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Fusion: Genesis

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Complete the Ark special mission.

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This achievement, while seemingly daunting after the first time you attempt it, really is not all that bad, I managed to do it solo at level 65 so it is very doable.

Ark Raid is unlocked by completing the main story line and then bringing up the start menu and is located in the Special Missions section.

I recommend finishing all factions prior to doing this however this is up to you, but I strongly suggest at least finishing the Revenant Order and purchasing the Level 8 Cruiser. I also recommend doing some Warzone missions accessible via the same Special Missions menu and playing enough to earn 92WRZ points and purchasing a Battlegun IV, this does 1116 DPS (Damage p/second). Secondly I recommend fitting your cruiser with a powerful laser, I was fortunate enough in my first Ark Raid before passing the first room to get an extremely powerful laser weapon. I believe Dark Legion Raid has a powerful laser for a fair few points. It is up to you what sentients you use, I used an Epic Healer and Uncommon DPS with the abilities Repair, Recharge and Damage Increase. Finally the abilities I suggest you use (and this is why you should complete each faction or at least a level in Revenant Order and Shadowsun Syndicate) Afterburner, Clone, Flares and Supershield.

The Ark Raid consists of 7 rooms, 5 of which end in a sub-boss fight, one in the center of them all and the final contains The Ark.

The first room you will encounter enemies called Mites. Destroy all of them before continuing to the right. Here you will encounter the first sub-boss. The Guardian is quite easy to beat. Simply use Clone and blast away, every now and then he will teleport for a couple of seconds and then reappear but he will be dead soon enough.

Once the boss is defeated a blue orb-like door will appear, pass through into the Hall of Ancients. This room is filled with cloud-like enemies that when defeated will split up and multiply into smaller, weaker versions and are easily taken care of. After you have defeated them all you will have the option to take one of three paths. These will lead you down:

Top-right - Path of Darkness
Top-left - Path of Knowledge
Bottom-left - Path of the Dead
Right - Hall of Mirrors (Only accessible once other paths are dealt with)

And now for a breakdown of each path you take.

Path of the Dead

This is the easiest of the 3. Once you enter you will see a transparent ship to your right, talk to him and he will have you escort him through the pathway. Every now and then and bunch of missiles/torpedoes will head towards your escort, your job is to ensure they do not take him out and you reach your destination, near the end of the escort you will be pincered, a set of missiles/torpedoes will approach from in front and from behind you. Shortly after you should arrive at a dead end. Here you will need to defend the ghost ship from waves of enemy ships and go from your everyday fighters to a few cargos, to cruisers and finally a battleship, but they do not pose much of a threat if any and were easily dispatched . After all of the waves are completed you will be able to enter a blue door by heading back the way you came to reappear in the Hall of the Ancients.

Path of Knowledge

Head into the blue door on the top right of the Hall of Ancients, when you arrive you will see a spherical object blocking your path. Speak to it to go through some dialogue then head on through. You will encounter some enemies as you head to the end but they really will do nothing, just blow them up and be on your way. Once you get to the end you will encounter the boss, the Keeper of Knowledge. It's first phase will consist of it rotating in a counter clockwise direction and periodically will fire a large green beam at you, it also uses Supershield often for small bursts to defend itself. The best method here rather then flying around trying to avoid it is to just sit in one spot, use your Clone ability and whenever it is about to hit you with the beam use Supershield until it is done. The second phase will have the boss fly about following you and attacking you specifically with the beam, again the best method is to sit tight and shield yourself with your ability whenever it fires it, the boss should fall rather quickly. After it's demise, you will again be presented with a doorway by heading back the way you came and again arriving in the Hall of the Ancients.

Path of Darkness

Head into the right hand side doorway to arrive in a narrow canyon. You must navigate through here while being wary of intense beams that will go off. Your best method is to boost through with afterburner and navigate through as best you can, if by chance you do get stuck and/or are about to come in contact with a beam, throw up your Supershield to negate any damage you would sustain from it. Remember to take a short break from time to time to restore energy. Once you reach the end you will be faced with -in my opinion- the toughest boss fight of the lot. You will be faced with defeating THREE Dark Legion Elder ships. Now my strategy I'll admit is no where near perfect, but for me it works and if you attempt this solo is the best chance you have. Before you go anywhere, use your Repair and Recharge abilities to have full health/shields, then make sure you have Damage Increase, Flares and Clone mapped. Fly to the top of the map as far as you can and edge yourself along the border towards the enemy ships, you should be able to work yourself along so that you just see the top ship and not the other two under him. Fly close enough that you can see his shield/health bars and straight away use your flares to deter the missles, these will kill you in one or two hits, not joking, then unleash your Clone and use the Damage Increase ability from the DPS sentient if you got one and shoot for dear life. The second the first ship is destroyed retreat back to where you came into the boss area and wait for your shields to restore and if you have a Healer sentient use the Repair ability to restore your hull. As soon as you are ready, this time fly down to the bottom wall and follow it along, as soon as you get a view of the bottom ship repeat the process used for dealing with the first, Flares, Clone, Damage Up, destroy and retreat. Heal up again and head in to finish the final one when you are ready. Note that if you die, you WILL have to start the boss fight from scratch and take on all three ships again. Do not expect to do this you first attempt, it may take a few tries before you get either my method or your own down. If you do find a better way or setup for these guys let me know in the comments. If you do this with a group, make sure everyone focuses on one ship at a time as they have rapid shield/hull regeneration. Once they are defeated, return the way you came for a door back to the Hall of Ancients.

EDIT: As suggested by DROGTURIST, using a DPS sentients Disable ability stops the 3 enemy ships from being able to use their insane rapid healing abilities, making taking them down much easier.

Hall of Mirrors

Compared to the other paths this is a breeze, head on through and you will encounter a mirror (albeit weaker) image of your ship. Same methods apply, Clone, Damage Up and blast away. Once it is defeated head on through to your final challenge.


This honestly isn't that difficult, you just need to get yourself familiar with the area and know where you are going. You will cut to the enemy, a large spherical machine in the center of the area with four orange beams heading in different directions. When you fly towards it you will encounter a lot of tiny ships, these are more of an annoyance then a threat and really wont do much damage at all. Very soon you will come across a white beam, to pass it you will need to destroy the two exit points on either end, doing this will disrupt the beam for a short time allowing you to continue forward, there are quite a few of these so be careful going to fast. Once in the center follow an orange beam to it's origin, take care as on the sides of the pylon they sit on there are two turrets that fire green pulse torpedoes that deal heavy damage, try to destroy these before taking out the orange beam hub. Repeat this process for three of the beams, then before taking out the final one if you are low on health, intentionally die. You see if you die before dealing any damage to the boss you will respawn with still only one beam left to disable, however if you die after disabling all beams and attacking the boss, you will respawn with all four beams re-enabled and the boss again at full health. Once all beams are down head to the boss, spawn your Clone and enable Damage Up and give it all you got. If you are lucky you will take it out in one go. If not, the four beams will re-enable and you will have to repeat the process of disabling them, thankfully though as long as you do not die, the boss will not regenerate, if you are good enough to be able to launch a second offensive, you should be successful. As soon as the boss is defeated the achievement will pop.

I hope this solution helps you all, if you have any feedback, strategies or anything else I may have neglected to ad, please either comment or pm me and I will get right onto it. Good Luck.
DROGTURIST Using a DPS sentient's Disable ability makes Path of Darkness pretty easy - it actually works on their insane healing ability. Hit em with that and they go down easy! I guess that's why they give shit for XP?

Awesome guide btw!
Posted by DROGTURIST on 11 Feb 12 at 23:05
ClownTastic No worries will add that to the solution.
Posted by ClownTastic on 12 Feb 12 at 02:49
MattiasAnderson Thanks, great guide! Except I cant make the DPS thingie work. I can still kill them though.
Posted by MattiasAnderson on 08 May at 16:07