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Knock 'em Down

Knock over 600 pins in Yahtzee (lifetime total)

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21 Nov 2011
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This achievement is earned for knocking over 600 pins in Yahtzee bowling across all the games of Yahtzee Bowling that you play. Whether you play the game as its stand alone in either Standard or Crazy Lane versions or in the Game Show format. You will probably earn this achievement while working through the 50 episodes of Game Show you have to play.

But the breakdown for this achievement is as follows:

1) Standard Yahtzee Bowling is comprised of the 3 rounds, first person to 2 wins, wins the game. There are 5 pins at the end of the lane, and every time you bowl you will hit all 5. If you win the first 2 rounds, with whatever you hit on the first bowl then that's 10 pins a game.

2) Yahtzee Bowling Crazy Lane is comprised of the 3 rounds, first person to 2 wins, wins the game. However this mode has 8 pins, 5 at then end and 3 along the lane. Again, if you win the first 2 rounds and hit all the pins, that's 16 pins.

3) You can bowl up to 3 times in each game mode if you don't like what you scored. And you can remove all the pins from the previous bowl are just certain pins. So technically you can get up to 15 pins knocked down per round to get to that 600 a little quicker if you rebowl all the pins each time. If you play all 3 rounds and rebowl all the pins each time, that's 45 pins per game.

So if you are playing the standard way, and only switch out pins you don't want, by the time you got through all 50 games of Game Show (for that achievement) you should have hit 600 pins. However if you want the achievement quicker and knock down the pins as stated in #3, it should only take you about 14-20 games to get the 600.