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Perfect Play

Destroy all the bosses and complete the entire game without dying at Normal difficulty or higher.

Perfect Play-1.7
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Zenn PZenn P487,361
14 Nov 2011 06 Sep 2019
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Triggerheart ExelicaPerfect PlayThe Perfect Play achievement in Triggerheart Exelica worth 260 pointsDestroy all the bosses and complete the entire game without dying at Normal difficulty or higher.

This achievement requires you to complete the game, while defeating every form of every Boss without ever getting hit. Some main tips for this:

Tips and Strategies
° This MUST be done on default settings
° Use Crueltear for this. (Best anchor in the game)
° You can spam the pause button to scout for openings and dodge bullets easily.
° Use bombs to cheat death but use them sparingly, and destroy Faintear on Stage 1 and 3 since those fights count.
° You can use Stage Select from the Options menu to practice the stages without getting hit. This will do well in prepping you for the achievement.
Perfect Play is arguably the most difficult achievement in the game. Furthermore, if you die even once you'll have to quit out and start over from Stage 1 again. You must also defeat all forms of all Bosses(including both Faintear fights) so be sure to get many score items or else you won't face all the forms of each boss. This achievement works similarly to "No Miss Clear" except you can't do it on EASY and you must defeat every Form of every Boss. Here are all the bosses and forms you must defeat as well as the points needed to face each form.

Stage 1 Boss
Form 1: 0-
Form 2: 500-
Form 3: 1000-
Form 4: 2000-
Form 5: 2500-
Faintear: 3000-

Stage 2 Boss
Form 1: 0-
Form 2: 1000-
Form 3: 1500-
Form 4: 2500-

Stage 3 Boss
Form 1: 0-
Form 2: 2000-
Form 3: 3000-
Faintear: 3000-

Stage 4 Boss
Form 1: 0-
Form 2: 1000-
Form 3: 2000-
Form 4: 3500-

Stage 5 Boss
Form 1: 0-
Form 2: 0-

Additional Note: Every time you defeat a form for a boss it will pause and make a noise as if shifting into new gears, once it starts a different type of offense that's how you know you're in it's next form. Make sure you defeat all forms! If you miss a form because you did not have enough points then the achievement will be voided. So for example if I'm facing the Stage 4 Boss, and I defeat its 3rd form while having 3200 points, it will explode and the stage will end instead of shifting into Form 4 because I did not meet the 3500 quota. Whenever this sort of thing occurs, your achievement will be voided and you will have to quit to main menu and start over from Stage 1.

Ferocious Swan has a Perfect Play run located below. Full credit for video upload goes to him.

Octobot SuperWhat is the Pause Trick you mention?
Posted by Octobot Super on 17 Mar 12 at 15:41
Zenn PWhen you pause the game, a see-through pause screen will cover your screen. You can repeatedly hit pause over and over again to put the game in slow-motion to help you dodge the bullets very easily. This trick even works on Deathsmiles! I have linked you to my Achievement Guide on 360a for more details!
Posted by Zenn P on 18 Mar 12 at 02:26
Black MesaI'm just curious, what specifically makes Crueltear's anchor better than Exelica's? I've played with both, and honestly they don't seem any different from one another.
Posted by Black Mesa on 04 Dec 12 at 15:20
Zenn PHere are the technical differences between both Triggerhearts:

Firing Style: Spread
Pros: Wide forward area shots, medium movement
Cons: Slow anchor traction

Firing Style: Linear
Pros: Concentrated front shots, fast movement, fast anchor traction
Cons: Linear firing makes it difficult to take out groups of enemies quickly
Posted by Zenn P on 08 Dec 12 at 07:22
Lockerdown3oh gdi, just read the DEFAULT settings *facepalm* because I just literally would've had this otherwise
Posted by Lockerdown3 on 16 Dec 14 at 06:15
Posted on 02 Aug 16 at 06:37
RatpoizenYou've added F Swans video even though he has his own guide (and video) lol?
Posted by Ratpoizen on 19 May 18 at 16:15
Zenn P@Ratpoizen This solution was posted years before Swan's. He messaged me about the video and I added it to the guide. Afterward, Swan posted his own solution.
Posted by Zenn P on 06 Sep 19 at 15:45