GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Review by FPSDeath

23 Nov 2011 24 Nov 2011
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Well Goldeneye... The game that everyone loved back in the day. The best and most memorable FPS shooter on the best console at the time. Personally to me it was the best game ever made, I would sit for hours playing until my eyes got sore!

So we are now presented with Goldeneye 007 Reloaded, which is a decent game. But not by any means great. I will touch upon the basics of what I would expect from a game.

The graphics are basic, there is nice detail in the weapons. The MP5K (which is called a Sigmus in the game) is a smart and awesome gun. The environments are quite well done but still very basic and not groundbreaking compared to more of the recent batch of releases. Overall the game looks like it belongs on a basic console (which this console wasnt really made for great graphics)

Right always important is how well the game plays, no longer will you be playing as Pierce Brosnin but Daniel Craig instead. The gameplay is pretty smooth, I found the controls were a bit stiff and even when you adjust the sensitivity it was still stiff and sluggish. But in saying that it still plays well and the guns are accurate. What for me was disappointing, they added too much extra onto the maps, for example they ruined the look and feel of the facillity level, it's just not the same or similar at all. Overall it's very very similar to a COD game.

Well kinda similar to the original with alot of extras added which some weren't in the original. Need I tell you the gist of the story it's BOND!

Like an old COD multiplayer with a Bond inspiration. You have The Golden Gun mode, Conflict, Team Conflict and Classics to name a few. Classics lets you play as some of the famous characters Jaws, Oddjob and surely a couple of new ones. But don't expect the multiplayer to be long lasting.

Now to the second most important part in buying a game. Goldeneye Reloaded is very unrewarding. You will get 10g for completing all objectives through the course of the game. So if you miss one objective you will miss the big 10g achievement! There are a few random ones like reaching a certain point in the game using just stealth, shooting wierd orange emblems, and killing the dude having a poo while whistling for an amazing 2g. Most of the achievements tend to lean more to the multiplayer side of it, which you will more than likely end up boosting it.

Overall this is a new game rather than a copy or addition to the brilliant original. Do not look at this game as being a remake or a tribute to what was a great game, because this falls far short. Most levels are completely ripped up and changed, your enemies sound like robots (seriously!). The game doesn't feel like it's it's own game but more of a badly made COD look-a-like.

But it's one of those games you really want to like but can't and for that is a big shame so is deserving of a 2 star status.

This is my first review so if anyone can find anything negative please be sure to leave me feedback so I can improve and update. And in no way am I ripping on COD as I love them, just wanted the game to be it's own, thanks for reading compute
JoeCool7835There's a good amount of detail in this review; yet, I was close to giving a thumbs down because it was painful to read due to a lot of grammatical errors. I decided not to rate it right now. If it's spell-checked and polished up, it could get a thumbs up from me.
Posted by JoeCool7835 on 24 Nov 11 at 13:18
FPSDeathThanks for the feedback. i will mend the review when i get home from work. thought i had sorted all of the little mistakes but i have noticed a few.
Posted by FPSDeath on 24 Nov 11 at 15:10
Paully05I really liked this game, and if you only play on Operative, I can see why you would say this is unrewarding, since you can beat this game in under 3 hours on operative. But the play through on 007 Classic I thought was a good bit of fun, and got me quite a few gamer score.

Thumbs up for a good review, not sure what the grammar teacher has up his ass.
Posted by Paully05 on 13 Feb 12 at 07:26
Posted on 29 May 12 at 14:52
FPSDeathHa funny!
Posted by FPSDeath on 29 May 12 at 15:06