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The Unicyclist

Perform a long Wheelie on a motorcycle.

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28 Nov 2011 25 Sep 2014
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A wheelie is performed by pulling back on thecn_LSd whilst accelerating, be careful to not lean too far back as your rider will fall off.

You must land the Wheelie after you have reached at least 500m wheelie distance, this will be displayed above your rider as you are performing the wheelie.

The way i did this was to setup a Custom Match with the following settings:
City - New York
Route - Brooklyn Bridge Strait
I chose the Ducati 998 but you can pick which ever bike you are comfortable with.

Here's a video demonstration, it did take me a few tries.
Pablo315And that is how to do it. Just popped the cheevo tonight. I was looking for a route to do it on and this helped. Positive from me, nice guide.
Posted by Pablo315 on 20 Jan 12 at 23:35
zoilus68This worked for me first try--thanks!
Posted by zoilus68 on 14 Jun 12 at 19:14
perfect map did it in the first 5seconds
Posted on 16 Jun 12 at 06:00