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Dancing Dynamo

Earned by playing five hours total!

Dancing Dynamo0
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Mojo RedMojo Red236,855
12 Nov 2011 12 Nov 2011
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This achievement requires you spend a total of 5 hours within the dances. (Note: Time spent in menus, end of song score screen, etc or leaving your 360 on overnight will not count towards this.) The achievement will pop after you complete the song you hit the 5 hour mark with.
m0nk33zDo you have to be in screen for time to count? Cause if you leave the screen during a song and it will continue playing the song...
Posted by m0nk33z on 16 Nov 11 at 06:24
Mojo RedNo, you don't need to be in the screen for it to count when the song is going.
Posted by Mojo Red on 16 Nov 11 at 12:16
Daniel55645feel like ive been playing forever and still dont have the achievements
Posted by Daniel55645 on 03 Dec 11 at 00:20
Mojo RedYeah, I was almost starting to think it would never pop for me.
Posted by Mojo Red on 03 Dec 11 at 03:43
WorhammerWorst. Achievement. Ever. :/

Thumbs up though, cause your solution answered the question I had.

Posted by Worhammer on 23 Jan 12 at 20:57
Mojo RedYeah, you can sit out the song once it starts and it will count till the song ends.
Posted by Mojo Red on 14 Feb 12 at 02:45
Lil Miss Cherryzzzzzzz Boring achievement.
Posted by Lil Miss Cherry on 30 Mar 12 at 17:26
RAVIOLICAPONIYou think 5 hours is bad try Country Music All Stars, it has a 10 hour achievement
Posted by RAVIOLICAPONI on 27 Jun 12 at 21:17
CONKER1182@RAVIOLICAPONI SIGH wow and the same developer that made Nickelodean dance made Country Music All Stars. Go figure. Even Lego racers on pc was better than this game and the same developer made Lego racers.
Posted by CONKER1182 on 08 Jul 12 at 05:40