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Too Close to the Son

Complete Act 3 in one way.

Too Close to the Son0
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13 Nov 2011 13 Nov 2011
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This is a story based achivement and may seem to be missable but it actually isnt as you can replay the last mission once it has been completed with just the other option left.


On the last mission when you have to choose between saving Shaundie or going for Killbane go for Killbane. Once you have killed him you will get the access to your final mission. Play this mission to the end and kill Cyrus Temple (flying in his VTOL). The easiest way to kill him is to clear out the platform from rocketlouncher enemies so they cant annoy you. Then go to the crates and pick up a rocket louncher or like me the gatling gun thats lying there and finish him off. Now just jump off the ship by taking the VTOL thats spawning.
After the credits have been finished (you can also skip them) your achievement should unlock right at the loading screen.
FuzzedUpCookieif u go the first time to kill gen. killbane get 1 achiev.
and replay the mission to save shaundi and get the other achiev. will shaundi still be avaiable in your cellphone to be called for help??
Posted by FuzzedUpCookie on 17 Nov 11 at 12:37
Gamer186yes it sounds weird but i was able to select it over my phone again also some of my friends did it that way ;)
Posted by Gamer186 on 17 Nov 11 at 17:21
Korrin999kinda sucks though if you WANT her to live and save her the first time to have her dead when you go for the second achievement... wonder if there's any way to un-kill her...
Posted by Korrin999 on 19 Nov 11 at 06:22
Gamer186they are kind of weird anyways right cause you do exactly the other option the second time which is at the point of playing it a second time completely story crashing and pointless ...
Posted by Gamer186 on 19 Nov 11 at 13:42
JeremyIsHereMine also glitched.

[SPOILER] I got the achievement with Shaundi but did not get Killbane's. Maybe all the glitched achievements took that route?
Posted by JeremyIsHere on 22 Nov 11 at 22:33
Gamer186did u also rescue shaundie at first? cause i did so and got both of them ... but this is not the only achievement like ive seen as other people also complained about glitched achievements :/
Posted by Gamer186 on 22 Nov 11 at 22:39
JeremyIsHereI think I realized what happened. I didn't do the "Stag Film" mission after "Three Way". Whoops!
Posted by JeremyIsHere on 23 Nov 11 at 20:52
GaTechGradI completed the "Save Shandi" ending first and got the "Gangstas In Space" achievement. When I completed the alternate end using the phone after the first ending, I did NOT get the "Mr. Fury..." achievement. However, I reloaded the save that I had before the last mission (MurderBrawl XXXI) and completed the mission again choosing the Kill Killbane option, and I did get the achievement after the credits finished.
Posted by GaTechGrad on 26 Nov 11 at 02:56