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The American Dream

Customize 10 vehicles.

The American Dream0
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12 Nov 2011
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Just go to any base with a garage (i used the very first one) and keep jacking vehicles in front of it until you have 10 different ones to choose in your garage (drive them in and press Y). Click on the vehicle and go to customise. You actually dont need to pimp them out as the achievement states buying one upgrade will do the job.
Hirsute DaveJust keep in mind that some vehicles can't be modified - STAG N-Forcer, Gatmobile - so just grab generic rubbish you see driving around first.
Posted by Hirsute Dave on 19 Nov 11 at 07:41
Gamer186yeah true thx for adding this :)
Posted by Gamer186 on 19 Nov 11 at 13:40
Posted by ToxicTechnetium on 29 Aug 13 at 18:44