 12 at 19:18
JimmyTheKidd02Hi, I'm back. I tried my theory and it worked. If you buy multiple items in one sitting (before exiting out of the armory), it appears that only the items you exit with count.

This time I bought each item and exited before buying another, instead of buying all handguns then exiting I bought 1, exited, then went back in and repeated...
Posted by JimmyTheKidd02 on 11 Sep 12 at 15:25
ANG3L 0F CHA05There has to be a glitch because I know I bought every weapon 4 times. I thought maybe I missed one of the grenade launchers and when I bought the m16a4 it gave me the achievement.
Posted by ANG3L 0F CHA05 on 08 Oct 12 at 19:16
EPIC VEN0Mthis was my last achievement for this game and i was angry because i thought it was glitched. i knew i had bought everything twice(i made a nice little checklist and i backed out and killed someone with the weapon to make sure i used it), but i decided to buy everything again a third time, really not wanted to give up and when i bought the p90 it popped. so anyone thinking that its glitched, just keep trying and hopefully you'll get it
Posted by EPIC VEN0M on 19 Oct 12 at 01:00
Cereal OffendaGreat guide, helped me get this one, +1 from me bud
Posted by Cereal Offenda on 12 Apr 13 at 13:09

The glitch is what JimmyTheKidd02 suggested. I tested his theory as well and it popped after I purchased the MP7 sub machine gun.

Enter the Weapon Armory, only buy 1 item, press b and back out, rinse and repeat.

Try doing this for the less expensive items that you probably bought all at once.
Posted by FlaviusPrimus on 05 Oct 13 at 05:50
PrimeBigTimeI negged only because your spelling is abysmal. I would understand if you made the same spelling mistakes over and over again but you spell something right one time and then wrong the next as if you rushed this guide. If you make the guide more professional I will up-vote. Also, writing the levels next to the guns would help because people will work on this as they progress to level 50 rather than wait.
Posted by PrimeBigTime on 10 Jan 14 at 09:19
Reborn InsanityYour video is no longer working.
Posted by Reborn Insanity on 18 Jul 17 at 16:48