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550 Pass Yds with the Titans

550 Pass Yds in a game with the Titans (non co-op)

550 Pass Yds with the Titans0
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23 Nov 2011
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This can be done relatively easy with 5 minute quarters. Here's a few tips...

Most important, don't make the mistake I did - DO NOT use Supersim once you made the 550. The achievement won't pop in that case,

1. Use the offsides trick (turn it off, hunt in the backfield for the QB).
2. When they punt, run it back to about the 10. As in backwards - negative yards.
3. Throw a lot of strikes down field - I found Gage (WR) to be quite good for this.

I had almost 600 yards by the end of the 3rd, using 5:00 quarters. Achievement pops after the end of the game.

As the other solution from Vermin says, you can pop some other achievements, actually lots of them if you play your cards right... I did a few here...