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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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There are 75 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim achievements (50 without DLC) worth 2,346 (1,550)

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Dragon Hunter in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Dragon Hunter27 (20)

Absorb 20 dragon souls

  • Unlocked by 131,836 tracked gamers (57% - TA Ratio = 1.32) 233,150  
271,162 (134,336)
Achievement won on 12 Nov 11
TA Score for this game: 2,346
Posted on 12 November 11 at 20:19, Edited on 13 March 16 at 21:15
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Long solution, but contains everything I know that could help getting dragon souls. Contains some minor spoilers.

If you want to absorb dragon souls you have to slay dragons. Dragons spawn randomly throughout the game. There are also some dragons which you encounter throughout the main story line. You also can find dragons in villages and cities, just fast travel between the smaller villages and there is a big chance you will encounter a dragon.

Walk through Skyrim and eventually you hear or see a dragon, sometimes they just fly around and don't battle, and sometimes they do. Be sure to have some potions and some healing spells with you, because they can be pretty powerful depending on difficulty, hit him with a bow when he hovers above the ground and hit him with melee weapons or spells on the ground (the Dragonrend shout from the main story line will help you keeping the dragon on the ground). After you've slayed a dragon, you absorb his soul, it seems like this is glitched sometimes. There is a chance you won't get a dragon soul, this bug has been patched in update 1.2, so be sure to update your game. After you complete the main story, the dragons keep spawning, so don't worry about that. You can also just spend your souls on shouts, without it negatively affecting the achievement.

Also, you can find dragons on some mountains where you find a word wall with a new dragon shout (shrines). These dragons sometimes respawn so be sure to fast travel between these locations. Some of the these walls are marked on the cloth map you get with the game, they are little red crosses, if you don't have the map, here is a digital version (send me a message if the link doesn't work anymore):
External image

If you walk near, you see the wall marked on your 'radar' on top of your screen, it looks a bit like a dragon head or a small tower like icon.

You can see how much dragon souls you have collected by going to menu, scroll to the magic tab and there it should be somewhere between the stats. Just battle every dragon you see and you will get this achievement with time. Be sure to collect their scales and bones for money and armor (100 smithing needed), careful though, they are very heavy weight.

You can ask one of the Graybeards (the one that talks to you, Arngeir) if he knows a location of a word wall, he will mark a dungeon or shrine for you on the map. If he marks a shrine you can go there and there will probably be a dragon. An easy one to find is by going to Riften, keep walking south and eventually it will appear on your map, it's on a mountain, on the border of Cyrodill. Then you know what the symbol looks like and you can fast travel between locations to check if the dragon respawned.

(If there is anything I should add to the solution, just comment, it may currently be a little bit outdated.)
Loguns RAW they arent at random points, im not sure if you get the map with the standard edition but i got it with the collectors edition or whatever its called, anyway on the map you can see little red crosses. this is the location of the dragons if you got to these areas, but they dont always spawn so sometimes you have to wait a while
Posted by Loguns RAW on 13 Nov 11 at 12:55
Shad0wdar red crosses don't always mark the word walls, sometimes they mark standing stones, but you are right
Posted by Shad0wdar on 13 Nov 11 at 13:07
The One Saxton Id like to say that i have had 3 dragons appear at the Winterhold college, thus far. So that might happen for others aswell. Could be some sort of hot spot maybe?
Posted by The One Saxton on 13 Nov 11 at 19:03
THE IRISHMAN 35 Is there anyway to see how many dragon souls youve collected ive searched but cant find it anywhere
Posted by THE IRISHMAN 35 on 13 Nov 11 at 21:28
Boost17 If you look under General Stats, and then the Magic tab, you can find the number of dragon souls collected so far.
Posted by Boost17 on 14 Nov 11 at 10:46
Shad0wdar that ^^
Posted by Shad0wdar on 15 Nov 11 at 17:40
Bleeap I've had 10 Dragons spawn at Riverwood.
Posted by Bleeap on 16 Nov 11 at 15:48
Calex dEUS Rifton is a reliable spawn point for me. Fast travelling from inside the town to the stable just outside spawned one 2 out of every 5 attempts so far.
Posted by Calex dEUS on 17 Nov 11 at 14:00
nightstorm56 "I've had sometimes that I didn't get a soul by killing a dragon, I am not sure if this is a glitch or it were like special dragons"
If you are not near the dragon, you cannot collect its soul. If you kill a dragon that happens to be hovering, then the dragon ends up falling down a giant cliff that you can't follow down, you just lost a soul. The killing blow isn't the determinig factor for getting a soul.
Posted by nightstorm56 on 17 Nov 11 at 20:03
Wuppiee nightstorm56 - True but I can confirm that you can kill it once it has landed and still not get the soul. I had one respawn at a Dragon wall and I failed to get the soul. I reloaded, fast travelled back there and again - no soul. I did another 2 tests and never got the soul off that dragon. The very next dragon kill I got the soul as normal, my guess is the spawn may be bugged so just kill it and move on, there are plenty (infinite I believe).
Posted by Wuppiee on 17 Nov 11 at 22:37
Jammy32 You dont have to be near a dragon to collect their souls. I have killed some with a bow from a good range, then just ran off and Whirlwind sprinted away to get to my next task (didnt need any more dragon scales) and the soul still got absorbed from a quite fair distance.
In regards to not getting a soul, i believe it may be from killing the same exact dragon. since the game keeps respawning dragons, it would be silly to think you can have infinite souls. after you get all the shouts/words, what would they be needed for?
I believe that they give you enough to cover all your shouts, plus a buffer of a few more. The dragons that respawn after you absorb them, i believe just dont give you a second soul. I could be wrong however but its my theory on the matter.
Posted by Jammy32 on 18 Nov 11 at 05:55
Shad0wdar @Jammy32 That's actually possible, but I'm not sure.
Posted by Shad0wdar on 18 Nov 11 at 15:47
Jammy32 Ive been testing it out, going to the dragon ... shrines (right word? the dragon icons on the map) and re killing those dragons. havnt got a second soul from five of them. if anyone else has tested this, and has received a second soul. please feel free to message me for my own information.
Posted by Jammy32 on 19 Nov 11 at 01:25
Gadaire 17 There are some points that respawn them frequently, but they are also at random points. For example, i was searching around the glaciers north of Winterhold, out near the water and one of the Elder Dragons attacked me.
Posted by Gadaire 17 on 19 Nov 11 at 07:41
Nonfaith There was a glitch that Bethesda patched on the last update where you sometimes would not get a soul from a dragon. Works fine now.
Posted by Nonfaith on 04 Dec 11 at 15:48
Shad0wdar @ Nonfaith Is in my solution already.
Posted by Shad0wdar on 06 Dec 11 at 12:37
Rhhe82 I don't know if this has been clarified somewhere, at least I didn't catch anyone mentioning but... I'm in the point of the main story arc, where I'm supposedly about head for the final confrontation, but I have not yet absorbed 20 souls (even though I have done all "guild quests" and lots of other quests too...), and I'm afraid to move forward now. The question is.

Do the dragons stop spawning after the main storyline has been completed, or do you have to do this achievement first?
Posted by Rhhe82 on 06 Jan 12 at 16:11
Shad0wdar @Rhhe82 They keep spawning! Don't worry about that.
Posted by Shad0wdar on 06 Jan 12 at 17:11
ClubStew I'm curious if you can "spend" souls on shouts and still get the achievement on the 20th soul. Anyone know?
Posted by ClubStew on 19 Feb 12 at 22:31
Shad0wdar @ClubStew Yes you can, you just have to gather the souls.
Posted by Shad0wdar on 21 Feb 12 at 20:30
LadyKillerina Thanks!
Posted by LadyKillerina on 01 Sep 13 at 00:20
LuckyConquerer2 Link no longer works.
Posted by LuckyConquerer2 on 05 Jan 15 at 21:58
Shad0wdar @ LuckyConquerer2 Thanks for letting me know! I saw it a bit late but I have edited it now. :)
Posted by Shad0wdar on 13 Mar 16 at 21:17