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24 Nov 2011
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ok after a few struggled attempts (ill explain after) at this heres what i have to say... i married Aela the huntress which can only be done after you finish the companions storyline. after you are done aela will be there with you and she will ask "did i really just hear that?" (or something along those lines) you can now go up ot her (wearing the amulet of mara) and there will be a tab saying "so your interested?" pick that one then "I wont lie, im interested", then have her follow you. go to the temple in riften, ask for marriage, then go back outside and part ways with Aela, then wait 12 hours. once the wait is over you should see the "quest" headline for "attend your wedding ceremony" you can now go back into the temple and complete your marriage, after the chivo pops go up to your partner and you should be able to tell him/her which house it is that you would like to live in ( for me it was breezehome in Whiterun)

i strongly recommend that you save the game manually after you find the partner you want and get them to agree to marriage i ran into a few glitches and im not sure if it happens with every marry-able character of if it was my own shit luck...

issues i ran into-
-when i first "proposed" to her i didn't have her follow me out of the tomb, when i went to get married she showed up only when the headline popped up saying "failed- attend your wedding ceremony"
my solution- have your partner follow you to the temple

-after having her follow me back outside of the temple s,he was still my follower when i waited, after the wait was over it said companion "leaves your services to attend your wedding", after the wedding i could not find her after about 2 hours of traveling to every town trying to find her.
my solution- i reloaded the save from when i exited the temple, told her "we should part ways", waited for 12 hours, then went back in to attend thewedding.

i hope this helps good luck... please comment if you think i should change or add anything