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Arkhangelsk Dossier

Complete all objectives in Arkhangelsk on 007 difficulty or higher.

Arkhangelsk Dossier+0.4
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16 Nov 2011
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I will try and keep this as short as possible. You will need to complete all objectives in Dam, Facility and Airfield on 007 or above. I will only cover the bonus objectives as you can't miss the main ones. Most objectives require you to use your smartphone to hack terminals but i will walk you through the order in which they are found. So....

Objective 1: Erase evidence of you & Alec infiltrating the dam
Objective 2: Lol can't remember this one but i will tell you where to go and what to do

-When you get to the point where you get a cutscene of a rpg you will go down a lift and breach the room, straight ahead of you will be a locked room, shoot the padlock and hack the computer in that room

-After taking photographs of the helo you will be back out on the dam in the tower ahead of you where the sniper is shooting at you will be your next computer to hack its up the stairs in the room

-After the last where you are told to get in elevator you will see a guy looking out a window take him down then go back to where you came out of and look left you will see a room through glass and the computer you need to hack so crouch at the gap in the glass and shoot the lock on the door which will open it. Then go down the ladder at the end of the room to a road, opposite side of room go up the stairs to get inside that room

Objective 1: Take photographs for MI6 (3 pics)
Objective 2: Retrieve documents from a guys computer

-When you get to the guy at the vending machine in the room at the left will be your first photograph to take.

-Directly after that go through the doors turn left then right and you will see a vent you can get through, so follow that path until you get into the massive room with water pumping out below you. When you are on the roof of a room there is a hole where you would drop down but DON'T! go across to the roof of the next building and drop down into the other hole in the roof to hack that computer

-When you get 'Sniper Help' form alec you will need to go through a fence to get to the next room, but as you go through the gate look straight ahead and go through the door in front of you and up the stairs in the room will be photograph NO.2

-When you are in the room with white walls and see scientists working (before you hack the computer on the wall for Alec) there will be a console outside one of the rooms, press the button and the gas will be sucked out in that room is the last photograph

Objective 1: Destroy the helo
Objective 2: Destroy the tracking systems

-In the first area of the level you will see a SAM site get up there and use the laptop to fire a missile at the helo

-In the second outside area is another SAM site which you will see to your left same as above

-In the building you go in after that on the top 2 levels shoot all the computer consoles until you see 'objective complete' then all you need to do is jump off balcony and finish level

Hope the above helps and you will be 40g better off
The ParkeyThank you for taking the time to write this and help people like me :) Cheers mate
Posted by The Parkey on 02 Jan 12 at 02:28
BewareOfDaKnifeObective 2 for Dam is "Download the flightplan". Just thought you'd wanna know.
Posted by BewareOfDaKnife on 05 Jan 12 at 12:30
Barad 007Great guide, though it might be useful adding where the body armour's are if you know of their locations?
Posted by Barad 007 on 22 Feb 12 at 20:47
Sean ReinhardlGreat guide thank you
Posted by Sean Reinhardl on 08 May 12 at 15:52
oakdale7GREAT Guilde!! Thank you
Posted by oakdale7 on 18 Jun 12 at 17:26