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Posted on 16 November 11 at 04:02
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Gears of War is by far one of the best sellers of the Xbox 360 system. I'm going to make it my goal to post a review for every game that I've owned and beaten in the same style every time, so here goes.

Single Player: The single player campaign is one of the best I've played out of all shooters that I've, well, played. It tells the story of humanity fighting a losing battle against overwhelming numbers and odds. It's a fight for survival, and the Coalition of Ordered Governments finally has a plan to deal a heavy blow to the Locust Horde. And you get to be part of it all! There are 5 Acts consisting of 5 to 7 chapters each, with the exception of Act 5 only being 3 chapters. Depending on how hardcore of a gamer you are, I'd say you've got about 6 to 20 hours of gameplay ready and waiting for you.

Multiplayer: The multiplayer aspect of this game is pretty good. You can have a partner jump in either splitscreen or over xbox live and take part as second player in campaign, which is great for the harder difficulties. There is also a competitive versus mode, which comes in a few different game modes. Warzone, where two teams of four square off against one another, only having one life. Execution, where it's Warzone rules except you have to use a finishing move on the enemy to kill them. Assassination, where one member of the team is the leader and you must coordinate to take out the enemy leader while defending your own. If you downloaded the free map packs, the game mode Annex was added, which is basically a King of the Hill game, but the hill moves. The only downside is that gameplay is host-centered, so if the host quits, the match ends.

Visuals and Graphics: For a launch title, the game actually does pretty well in terms of graphics. The environments are beautifully crafted, though destroyed. However, the character system is something I must be a little disappointed in. With how far video games had come, you'd think that the characters could make more than just a few different facial expressions. You can hardly feel any sort of emotion from the characters.

Gameplay: The gameplay here is certainly unique. Gears of War makes use of a cover system, along with tactical shooting. There are a wide array of weapons at your disposal, and in some cases, you'll need to rely on teamwork to get things done. Once you get into the higher difficulties, it stops being a "one man army" sort of game. Combat is fast paced and requires quick thinking along with a quick trigger finger to get the job done.

Glitches: There are of course some glitches in the game. Originally, there were more major glitches than fingers on my hands, but most of them have been patched. The main ones that still exist are a few under-the-map exploits in multiplayer, as well as a few minor annoyances in campaign, such as not being in cover when you are, or even vice versa. Nothing that really dampens the experience.

Sound: The music of this game is usually very fitting. It fits the atmosphere no matter what's going on. Intense battle? Intense music. Calm time? Calm music. Dark out? Scary music. The guns make pretty neat sounds as well, but I feel it could have been balanced better. Half the time, one piece of noise is overpowering the other, which could interfere with sounds or dialogue or music.

Overall: Gears of War is nearly a masterpiece. Out of 10, I give it as unbiased as possible, a 9.5 of 10. If you haven't played, don't be intimidated by the depressing environments and atmosphere, as this plot will grip you from the start, and the sequels are even more so worth it. It isn't pricey anymore so it's definitely worth a pickup. I hope this review helped! I'm still new at all this but regardless, pick up Gears of War if you're one of the few that haven't already.

SgtDigglesworth We should play this together sometime. Cheers on the review and maybe add some pics as well lol. Other than that I agree with a five as this game got a lot of people hooked on the Xbox 360! Cheers J.
Posted by SgtDigglesworth on 31 May 12 at 08:00